Pretty Little Liars: "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" (4x12) My Thoughts

by - 9/04/2013

WhoA. Did I say that already? Yep. Pretty sure I did.

My head is still spinning from all the reveAls in last week's mid-season finale. How about you? I think a lot of viewers were simply expecting to find out the identity of Red Coat. We got a whoooole lot more than that.

I have to admit, when one of the Liars exclaimed, "There's 2 of them?" I was almost ready to throw something at the TV. Thankfully, all I had in my hand was my phone, and as much as I'm lemming a new iPhone... I exercised some serious restraint. Plus, the damage to the TV? It wouldn't have been good.


So, there's 2 Red Coats. One was revealed to be CeCe Drake. That was a bit anti-climactic since the show has been dropping hints left, right, and center that CeCe has a nefarious streak. The other remained unmasked, but there are strong hints that Red Coat #2 is the one and only Alison DiLaurentis.

So Ali D, or Red Coat Deux led Spencer to A's Ravenswood lair, and quite possibly what's been the main A lair this whole time. In the last moments of the episode, a shadowy figure walked into the apartment. EzrA? Yep. He angrily slammed the armoire door, and oh, b-t-dubbs... He's A.

I wasn't so sure at first. I knew when I wrote my recap last week, that it would be a little while before I processed everything and posted my thoughts. We've been duped sooooo many times before. Toby anyone? I wasn't so sure I was ready to jump on the believer bandwagon.

But here's the thing...

The producers have confirmed that this is for real. EzrA is A. Big A, Uber A, whatever you want to call it, EzrA has been calling the shots All Along. (See what I did there? DidjaDidja?) Was I waiting for an official confirmation? Maybe a little... but it doesn't mean much. (Sorry, producers. I guess I'm nawt over it.) Toby was supposedly 50 kinds of shady last summer, and he turned out to be on the A-team with legitimately good intentions.

Oh, and how could I forget? The incomparable Ali D! There's a strong possibility she's still alive. The Grunwald pulled her out of her gazebo-grave and drove her to the hospital. BUT... she hasn't seen her since that night. 

We got a lot of answers in this episode, but I still have plenty of questions. Let's just jump right on in, shall we?

My Thoughts:

Travis and Caleb had a little head-nod action go on for a second in that scene when Ashley was released. Does this mean more than we think? Nah. I'm thinking it was really just Caleb's way of saying thanks, because he really is the best.boyfriend.ever. I know some people think that Caleb put Travis up to it and all, but that would really only make Caleb the bestest.boyfriend.ever. Remind me again, why does he have to go to Ravenswood? :(

Pretty Little Magic 8-Balls

World War A? Not so much at the time of the Magic 8-Ball Scene, but certainly by the end of the episode. Watch out Liars. It's not lookin' good. And speaking of looks...

PLL Ezra Fitz

This early scene made Ezra look a bit guilty. Harmless? Not in the slightest. This was just one of many clues pointing to Ezra as A. At least, that's what the producers would like for us to believe. But the thing is, the more I think about it. Ezra makes the most sense as A. It's a bold move, but at least the PLL Powers That Be didn't try to deusexmachina their way out of this one.

Pretty Little Mona

PLL River Valley Shana and Mona

Was Mona ever in danger? The doll in the casket (creepy!) was definitely Mona. Could it be that she was one step ahead of A? Was Emily the next in line after Mona, or was Em the target all along?

Wren seemed to have left town, but there was a little problem I noticed with the addresses. The apartment Spencer visited was 185, but neither of the addresses listed on the change-of-address slip bore that number.

PLL Wren's Place

Wren's Packing Slip

According to the packing slip, Wren lives at 6824 Forand Street in Rosewood and 85 West DeVonton Street, Flat 1091 in London Sooooo... where was Spencer? At a place Wren never really lived? Or is this just a continuity error? This is one of those shows that fans pick apart, so I find that unlikely, but I guess it's possible. Wren is definitely up to something, but what? And why was Shana hiding in there?

Shana hiding inside 185

PLL Ezria kiss

Jake fell asleep on Aria, so she went to the Brew because she wasn't tired, and wanted to go to the poetry reading anyway. Fitzy was there, so the two ordered coffee and hung out. Their kiss seemed natural and cute, and certainly didn't foreshadow any weirdness by being creepy, other than the fact that they were being watched by Red Coat. But, you know, someone's always watching in Rosewood. ALWAYS.

CeCe Drake was not so shockingly revealed to be Red Coat the First. When the girls are in A's lair, they wonder if she was paid by A to be Red Coat. That's highly likely, given the money transferred to CeCe Drake on the bank statement Spencer found. But was CeCe the only one, or were there others?

PLL A's Bank Statement

The girls did a decently thorough search of A's lair this time around. Hanna pocketed a journal that I'm sure will prove to be important later on in 4B. The whiteboards were definitely creepy, but not as weird as all the photos of Alison from before she went missing. And that letter?

PLL Alison's letter

"You're taking me away for my 18th birthday, and all I can do is say, yay, but you're better with words than me. Seriously can't believe I met you in Rosewood. I thought I knew that town. Nothing but ? and lies. It's best kept secret was you. But you're my secret, now. My friends wouldn't understand. They want this to be their weekend. But I want to be the person who shows you the Cape. You can hate the ocean, but I promise you'll like the view. That's if you're with me. Maybe we can take a few pictures too. Ones worth like a hundred thousand words. Our imagination can take care of the rest... for now. -Your favorite, Alison."

Alison obviously lied about her age, and I have to wonder if A became ridiculous and obsessive only when he found out that she had lied. Also, that line about Rosewood is a little odd. You could take it to mean that she's genuinely surprised that a guy like him would've existed in Rosewood, but it's an odd thing to say in a letter between 2 people who not only know each other, but are planning on going away together. The letter almost seems like a response. When you take the letter in that context, Ali could be surprised that she met the recipient in Rosewood, not where she thought she did. Either way, it seems like she's still trying to pull off a charade, but the recipient is on to her. Maybe that's just me, though.

Eyes watching Liars PLL

A blue eyeball was watching the girls discover A's lair, but who was it? CeCe? Alison? Alison's twin? Mrs. DiLaurentis?

Pretty Little Eyes tell Pretty Little Lies

Whoever was watching the Liars, they definitely know that Hanna took the Journal. And in that same shot, we confirmed that CeCe has been in the Ravenswood lair. So, does she know that Ezra is A? I'm thinking she almost has too.

PLL Hanna in Ravenswood Lair

And then there was Grunwald's story. She is apparently clairvoyant, and had been helping Alison try to figure out who was after her. She claims to have pulled Ali out of the ground that night. She said that Alison's head was bloody, and she was confused and in shock. But is she actually still alive? Or did she wander off somewhere and die? And if she is alive... who did her parents bury? Is it possible that Alison had a twin who died that night? I know they've said time and time again that they're not going there... but, still. It's a little glimmer of a possibility, right?

Alison DiLaurentis Alive

So, we left the Liars in Ravenswood, on a mission to find Alison, before A finds her, or follows them, or World War A, or any combination of those. The cast has said that the Halloween episode is the darkest one yet, and will play out like a horror movie. We've also heard rumors that we will definitely know whether Alison is dead or alive by the end of Grave New World.

Ravenswood Celebration

Personally, I don't want Alison to be dead. I think it would spice up the show for her to be alive, AND it would add another liar to the mix. I'd like to see if her brush with death changed her personality, or if she's still the snarky Ali we've seen in flashbacks.

That's really all I've got right now. With all this new information, I really want to go back and watch the series from the beginning. I know there were a lot of little Ezra-as-A hints that I've missed, but I'm curious what else I might catch. And honestly, what else am I going to watch until the Halloween episode?


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