Fangirl Friday: 10.10.13

by - 10/11/2013

Woooooow is it ever rainy outside! What a Friday, huh? NOW it's starting to feel like Fall! This kind of weather is what coffee, hot cocoa, good books, blankets, and chili were made for. :)

c/o piCture pOlish

1. Meet imperial by piCture pOlish. First of all, piCture pOlish is an Aussie brand. With a ton upon a ton upon a TON of just gorgeous shades. Recently, they did a collabo with a couple of bloggers, and my fave... Jeanette from The Swatchaholic was one of the lucky ones chosen. imperial is her creation, and if you've seen any of her manis, you'll appreciate that this shade is just as complex as one of her incredibly gorgeous layerings. You can find piCture pOlish online at Harlow & Co. Unfortunately for me, imperial is currently Out of Stock. Totally wishlisted.  

c/o Cirque Colors

2.  Coronation is described by Cirque as, "a royal purple with multi-dimensional copper shimmer in a translucent (jelly) base." Translation? Coronation joins the ranks of infamous polish royalty like Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Nfu-Oh #51, and Clarins 230 (Unicorn Pee.) It's a limited edition collaboration with jewelry designer Jeannie Vianney, and comes with the rose gold-plated ring you see in the pic. $48 might seem pricey, but it's quite affordable when you consider the company it keeps. Wishlisted.

3. Revlon Parfumerie... foundthemFoundThemFOUNDTHEM! So I made a completely random stop by Rite Aid the other day, and FINALLY found the Parfumerie Collection from Revlon. But that wasn't all... first of all, there were a LOT of corporate people in the beauty section. I'm talking like 5 or 6 at least, that I saw. In addition to putting out new LE displays, they were working on revamping some core wall displays. So those got all beautified and everything, but one of the corporate guys told me he had just put out the Parfumerie display a few moments prior. (I'm all like, I know... I've been stalking patiently waiting for it...) In addition to the Revlon Parfumerie display, they also put out a CoverGirl HungerGames display, the Sinful Colors Naughty or Nice Collection, and Blue Cross Snowmen! (Already?!?) I was totally about to take out my phone and start snap, snap, snapping pics, but those helpful corporate buggers just kept coming over to talk to me. We're talking vulturing on a Bath & Body Works level. Needless to say, I hightailed it to the register as fast as my trusty bootseses could carry me! 

Nail Polish Advent Calendar from Ciate

4. Is my obsession for nail polish showing yet? This is a cute Advent Polish Calendar from Ciate. I guess you could use it during any month, but with 24 polishes, it's definitely designed for December. Although... I'm not sure how the 12 Days of Christmas would work without prior planning... Hmmm. :)

c/o Cynthia Rowley

5. This dress. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it kinda looks like a nail polish or two that I've owned. Nothing at all! I also have a slight obsession with Ms. Rowley's cashmere sweaters. Particularly the duster and flyaway breeds.

6. Boots and more Boots! Really, you can never have too many pairs. :)

images c/o Steve Madden, Piperlime, and Target

These are just a few that I'm loving right now... And yes. I do realize that I have a slight obsession with Steve Madden boots. I'm wearing a pair as I type... :) And don't even get me started on this pair...

c/o Steve Madden

One of my fave things that Steve Madden does is this red zipper. It's a total standout contrast that's just awesome! I have a pair with the red zipper on the side, and they've seen better days. These (in a size 7.5 or 8) would be such a great addition to my collection. WishyWishy! 

Hope you had a great Friday so far... Happy Weekend!!!

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