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State of the Sparkle *002*

November has turned into quite the crazy month. Between Peanut, NaNoWriMo, work, and life in general... I've been one busy, busy, chica.

1. So, CoverGirl reblogged this collage from my tumblr, resulting in beaucoup traffic here at the Sparkle. Just wanted to say thanks, and how insanely cool is social media? Blows my mind sometimes, really. (I'm a nerd like that.) It's driven a lot of traffic towards el bloggo AND my tumblr, and inspired the nail look I'm currently rocking. And... in case you missed it the first time around... The Capitol Collection Nails Looks and my swatches of the Cover Girl Capitol Collection Nail Glosstinis.

2. I have 463 unread posts on bloglovin' at the moment. I'm curious how many I'll have by the time November's over. Also excited. A good backlog of post reading usually leads to random bursts of creativity. :)

3. My novel. It's been taking up a lot of time, and while FAR from perfect, (we're only first drafting here) I really like where it's headed. And I'm still in it to win it and all that. I reeeeally want to make it to 50,000 words. You can learn more about NaNoWriMo here.

4. Peanut... Can I just say she's walking around here, there, and everywhere?!? She's getting pretty good at it too. In shoes and out of shoes. Socks can be tricky on slippery floors, but she's getting it, folks. Here's to hoping she does NAWT have my balance OR coordination. ('Cause I've got none. Zero. Zilch.)

4b. She's saying sooooo many words! Apple, Elmo, Dada, Mama, Hi, Down, Yes, Meh, (Milk) Bye... I can't even tell you how much I love hearing that little voice.

4c. Elmo makes her really, REALLY happy. We lost misplaced him, (she hid him) and I had to get her another one, because her minus that little red monster is just nawt good. ANYWAY. We got her a Murray (whom she calls Elmo) in the meantime, then found the original Elmo. Now, when the 3 of them get together... look out because Peanut's mind just can't process all that fuzzy red cuteness. She freaks the freak out, and it is tres adorable!

4d. I know I'm really behind when it comes to posting about Peanut... That whole turning 1 thing? I swear, I'll get there!

Mo-om... What are you waiting for?!?

5. I've missed blogging. I didn't really realize how much until I started this post. (and now I can't stop typing.) But... the novel... it needs me. Keagan and Trey do too. :)

6. Thanksgiving is next Thursday... did that just appear on the calendar? Where'd the year go? Sheesh. But I'm so ready for turkey and stuffing, followed by turkey and filling, and allllll the wonderful stuffs that go with it. We get to have 2 Thanksgiving meals, and I rather enjoy the turkey coma. I can't wait to see how Peanut reacts to all of it!

7. Black Friday... not planning any shopping that I know of. Seriously. I'm on a HohohoNoBuy here!

8. And speaking of the No Buy... it's still going really well. Keeping busy is key, I think. If I have downtime and find myself perusing the sale fliers... Then I'm done for. But yeah, I still haven't used up the 12 Treats of Christmas... Can you believe it? (I know, I'm kinda in shock myself.)

I think that's all for now. Seriously. 9344 and counting... Wish me luck!


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