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Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkle

I've been avoiding textured nail polishes. There. I said it. I'm admitting it, and I know I can't be the only one. Bueller? Bueller?!? BUT... I've FINALLY tried one... and I kinda like it.

Pink Sprinkle by Sally Hansen

Pink Sprinkle Swatch by Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkle

Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkle

Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkle

Pink Sprinkle by Sally Hansen

Pink Sprinkle Sugar Coat by Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkle Sugar Coat MACRO

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkle
1 Coat Borghese Clear
3 Coats Seche Vite

Ooooooh. Shiiiiiiny. Is my inner crow showing? Let me tuck that back in.

Pink Sprinkle is from Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat collection of textured nail polishes. A blend of sand-like particles mixed with pink and gold glitter in a pink jelly base give this polish a its sugary shine. Out of all the polishes in the 2nd Limited Edition Sugar Coat Collection, this is definitely the star.

My sister purchased this polish for me after a long day of yard-saling last Saturday. We made a trip to Sally Beauty, where I couldn't find any polish I really wanted. So, we headed to CVS, and I picked out Pink Sprinkle. I'd seen some swatches and it looked really pretty.

I wasn't crazy about the whole textured nail look when it first came out. Having tried Pink Sprinkle, I'm not sure I'm completely sold on it. Does the concept work in Pink Sprinkle? Yes. This particular shade knocks it out of the polish park. But some of the other textured polishes fall flat. I might have a slight obsession with glitter, but I feel like it's necessary to make sand textured polishes work. And the jelly base doesn't hurt either.  


Add glitter and sand particles to a jelly polish, and you have a very dimensional look. You can see nooks, crannies, crevices. There's a depth to it, and each ingredient adds interest to the look. Sand particles in a creme polish might give your polish texture, but it's not as noticeable.

BUT... To each his/her own, right? Some people love it, others, not so much. I'm not sure where I can declare myself on the spectrum after trying just one textured polish. I can, however, say that I've never touched my own nails so much in one day.

And for the record, I did try to get rid of the texture completely. It didn't work. This is a hungry, hungry polish. 1 Coat of Borghese Clear and 3 Coats of Seche Vite weren't enough to tame the beast that is Pink Sprinkle.  

What do you think of textured polishes?


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