Layering: 99 Glitterballons

by - 1/10/2014

Behold... the incredible sparklebomb that is 99 Glitterballons. :)

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats Deborah Lippmann 99 Luftballons
1 Coat Fingerpaints Twisted
1 Coat NYC Top of the Gold
1 Coat Fingerpaints Twisted
1 Coat Deborah Lippmann 99 Luftballons
2 Coats OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-Y?
1 Coat Essie Good to Go

Excessive? Me?!? Noooooo...  Today called for a super sparkly manicure because...

Wait for it...

Seize the Sparkle is ONE! Yep. We're celebrating our first Sparkleversary! (and yes, I'm making that a thing...) more on that later, though. Right now, let's focus on the shinies, of which, there are currently a LOT of on my nails... :)

99 Luftballons (Ballons, not Balloons...) was in my Christmas stocking. A generous gift from my fav-o-rite sister. Originally, I had planned to wear it for New Year's Eve, but that didn't work as planned, so I saved it for the Sparkleversary. Only, I couldn't leave well enough alone. (Is that really a surprise?) 99 Luftballons is a gorgeous pink jelly polish with multi-colored glitter... Basically, a Jelly Glitter Sandwich in a bottle. Deborah Lippman makes a lot of these. Trust me... it's gorgeous on its own... I just have a problem. (And no, I'm not getting help anytime soon, thanks for asking, though.) Anyway, I thought about a couple different manicure options, before I realized what was missing...


So, I layered in Fingerpaints Twisted, a rainbow of color-shifting flakies in a bottle. Then I added a coat of Top of the Gold, my most recent flaky polish purchase. After that, a second coat of Fingerpaints Twisted really amped up the flaky quotient. Another coat of 99 Luftballons added more pigment to the pink base, but I thought it still needed something. So, I pulled out Do You Think I'm Tex-Y and added two layers for a super-intense PINK Jelly Glitter Sandwich.! :)

How do you take your polish to the next level?

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