Throwback Thursday *002*

by - 8/15/2013

Undoubtedly, one of thee must have accessories of my childhood. Imperial. Plastic. Charms. You bought them from vending machines, flea markets, and yard sales, or you swapped them with friends. They were cheap, had obnoxious jingle bells attached, and the more you wore, the better. This is actually my sister's necklace, as mine has gotten lost over the years. We had a lot more charms than this between the two of us, but these are the ones that managed to survive our childhood years!

And here are pictures of a few more dazzling plastic charm necklaces. If I had any idea back then how much these would go for on E-Bay today, I would've been a LOT more careful with them. And I probably would've bought begged for more of them. :)

c/o Ravishing Ruby

c/o bubblenews

c/o this etsy store

c/o this etsy store

Were you lucky enough to own one of these necklaces? Do you still have it?

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