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Pretty Little Liars: "Love ShAck, Baby" (4x15)

After a slightly lackluster Winter Season opener last week, we got a little more excitement in last night's episode... and a couple more juicy secrets!

Hanna finally revealed Alison's journal to the other girls. She had kept it a secret for a while, and, in her opinion, for good reason. Ali wasn't kind in writing about any of them, and she wrote the journal in code. She changed the names of the people she wrote about, and identifying details in the stories.

PLL Mausoleum 4x15

After briefly being upset that Hanna kept the journal from them since Ravenswood, the girls decided to take turns reading it. Emily quickly snatched it, declaring that she would read through it first.

In the very next scene, Alison visited Emily after she fell asleep reading the journal. Alison claimed again that she wanted to come home, and tried to talk to Emily. Emily was upset, and Alison seemed to understand that. As Ali D. happily noticed that Em was still wearing the bracelet she made her, Emily's alarm went off. It was just a dream. The journal was laying on the bed next to her, and Emily rubbed her bare wrist. She walked over to a jewelry box, where she had the purple bracelet stashed, confirming again, that it was just a dream.

Across town, a surprised Ashley Marin found her daughter busily getting ready for school. She was sure she'd find her daughter in bed, lamenting the loss of Caleb. Mrs. Marin tried to console Hanna with some thoughts from her divorce, but Hanna quickly shut her down.

Spencer went to take Toby coffee and breakfast, only to find that her father had cancelled his meeting with him. She told Toby that she wasn't sure about involving her father in the Radley "investigation." She seemed pretty certain that Mr. H. wasn't in it for the right reasons, but Toby reiterated that he wanted to take the investigation as far as they could, because he needed closure.

At school, Aria claimed to be returning a pen to Ezra's desk while Spencer stood lookout. She noted that Aria was still in love with Ezra, something Aria claimed to be "working on."

Later, Emily marched intently to an outside table with Ali's journal in tow...

PLL Emily 4x15

and Mr. Fitz noticed...

PLL EzrA 4x15

He watched as the girls conversed at the table, likely listening in to their conversation.

Pretty Little Liars 4x15

Emily came up with a coding system for Ali's journal. Stories about Em were marked in green, Spencer was blue, Aria was purple, Hanna was pink, Ali was yellow, and unknown characters were white. Em was upset about what Alison wrote, but also determined to find out what had really happened. As the girls talked, Aria figured out that Alison had described an actual place in her journal as a possible hiding spot.

Ali's Journal: The Busy Bee

The Busy Bee was a bed and breakfast that had been closed for a few years. Hanna put the journal back into her bag, and The Liars decided to drive out that evening in an attempt to find Alison... Once Emily got off from her shift at the Brew...

But when Em arrived at the Brew, she found a note in her backpack, supposedly from Alison.

PLL 4x15 Note from Ali

She asked a co-worker to cover her shift and headed over to the kissing rock to meet Alison. Emily waited...

PLL Emily 4x15 Kissing Rock

but Ali was a no show. So, Emily left the bracelet Alison had made her on the rock...

PLL 4x15 Em's Bracelet

At Chez Hastings, Spencer was surprised to find her father and Mrs. D talking in the kitchen about something they didn't want Jason to know about. Mrs. D. claimed it was her impending divorce proceedings, and thanked Mr. Hastings for his help. Mr. H walked her out, while giving Spence the hairy eyeball for her rudeness. Spencer asked why he bailed on the meeting with Toby, and Mr. Hastings explained what he had found out. Marion Cavanaugh's death wasn't a suicide, but it wasn't murder either. It was simply an accident. According to his sources, she was on the roof with another patient, she slipped, and fell. The story was changed because the other patient was "fragile."

Still at school, Aria visited Mr. Fitz. She hadn't given him a pen earlier, she had put a note in his drawer regarding a rendezvous that evening. Since the Liars made plans to travel to the Busy Bee, she wanted to reschedule with Ezra. She told him about Hanna and Caleb, he asked if all the Liars were going, and the two rescheduled for the following evening. As Ezra turned back to his computer, we heard a snippet of what he was listening to... one of Alison's sessions with Grunwald:

"You still can't see who's threatening me? Look, I need to figure out where to go... I need to make a plan... some sort of escape... I don't know... a way to not be Alison DiLaurentis anymore. Can you please help me?"

PLL 4x15 Travis

Hanna went to the Brew after school, trying to catch up with Emily. Instead, she ran into Travis, who asked how she and her mother were doing. He also informed her of the breaking news that CeCe had been spotted in Maryland and the police were on her trail. He asked about Caleb, and Hanna said everything was fine, but quickly left, saying she needed to pass along the good news to her mother.

Spencer walked in shortly after Hanna left, and confronted Mrs. DiLaurentis. She yelled at her to stay away from her father and their family. Oh yeah, and to find a lawyer whom she hadn't slept with for advice. Ouch. Mrs. D. walked away without a word.

Eventually, the girls all met up, piling in Emily's car for a trip to the Busy Bee. While on their way, Em's GPS rerouted them off the highway around construction, and they get a little turned around. When they stopped to figure out where they went wrong, Em's car died. None of the girls could fix whatever was wrong with it, and a storm was moving in fast. Aria mentioned her Uncle's cabin... really Ezra's cabin... that just happened to be within walking distance.

PLL 4x15 Lightning Flash

At the cabin, Aria managed to hold it together and keep the fact that it was Ezra's cabin a secret. (Badly, but she managed.) When Hanna went outside to get a signal on her phone, Emily followed, leaving Spencer and Aria behind. Spencer went looking for blankets for the girls, Aria followed to cover up signs of Ezra, and A locked the girls in the laundry room. Spencer and Aria called for help through a window. Emily and Hanna came running, and upon finding the front door locked, smashed through a window to get in. They freed Sparia, but the damage was already done. A had taken the journal, leaving Emily's bracelet in its place. Moments later, there was a knock at the door, so the Liars armed themselves...

PLL 4x15 Liars Unite

But it was just Travis and his tow truck. He drove the girls back into Rosewood, and Hanna let him clean up in the kitchen. He mentioned the armed greeting and awkward silence on the way home. Hanna tried to pay him and not talk about any of it, but she made up a story about a raccoon in the cabin. When Travis insisted that he was just being a friend and being nice, Hanna lost it.

Across town at Chez Hastings, Spencer walked in to find her father on the phone with her mother, lying about the events of the day. When he got off the phone, he reprimanded her for yelling at Mrs. DiLaurentis, saying that he specifically told Spencer to stay away from her. 

At Emily's house, Aria called Ezra and asked about his night. Ezra lied and said he got everything done he needed to, while pumping gas in the rain. Aria told him she loved him, then lied to Emily about who she was talking to, claiming it was Jake on the phone.

Still upset at her father, Spencer went over to talk to Toby. He asked if she spoke with her father, and we see that she brought along a suitcase and some bags. Instead of answering his question, she asked if she could stay with Toby for a while.

Emily told Aria the truth about her dream, the note, and going to meet Alison at the kissing rock. Aria couldn't believe Em went to meet Alison alone. As they talked, a text from A interrupted them...

PLL 4x15 Busy Bee Text from A

Emily put the pieces together quickly, commenting that they basically handed Alison to A. They even decoded Ali's journal for him. The girls recalled the note from A on the filmstrip and realized that A was headed to The Busy Bee. Worried by his earlier threat that, "Whoever finds her gets to keep her..." Aria and Emily rushed out of the room.

In the very last scene, we cut to A, who was working on a laptop, with an ironic apple and Ali's journal on his desk. As he reset the factory settings on Emily's car, we saw just how much control A actually has over the Pretty Little Liars.

My Thoughts

Suzy Clueless might not have know that Hanna hooked up with Mike, but she sure knows how to keep a secret! And didn't you love that nod to the books? So, Aria kept her mouth shut about the cabin, which was a little disappointing, but I like how it played out differently than what I originally thought. I wish she would've shared with Em, though. She came out and told the truth about the note, the dream, meeting Alison... it wasn't just telling the truth, but confronting some really personal demons for her. When someone shares like that... you share back! I fear that when Aria finds out the truth, she is going to crack and fall, really, really hard. Suzy Clueless indeed.  

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! The dream was obviously just a dream, but that note from Alison? I really thought it was from her, not from A. I'm guessing that Ezra put that plan into motion when Em still had the journal. He saw Hanna take it at school, forcing him to come up with that rogue plan to visit Hanna's house. I loved the sharing at the end and the realizations that Em has come to about Alison. She's really starting to get over her, and I fear that next week's episode might... reroute some of that progress, to say the least.

She's not taking Caleb leaving so well. Like, at all, and who can blame her? The breakup threw her right back to what it felt like to be Hefty Hanna, and some of those not-so-great feeling moments... That flashback was just heartbreaking. Hanna's pretty sure that she's lost the love of her life, and tried to stay strong all episode long. I figured she was going to lose it at some point, and Travis being so nice to her sent her over the edge. Even if she finally broke, Hanna has been really strong this season. I like seeing this sense of determination in her.

If she could've, I'm sure Spence would've sewn an embellished A onto Mrs. DiLaurentis... Wow. She knows her Dad is up to something, she's just not sure what. I agree. He was lying to practically everyone, and Spencer had a point when it came to Mrs. D. There are other attorneys than her father, and Mrs. D. probably knows a couple. (that she hasn't slept with.) Ouch, again. Not willing to put up with her dad's shadiness, she decides to bunk with Toby for a while.

Oh, where for art thou, Mona? I miss your snarkiness.

The Other Radley Patient
Spencer's dad claimed another patient was on the roof when Mrs. Cavanaugh fell. Supposedly, a very fragile one. Perhaps Alison's twin? And why would Radley need to call the death a suicide just because a fragile patient witnessed it? Lie to the patient... not the public... Something really shady is going on at Radley... either that or Spencer's papa is lying.

MIA this episode, but that flashback was awful... and so many of them are. Who could blame dream Emily for not being happy Alison was alive and well? Looks like we'll see her in person next week, though.

I'm really trying to put the pieces together with what we know... Everything he does now is creepy. Even going back and watching previous episodes... I can't really look at him the same, so I don't understand how Ezria could possibly be endgame. I think the producers are little liars. Seriously! 

That being said... I think we also need to re-evaluate everything we know about him now that he's A. We've been taking his word for a lot, and he could very well be just as much of a liar as the girls.

Hot for Teacher
This has to be about Ezra, but it kinda doesn't make sense...

Ali's Journal: Hot for Teacher

"I saw a teacher interviewing today with the principal. He was quite sexy! High school boys are gross, college boys are only looking for one ting, but older men, now they know what they want and take it all. He looks kind of bookish, but in a cute way. I will get to know him eventually and to have a teacher on my side..."

Given all the I's, it has to be Alison who wrote this... but it's a confusing entry. I always got the idea that Ezra started teaching at Rosewood during the school year featured in the Pilot. If that's the case, Alison disappeared a full year before Ezra started teaching at Rosewood. Could he really be the teacher she saw interviewing for a position? Is this how Alison met Ezra for the first time? Does it normally take that long to be hired as a teacher? Because I don't think so.

We're getting more and more clues with every episode... the question is... when do the puzzle pieces start fitting together? Next week, in Close Encounters, perhaps?!?




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