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Black Friday Sparkles 2013

I said I wasn't going to shop on Black Friday, right? Well, plans changed, and I found myself heading out into the craziness with my Mama, Sister, and Little Peanut. It was the first time for my sister and Peanut, so they both earned their Black Friday Membership Club cards. Peanut was such a little trooper, I'll tell you what. We hit a couple of stores, starting out around 10ish, and finishing around 3:30, with a lunch break in between. Here's how it all went down...

Big Lots
I was weak. I'll admit it. Peanut and I carted off on our own, and found our way to the nail polish aisle, where I picked up Sinful Colors Mesmerize, Muse, and Smokin' for $1 each. (3/12 Treats of Christmas) Then I saw the iPhone cases, and I've been checking to see if they've restocked the one I really want. It's mint with studs on the back. They didn't have that one, BUT they had a pretty sea-foam green with a gold glitter back that hopped right into my cart. (Mama Sparkle tried to reel me in, and I just wouldn't listen!) Since it was $8, and because I feel guilty for breaking my hohohonobuy... it counts as 2 Treats. (5/12) And finally, while we were checking out, I got thirsty. Pepsi = Shopping Fuel! 

Resource Island
So, Peanut got a Play Kitchen for her birthday, and Mr. Sparkle already bought her these...
New Sprouts Bushel of Vegetables

If you've ever shopped for play food, you know there's the cheapo stuff that kids dent and bite holes into, and there's these... the New Sprouts Line from Learning Resources. They stand up to Peanut's chompers, can travel into the bath, and are slightly bouncy, so they're great for throwing! Bonus! (At least, until one hits me in the head...) The whole line is so well-made, I'd totally buy the entire classroom set, but I'm on a budget, and honestly, we'd need another play kitchen to store all that food! So, I bought her these for Christmas...
New Sprouts Bushel of Fruit

Did anyone shop here on Black Friday? I know they were doing the whole $15 Kohl's Cash promotion, but the lines were RIDICULOUS! We stopped to check out the toys and use their family-friendly changing room. The lines to check out were bordering on 25-30 people deep! We sort of skimmed through each section of the store, but the lines really turned us off from serious shopping.

TJ Maxx
Peanut isn't going to know what to do with all her fun Kitchen stuff... Mr. Sparkle's Mom got her the Fridge Food Set from Melissa & Doug. My Mama, Granny/Mama Sparkle got her the Food Group Set. While I was searching their site... I found this one that I'd love to get her...

Sushi Slicing Play Set
We'll probably have to wait a little bit for this one, though. I especially love the grips at the end of the chopsticks. I could definitely use a pair with grips when I'm dining on Nemo's extended family... Peanut would definitely chew the chopsticks to pieces right now, but still... what a fun way to introduce Sushi!

Sally Beauty Supply
My big sister picked up the tab at Sally Beauty, and you honestly will NAWT BELIEVE what I found. So, I've needed ridge filler for a while, because, for whatever reason, all of my bottles have turned to sludge, and I can't find my Nail Polish Thinner ANYWHERE. So, new bottle of that. Yay. Then I realized I haven't been in Sally since they've begun stocking OPI polish. I spotted a pretty, shimmery pink bottle on one of their Best of OPI displays, and I almost didn't pick it up. They had a couple of bottles from past collections, so I figured it was just a leftover bottle of Pedal Faster Suzi from the Spring 2012 Holland Collection. I turned over the bottle and about FAINTED!

"Princesses Rule!" was staring back at me from the label. Immediately, I found myself in a sort of quandary, because I had already broken the No Buy and was feeling guilty, not to mention that OPI polishes are above the range I had set for my 12 Treats of Christmas. My sister picked up on my simultaneous excitement and distress, and offered to get it as a stocking stuffer. She may be my only sister, but she's definitely my favorite. :)

So, I'm not sure if OPI is sending random bottles of leftover LE polishes to Sally Beauty stores, or what, but I HIGHLY recommend checking shaking down every bottle in their displays! You might just find a long-time lemming of your own, like Princesses Rule! (Which, for the record, was part of the 2009 OPI Soft Shades Princess Charming Collection.)  

After Sally Beauty, I was pretty much okay to stop shopping. Black Friday was really testing my resolve, and I wasn't doing too hot. I was ready to grab a box of candy canes and call it a day, but try as I might, I couldn't find the flavor I was looking for. I like peppermint, but I really wanted a box of the multi-colored cherry flavored candy canes. They were Lots of fruity and candy flavors. No cherry. Boo.

Moving on.

KMart DOES have a lot of really cool holiday gift sets, which I adore browsing through. I know most people probably think they're tacky, but they draw me in every time. Are they a bargain? Honestly, I'm not really sure. I just wish the coffee and tea sets came with all-year-round mugs and travel cups, not just ones with a seasonal theme.

Anyway... KMart also has a ton of toiletry gift sets, body wash, perfumes, and nail polish sets, too. For whatever reason, the limited edition nail polish displays and the Sinful Colors core collection stand-up display were over in KMart's holiday section, rather than the beauty section. If you've been looking for LE collections at KMart and haven't been finding them, that's where they might be hiding.

We were all starting to get a little hungry, Peanut included, so it was time to bale and head for home. Lunch was calling us, loudly!

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is definitely eating leftovers. I credit Mr. Sparkle with introducing me to the Dickens. I really should've taken a picture, but I was so hungry... I ate it before I got the chance. Sorry! For reference, I've included a photo found from the interwebs so you can grasp the yumminess that is a Dickens Sammich.

c/o and McNally's Tavern

A Dickens is basically Thanksgiving leftovers smashed between 2 slices of toasted bread. And it is DEEELICIOUS. So, I'm sharing my "recipe..."

2 Pieces of Bread
Mashed Potatoes
Shredded Mozarella Cheese
Cranberry Sauce

1. Toast both slices of bread. Slather one side with mayo, the other with cranberry sauce.
2. Warm up mashed potatoes and stuffing. (Filling is also acceptable.)
3. Cover turkey with gravy and cheese, warm until cheese is melted.
4. Place turkey mixture on mayo toast, top with stuffing and mashed potatoes.
5. Place cranberry sauce toast on top, cranberry side down, obviously.
6. Cut in half.
7. Snarf.

Seriously, it's one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. Anytime you cram that much goodness into a sandwich... it's just sooo yummy. I'm a big fan of "kitchen sink" sandwiches. It's like when you were a kid and fries were always a topping on your burger. And then Burger King tried to call it the Fry Burger and act like it was an original idea. What's next? Packets of pre-mixed ketchup and mustard?

Post-Dickens, I think we were all just ready for a biiiiig nap. Peanut hadn't taken one yet, and she was getting a little grumpy. I couldn't find cherry candy canes, so I had to settle for blueberry. And the candy canes made friends with a giant box of holiday nerds, so they had to come along, too. Peanut actually fell asleep just before we checked out...

Elmo = Pillow

Elmo makes a pretty good pillow when you're a sleepy one-year-old. This lasted for all of about 15 minutes, possibly less. Once we hit the parking lot, Peanut was WIDE awake. We went back to my parent's house, and she didn't want to nap. Dinner came and went, and she still hadn't napped. I really thought all that shopping would tire her out, but she always has energy to spare! That night, she woke up almost every 90 minutes. Probably should've gone with bedtime turkey instead of milk... :)

What Black Friday deals did you score?!?


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