Holiday No Buy 2013

by - 10/17/2013

Holiday No Buy 2013

Every Holiday season, I fall into the same trap. I'm supposed to be thinking of others, not shopping for myself. But what do I do? I end up buying a ton of stuff for myself too, and it's soooooo nawt always stuff I need. I've been thinking about doing a longer No Buy for a while, but now I'm really ready to commit. No Buy July wasn't that bad. It wasn't even that hard. (And this is me saying that!)

But this time around is a little different. THIS No Buy isn't just for one month. It's not just for AFTER Black Friday. It's MORE than 3 months. It's 70 Days. SEVENTY!

Yep. You read that correctly!!! It's a HoHoHo No Buy!

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 2013 Holiday No Buy. 70 (seventy!) entire days of not purchasing anything other than the essentials.*

*With a few exceptions.

The Official Rules...

1. I won't by anything but the essentials. Essentials = Coffee, Soda, snacks, other beverages, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, foundation, and hairspray. (I think that's all.)

2. I'll allow myself 12 Treats of Christmas. 12 things from now until 12/25/13. Each treat must be under $6.00 and will be documented here.

3. Items purchased with Gift Cards don't count. Especially Gift Cards I already have.

4. Gift Cards may be purchased as gifts, but not for myself.

Anyone else care to play along? Or am I 70 kinds of crazy all on my own? (and please... don't answer that...)

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