Fangirl Friday: 9.13.13

by - 9/13/2013

Woohoo! It's Friday and the weather is GORGEOUS!

CoverGirl Catching Fire Capitol Collection Glosstinis

c/o Nouveau Cheap: Sulfur Blaze, Rouge Red, Pyro Pink, and Seared Bronze.

1. G at Nouveau Cheap ALWAYS has the scoop on the latest... So, it's no surprise that she has posted pics of the first and second CoverGirl Hunger Games Catching Fire Capitol Collection Displays. If you've been waiting with bated breath for this collection, head over there toutdesuite to check it out! Even better? Swatches are on the way! (Yes, I'll be stalking her blog allweekendlong.)

2. Forget the Galaxy Note II or III or whatever... I'm back to being an Apple Fangirl again!

16 GB iPhone 5s or 32 GB iPhone 5c?

So here's the thing... I really liked my Galaxy Note when I first got it. Honestly, I did. But then I upgraded from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean, and my Note was noticeably slower. And then its battery up and decided it would decide when it would charge, thankyouverymuch. So, I'm running out of juice, like. all. the. time. Ugh. I'm so over Android. I want my Apple back, Apple back, Apple back...

3. I FINALLY found a great Chambray Shirt... at Old Navy!

It's their mid-tone chambray, and it was on sale for $20! Now if only the weather would get cool enough to let me wear it... :)


Whilst shopping, Peanut was entertained by a lovely plush Koala Security Blanket, and may or may not have eaten half of the price tag. (She totally did.)

Happy Weekend!

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