Throwback Thursday *004*

by - 1/30/2014

Fruitopia The Grape Beyond
Fruitopia - The Grape Beyond

Fruitopia Lemonade Love & Hope
Fruitopia - Lemonade Love & Hope

Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness
Fruitopia - Strawberry Passion Awareness

Anyone remember these? I loved Fruitopia. Like, REALLY loved it! Coca-Cola introduced these funky fruit fusions in 1994. I was totally obsessed with trying every flavor and collecting all the labels. These are the ones that survived the great collage tear-down of 2002*...

Strawberry Passion Awareness was my favorite, largely because I used it to make a Strawberry Julius-like drink... juice, ice, a little bit of sugar, and an egg white for froth... it was delicious!!! Fruitopia drinks are definitely up there on my bring-it-back list. You know, along with Mistics that looked like wine coolers! :)

Do you miss Fruitopia juices?

* I should really post about this sometime...

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