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SinfulColors Folly

Polishes Used: 1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler 3 Coats SinfulColors Folly Spoiled Champagne Siren (accent) SinfulColors Queen of Beauty (accent) OPI Gaining Mole-mentum (accent) SOPI Flurry Up! (accent) 1 Coat Borghese Clear Coat 1 Coat Seche Vite I've come to realize that I probably have a good 40 or 50 shades of hot and bright pink that slightly vary from one another. But they're all different, so they're all totally neccessary. This one... Folly from SinfulColors is a very close-to-red shade of raspberry pink. A raspberry almost-red with tiny little pink sparkles in it. I'm not sure you can see them in my pictures, and you definitely can't see them when you look at the bottle. But I swear, they're there, and aren't sparkles always a good surprise? (yes. yes they are!) Application was great... SinfulColors polishes are pretty consistent for me, and the brush is standard sized. Folly had an almost jellyish look to it while I appl

SinfulColors Violets Are Blue

So, I'm really trying to channel warm weather with all these spring colors. Think it'll work?!? Today I'm wearing a bright, shimmery, sky blue from SinfulColors. It's definitely a nice contrast to all the rain outside right now... But you know what they say, showers before flowers... :) Polishes Used: 1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler 4 Coats SinfulColors Violets Are Blue 1 Coat Borghese Clear Coat 1 Coat Seche Vite If I had to picture a color to go with the name Violets Are Blue... I'd probably go with something a bit more purple leaning. BUT... that doesn't mean I don't like this shade. I just might've named it differently. It's a part of Sinful Colors Mod in Bloom Collection for Spring 2014. Violets Are Blue is a cool, sky blue creme polish with silver microshimmer. It's a cool cousin to Sinful Colors Cinderella, and a pretty on-trend color for Spring 2014. The shimmer adds a nice softness to the polish, so it doesn&

L'Oreal Too Dimensional?

Polishes Used: 1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler 3 Coats L'Oreal Too Dimensional 1 Coat OPI Clear Coat 1 Coat Seche Vite I don't own very many textured nail polishes. The ones I do own tend to fall in the same category as Too Dimensional... total glitterbombs! It's a part of L'Oreal's Colour Riche Gold Dust collection that came out a bit before the Holidays. I thought about purchasing a couple of these shades, but so far, this has been the only one I've added to my collection! Too Dimensional has an indigo base that is packed with small blue and silver hex glitter, plus some superfine green-gold shimmer. There's a lot of sparkle to this one! When sunlight hits it, it radiates glimmer... I honestly don't think it has a bad side. It photographed really well, and I may or may not have gone a little overboard with taking pictures! Application was good. The polish didn't build up too badly on the brush like some textu

Wet n Wild: On A Trip

Today's nails are definitely channeling spring... and flowers... sunshine, too. Despite the fact that it is snowing... yes, snowing outside. Say it with me and maybe it will be so... spring Spring SPR ING!!!  Polishes Used: 1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler 3 Coats Wet n Wild On A Trip 1 Coat OPI Top Coat 1 Coat Seche Vite This shade of purple totally reminds me of wisteria... one of my favorite flowers! I've had this polish for quite some time, and I think I wore it in a skittle mani when I first got it, and haven't touched it since. So, I dusted it off and got to work! On A Trip is a mid-toned blue-leaning purple. It has a slight crelly finish to it, so it shines even without all the top coat! Application was great... 3 easy thin coats with the big mop of a brush. Surprisingly, I don't mind moppy brushes as much lately... perhaps I'm getting used to them? Scary thought, I know! I'm debating whether I want to put on a completely diff

State of the Sparkle *003*

Spring is here... like really officially here. And that just feels so good. The sun is warming up... the days are a little longer... I know after all the snow we got this past winter, even most coldaholics are ready to welcome Spring with a big old hug. What Spring is made of... c/o I know I haven't been posting very regularly lately, and I'm aiming to change that very soon. Things have been extra crazy at Chez Sparkle. Mr. Sparkle, or shall I say, SPC Sparkle is away training because he joined the Guard. And now Chez Sparkle is now plural and Peanut and I are slightly more nomadic. But we'll get used to it. And creativity? Oh... where are you? Not sure if its the winter blahs or what, but I could use some Springspiration to get my creative juices flowing. Maybe they need to thaw out first? I dunno.  In other news... yes, I watched the PLL Season 4 Finale, I'm just incredibly behind with my recap and the following theory post, but it WILL happ

OPI Hey Baby

How many times have I said I've found thee perfect hot pink? 'Cause I totally did! (Again...) Polishes Used: 1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler 3 Coats OPI Hey Baby 1 Coat Seche Vite Hey Baby is part of OPI's Gwen Stefani collection. I was really excited when I originally heard about the collaberation. I'm not sure what I expected from the collection... I was thinking bold colors, crazy glitters... and we ended up getting a pretty standard collection of colors with a variety of textures. Red creme, pink creme, blackened burgundy creme, gold satin, black satin, silver chrome, and a silver glitter top coat. I can't really say that any of the Gwen Stefani shades jumped out at me when I first saw promo pictures... BUT! On the nail? Hey Baby isn't just hot pink... it's thee hot pink. It's a total instant classic (at least for me!) , that just happens to be in a Limited Edition collection. But the best part? I picked up my bottle at S

Pretty Little Liars: "Unbridled" (4x23)

Season 4 has been dubbed the "Season For Answers" and last night... the story continued moving forward from where Cover For Me left off. It was the penultimate episode of the season... next week Ali supposedly tells all, and we finally get some answers. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully ... Unbridled began as Spencer was chasing a shadow through the woods. She fell, got back up, continued the chase, and SNAP... 48 hours earlier... The Liars held a meeting at The Brew, discussing the note Paige wrote to the cops. The girls recapped just where they were at in the whole mystery; wondering about the body in Ali's grave, was Mrs. DiLaurentis really A, did Spencer attack Alison, could Mrs. D. know Ali is alive, could Spencer have attacked someone else? (All very good questions, ladies. We're all wondering a looooooot of these same things too!) As Spencer and Emily left, they spotted Jason and called out to him. He completely ignored them, jumped in his car and took of