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Throwback Thursday *003*

It's a GLOback Throwback Thursday this week, brought to you by some of my favorite childhood toys... GLO Worms GLO Friends!

glow in the dark GLO Friends
GLO Spider, GLO Cricket, GLO Snail, GLO Bug

I've read that these were meant to be finger puppets, but I never played with them that way. These little guys ranked right up there with Barbie for playtime, and even had their own house!

Glo Worm Tree House
c/o Hartsville, PA Unlisted
The GLO Land Treehouse was a leafy hangout for every kind of GLO Friend. It came with 2 picnic tables, a see-saw, and 2 leaf-shaped chairs (not pictured) for all-inclusive GLO Comfort. The lake lit up, the swing played a tune, and the elevator transported GLO Worms upstairs. I think we sold mine at a yard sale a LONG time ago. I've seen some for over $100 on Ebay. Someone tell that Peanut of mine to never play with her toys... one day they'll be valuable, kid!

Alas, Like I've mentioned before, it was the 80's and I played with my toys, because I didn't know that they'd be worth a whole lotta money one day. I couldn't sell my GLO Buddies even if I wanted to. For one, I'm kind of attached to them. Then there's also the fact that 3 out of 4 have some serious burn marks from the infamous Lamp Incident.

GLO Worm GLO Friends GLO Bug

GLO Spider
GLO Spider

GLO Worm GLO Friends GLO Cricket
GLO Cricket

GLO Snail
GLO Snail

These little GLO Guys really do glow-in-the-dark. I won't mention any names, but someone thought it would be a GREAT idea if we put our little GLO Friends directly onto the light bulb so they would "charge" faster. Fast forward a couple of minutes after this great idea, add some smoke,  and the smell of burning plastic, and you'd have what happened that day in a nutshell. One extremely sad little girl, sobbing real tears of heart-stricken grief over her burnt-bottomed companions. Did I go along with it? Sure. But in my defense, I regretted it immediately, and I wasn't really old enough to know better.


Burned or not, Peanut loves chewing on these guys almost as much as her little rubber ducky. Almost. It's fun watching her play with some of my old toys. She's got 2 bigger GLO Worms of her own, but my vintage old ones are a much more manageable size. For the moment, at least. :)

Super-Charged GLO Snail
That's one singed snail. Just sayin'.

Did you have any GLOFriends growing up?!?


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