Friday, January 31, 2014

Zoya Perrie

Zoya Perrie

Zoya Perrie

Zoya Perrie

Zoya Perrie

Zoya Perrie

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats Zoya Perrie
1 Coat Borghese Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

You know, if Radiant Orchid wouldn't have been picked as Pantone's color of the year... I think I would've overlooked Perrie. But I was on the hunt for an orchidy lacquer, and Perrie fit the bill...

Yes, I just totally went there! Might I add that my 1 year old thinks I'm hilarious and laughs at all my jokes?!? Haha!!! Sorry I'm not sorry, but Agent P is all I can think of when I hear the name Perry(ie). And if you don't know Perry... you might need to google Phineas and Ferb ASAP. (And then watch every episode!)

So, yeah... Zoya Perrie is an awesome way to add a little orchid-hued radiance into your life. Not only is a great shade right now because of the trendy factor, but it's also one of those colors that you can wear in any season.

Application was awesome. Perrie wasn't a one-coater for me, but it sure was close! I added a second coat because that's just what I tend to do.

On a completely random note, this shade of purple is oddly similar to the purple trim I picked out for my bedroom way back when I was like 7 or 8. Oh yes... I was color forecasting waaaaay back then! (Hahahahaha... No. Not really.) This rosy-violet color is so pretty... but am I done searching for Radiant Orchid polishes? Probably not. This is me we're talking about... :) 

Do you have any Radiant Orchid-like polishes in your collection? Share, share, por favour!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday *004*

Fruitopia The Grape Beyond
Fruitopia - The Grape Beyond

Fruitopia Lemonade Love & Hope
Fruitopia - Lemonade Love & Hope

Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness
Fruitopia - Strawberry Passion Awareness

Anyone remember these? I loved Fruitopia. Like, REALLY loved it! Coca-Cola introduced these funky fruit fusions in 1994. I was totally obsessed with trying every flavor and collecting all the labels. These are the ones that survived the great collage tear-down of 2002*...

Strawberry Passion Awareness was my favorite, largely because I used it to make a Strawberry Julius-like drink... juice, ice, a little bit of sugar, and an egg white for froth... it was delicious!!! Fruitopia drinks are definitely up there on my bring-it-back list. You know, along with Mistics that looked like wine coolers! :)

Do you miss Fruitopia juices?

* I should really post about this sometime...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pretty Little Liars: "Bite Your Tongue" (4x17)

And the questions just keep on piling up, don't they? What an episode! After some Close Encounters last week... this week's episode certainly upped the tension and gave us a small reveal that most fans probably saw coming, but still! Answers, right? Woohoo! We got one!!! But more on that later... We'll take it liar by liar, as that's the easiest way to do it lately. O.o

Aria Montgomery PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Her brother threw a party while their Dad was out of town. And of all the people Mike could invite... he picked Mona. Needless to say, Aria was less than pleased. At school, she walked in on Ezra talking to Maggie. Aria was annoyed at the situation, but Ezra was quite calm, telling her, "Flying off the handle isn't going to help anything, Aria. People get what they deserve. Eventually."

Ezra Fitz PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Later, she found out how Mike and Mona met, and confronted the new guidance counseler, Jesse. He wasn't sorry that Mike and Mona had formed a friendship, and suggested that Aria talk to someone about her anger. 

Jesse PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Outside the Post Office, Aria spotted Maggie and felt the need to tell her off. The two had an ugly exchange of words, and Aria caused Maggie to drop a box full of Malcolm's toys. Later, she told Emily about the converstaion and her regrets. Still feeling guilty, she decided to call Ezra and explain the situation, apologizing over voicemail.

Aria calls Ezra PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Emily Fields PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

The stress was really getting to Emily last night. She realized her car had been hacked by A, freaked out, and insisted on riding her bike to school. That evening, someone came to her window, scaring her. Her Dad came up to check on her and she almost stabbed him with a pair of scissors.

The next day, Em's Dad talked to Ezra about getting her mind off of everything that's been going on. He asked Mr. Fitz to give her a project to keep her busy, co-directing the school's spring play.

Emily was helping Mr. Fitz copy papers, and A decided it was prime time to mess with her. A couple of doors slammed shut, angry music blared on the PA system, a message for Emily flashed on the message board, and Em totally freaked. She called her Dad to come and get her. He arrived, climbing a drainpipe so he could help Emily open the window and escape. When they reached the grass, Em's dad collapsed. Turned out, he was home to have some tests done. He claimed it wasn't his heart, just stress, assuring Emily he'd be fine. She wasn't too convinced.

Emily's Dad + PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Hanna Marin PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

She was still trying to figure out a way to follow the trail of the "random" in Ali's grave. After reading a couple of crime novels, one recommended by Detective Holbrook himself, she formed another plan. She scheduled a cleaning with Ali's dentist, Dr. Ackard. Hanna figured that someone had to have switched Alison's x-rays in order for her body to be correctly identified. She wanted to check the patient files for clues.
A gasses Hanna PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

At the dentist's office, Hanna found the records, but was drugged by A before she could read them. Upon awakening, Hanna tasted blood. The files were missing, leading her to suspect that she hadn't been treated by Dr. Ackard.

Hanna wakes up PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Spencer Hastings PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Studying Ali's journal was Spencer's latest obsession. She forgot about a physics test, and ended up asking for Andrew Campbell's "Study Aide." He had hoped she was done with the carpenter (Toby), but still gave her a couple of pills anyway... and the research continued.

Andrew Campbell PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Love and Death was a story from Ali's journal, describing someone Ali met with regularly. The two talked about her writing, and he enjoyed a unique combination... boysenberry pie and beer.

The Hart And The Huntsman PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Spencer figured out that the bar was actually a local one called The Hart and The Huntsman. She made a trip there, only to find Ezra enjoying a piece of boysenberry pie.

Ezra Boysenberry PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Or was it blackberry? Either way, Ezra seemed spooked and made a quick excuse in order to leave. The waitress came back with the beer he had already ordered and paid for, giving it to Spencer. 

Board Shorts Ale PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Spencer realized that the story was about Ezra, or as Ali knew him, Board Shorts.

In addition to all the Aria and Maggie drama, Mr. Fitz met with Mona. A meeting, according to Mona, that Ezra requested.

Mona talks to Ezra PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Later, (presumably after his meeting with Mona), Ezra sent this text before meeting with Emily's dad.

Ezra sends A text PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

The Liars
At the end of the episode, Em's parents insisted that she stay with Aria rather than at the hospital. Aria called Spencer, and when she arrived, she asked Emily not to send her away.

Spence and Em Hug It Out PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Emily and Spencer's reunion was short-lived as Hanna arrived with bad news. She didn't get the sign-in logs, and her jaw was aching. She asked the Liars to check her mouth, and they find a horrifying note from A.

Checking Hanna PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Note in Hanna's Tooth from A PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Across town, (or something like it) A proceeded to shred the records Hanna found. We got a glimpse of a list of names before the shredder gobbled up the page and A used it to line Tippi's cage. The camera panned up to a map of Cape May on the wall, as Tippi greeted Board Shorts.

Patient Sign-In Sheet PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

Board Short's Map PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

My Thoughts

That episode that's coming up called She's Come Undone? Girl is seriously starting to un-hinge! She's already angry, so when she finds out about Ezra... does Radley have an extra bed? She might need it.

She's clearly still upset over losing Alison's trust. I'm not sure who was after her tonight. I think the person outside of her bedroom might've been Alison or Shana, trying to talk to her without any of the other girls around. It could very well have been A, too.

Handprint outside Em's window PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

 I'm thinking that A is the one who attached her in the school, or Shana, or even Mona. Clearly, she's not done with all of this. Maybe Mike has been recruited? I'm not entirely convinced that the black hoodie was malevolent. They seemed to be concerned about Em's dad. A wouldn't be.

Black Hoodie PLL 4x17 Bite Your Tongue

And speaking of Em's parents... I love how they sent her to spend the night with Aria... whose Dad is clearly (possibly conveniently) out of town!

I love her new direction, I really do. She's starting to try and take charge of her situation. Her theory about the body in Alison's grave seems to be spot-on. I'm also glad that she slowed it down with Travis. Is it too early to start shipping her with Detective Holbrook? Since Mike is unavailable... :(

Kicking butt and taking names. That's what Spencer does. She knocked it out of the park, decoding Love and Death AND figuring out that Board Shorts = Ezra. Now, how to tell Aria... Oh, and that whole pesky pill popping thing. Just say no, Spencer. Just say no! O.o

The board shorts reveal wasn't really all that surprising. We knew that he and Alison had to have a history, so I think most fans saw that coming. And Board Shorts Ale? Ali's journal really is brimming with clues, possibly more than we realize.

I'm also really curious who he was sending that text to... Interesting that it happened right after his meet and greet with Mona.

I'm not sure what to make of her anymore. Obviously, she's still involved, but how? Is she working with Ezra? Working against him? Working for him? Does she know his secret? I don't want to think that Mona is still playing A games, but I don't know that she could resist the fun of it either. She really wants the girls to pay for all the bullying. Count of Monte Christo level revenge. She has such a love/hate relationship with the Liars, but I really want her to be good. I also hope she's not using Mike.

Mystery Blonde
Okay... so there's a ton of theories floating around about Ezra writing a book about Alison. Could the lady in the car be his agent, or maybe editor? I'm not throwing the whole lawyer thing out of the window, but I'm not buying into it 100%, either. 

The List - C. Cavanaugh
There was definitely a Cavanaugh on that list. C. Cavanaugh. It couldn't have been Marion, because she was already dead.

Is it a random Cavanaugh? Like, maybe that Chris Cavanaugh who went to Jenna's school?

Could Toby have a twin? Perhaps an evil one who killed Marion? Maybe he/she switched the records?

Could C. be Toby's Dad?

Alison's Death
Did Alison fake her own death, or did A fake it for her?
Spencer's Secret
Still haven't learned what secret she's been keeping about that night from the girls. Did she ever tell anyone other than Toby about her Dad burning that field hockey stick?

Maybe next week, we'll learn even more answers in Hot For Teacher... Or maybe we'll end up with a couple more questions. Either way. But seriously... answers, producers! We want Answers!!!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Layering: Frida Spinoff

Zoya Frida Jelly Glitter Sandwich

Zoya Frida Layering

Zoya Frida Layering

Zoya Frida Layering

Zoya Frida Layering

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats Zoya Frida
2 Coats Spinoff (franken)
1 Coat Zoya Frida
1 Coat Borghese Clearcoat
1 Coat Seche Vite

I've been drooling over this shade for a very long time. Thanks to Zoya's recent Color Your World promotion, it is now a member of the Stash. Originally released in Fall 2012, Frida is one-third of Zoya's NYFW Gloss Collection. Paloma and Katherine are her sisters, and I'm glad I finally own all three! (Dear Zoya, please make more. LOTS more. Like, in every color and shade of the rainbow. Thanks! <3 S.)

Frida is a blue teal jelly polish. It's sheer. Really sheer, but that's the point. I'm pretty sure these were made for jelly glitter sandwich addicts like myself.

Zoya polishes are always awesome to work with. Really, I've yet to come across a problematic Zoya! The formula is great, and when it comes to jellies, they've got the perfect amount of sheerness. Seriously... not too sheer that you need a million layers, but not too opaque either.

Spinoff is a frankenpolish I created a little while back. I used it in my Lilac Coolers layering, but I don't think that I ever picked it up again. It's a mix of a bunch of different glitters from my stash. I know that it contains Orly Peaceful Opposition because of the silver square glitter, but I'm a little foggy on the exact recipe. It's been a while. O.o

How would you layer Frida?

Zoya Color Your World 2014

Zoya Color Your World 2014

Zoya Color Your World 2014

Zoya Color Your World 2014

Color Your World is quite possibly thee best promotion Zoya offers all year! For one week, you can get 3 Zoya polishes absolutely free, you just pay shipping. Sadly, this promotion is no longer available, but Zoya does a ton of promotions throughout the year.

My picks this year were Paloma, Frida, and Perrie. Paloma and Frida are jelly polishes that I've been lemming since their release! Perrie is a beautiful Radiant Orchid-esque shade that I can't wait to try! It was seriously hard to pick, but I'm really happy with my choices. Stay tuned for swatches... :)


Monday, January 27, 2014

What's in my Bag? *001*

So, okay... I finally cleaned out my bag the other day. You know, actually threw away all those receipts and other junk, put back Peanut's toys, organized my hair ties... so I thought I'd share my can't live without it, carry it everywhere with me stash-o'-stuff... Enjoy. :)

Completely empty, taking a well-deserved rest!

7 Glosses... Seven!

Les Contents

1. Commonplace Book (basically a Flexible Composition Book) WalMart
2. Polish Stash List Target
3. Old Passbook Borders
4. 2013-2014 Academic Planner Target
5. New Passbook Target
6. Wallet (Kenneth Cole Reaction) TJ Maxx
7. Sony Cybershot W330 (inside) Best Buy
8. Sony Cybershot Battery Charger Best Buy
9. Contacts Case (filled with solution)
10. Glasses Case
11. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie KMart
12. Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Hot Pink (so sadly discontinued. It's thee perfect pink!) Gift
13. Express Lip Gloss in Black Cherry Ice Express
14. Philosophy Peppermint Bark Lip Shine Ulta
15. Philosophy Marshmallows for Toasting Lip Shine Ulta
16. Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Lip Shine Ulta
17. Philosophy Melon Daquiri Lip Shine Ulta
18-21. USB Flash Drives (yes, I made one into a necklace... If only this came with more storage...)
22. Tree Cookie Necklace Yardsale
23. Papermate Profile Elite pen in Pink (escaped somehow...) Gift
24. Metallic Gold Sharpie Permanent Market Staples
25. Tissues Mom
26. Deborah Lippmann 99 Luftballons Nail Polish Gift
27. China Glaze Cracked Medallion Nail Polish Big Lots
28. Pen & Marker Bag Orly/Sally Beauty Supply
29. Ice Breakers Wintergreen Mints (I prefer Cinnamon) Target
30-31. Skeleton Keys (I collect them) Gift
32. iPhone case AT&T

I'm pretty sure my bag lost about 2 pounds in receipts and trash when I cleaned it out. That, and I got rid of 1 notebook and 3 glosses. My phone normally lives in my bag, too, but I used it to take the pictures...

What's in YOUR bag?!?

Friday, January 24, 2014

SinfulColors Emerald Envy

Today's swatches are brought to you by my iPhone 5s... Why you ask? Well, my Cybershot is convinced this polish is teal. Soooooo not...

SinfulColors Emerald Envy
Natural Light

SinfulColors Emerald Envy
Natural Light

SinfulColors Emerald Envy

SinfulColors Emerald Envy
Natural Light

SinfulColors Emerald Envy
Natural Light

SinfulColors Emerald Envy

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats SinfulColors Emerald Envy
2 Coats Borghese Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Emerald Envy is part of the SinfulColors Crystal Crush Collection. It's a glittery, yellow-leaning, texturized grassy green with fine gold glitter. The shine on this is ridiculous, and you know me and shine! I also bought Treasure Chest, but I'm kinda regretting not buying the entire collection...

For some people, this polish might be a one coater. With all the glitter, it was hard to tell if there were bald spots or patchy areas, so I used two coats. This is a really pretty polish, and I kinda regret not wearing it during the Holidays. I've had it for over a month, so... I really don't have any excuses!

I like the formula on Emerald Envy better than Fingerpaints Winter Chill. The brush didn't expand nearly as much, so application didn't feel clumsy at all. I think SinfulColors texture is a finer grit than Fingerpaints. That definitely helps, and the glitter payoff? One of my favorite things about textured glitter polish is that you get a lot more shine. My nails sparkle from every. single. angle. :)

Have you picked up any Crystal Crush polishes?