Revlon Bordeaux vs. SinfulColors Aubergine

by - 10/18/2013

When I picked up my Revlon Parfumerie polishes, I spotted another Holiday Display from SinfulColors. Not Glitz & Glittered... Not Decorate Decadently... Not the Crystal Crushes... Naughty or Nice! That's the one!!! Anyway. The Display had the nail art stripers AND polish, and one looked VERY similar to Revlon Bordeaux. Considering that SinfulColors is owned by Revlon... TOTAL possibility!

Revlon Bordeaux vs. SinfulColors Aubergine

Revlon Bordeaux vs. Sinful Colors Aubergine

These two are close... and while my pics don't do a great job of showing it... they're NAWT identical. Bordeaux from Revlon leans a smidge more blue than Aubergine, and it slightly darker. Aubergine is lighter and its plumminess leans more red than blue.

Could you justify owning both? Sure. I can always justify that for you! But seriously... I think they're different enough that you can warrant owning both. Just from the fact that Bordeaux is scented, and Aubergine is not. Plus... the Revlon Parfumerie bottles are just soooo pretty! (Like, leave out on your vanity or dresser pretty.) I'd love to see this line continue to grow and multiply, but the general consensus seems to say Limited Edition. :(

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