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Pretty Little Liars: "Cover For Me" (4x22)

After all the action of Free Fall and She's Come Undone... the producers slowed things down quite a bit last night. Aria left town, Spencer got clean, and Emily and Hanna played detective. This week, we'll break it down Liar by Liar...

Hanna Marin PLL Cover For Me

She ran into Detective Holbrook at the Brew and apologized for the kiss. He asked her to talk, and showed her Paige's note. He thought it was from her, but Hanna told him it wasn't. Holbrook dismissed it as just another crackpot. Hanna bristled a little, and excused herself to make dinner for her mother. (Not the best excuse, but it got her out of there, right?)

Later, Travis asked her out on a date and she agreed.

Hanna Marin PLL 4x22

Even later, Detectives Holbrook and Tanner confronted Hanna about the note, playing good cop/bad cop, but Hanna insisted that the note didn't come from her.

Detective Holbrook and Detective Tanner, PLL Cover For Me

While on her date with Travis, Mrs. DiLaurentis said hello to Hanna and she introduced him. As Mrs. D. left, Holbrook and Tanner asked her about something. Hanna immediately texted the info to Emily, only to receive an urgent SOS text from Aria. She bailed on the date with Travis, but not before apologizing and kissing him before she left for Em's house.

Emily Fields PLL Cover For Me

She confronted Ezra in his classroom, ending the conversation by handing in her assignment, telling him she wasn't staying for class, and could he give that to a real teacher? kaythanksbye. (BURN!)

At the Brew, Em ran into Mike, who was upset about Mona dumping him. He had been trying to reach Aria and asked Em if she heard from her. Emily offered to talk to Mona for Mike to see what she could find out.

Emily Fields PLL 4x22

Em made her way over to Mona's house, almost getting run over as Mona backed out of her driveway. When confronted, Mona told Emily that she had been working with Ezra in exchange for him not mentioning her more illegal pursuits as A. She found out about Ezra's book around the time she bought Jenna's car. Originally, she began dating Mike to get information on Aria for Ezra, but ended up falling for him. She broke up with him because Ezra threatened her when she wanted to stop helping him. Mona also told Em she hadn't read Ezra's book, but she knew that Ezra had an idea about A's identity.

Mona Vanderwaal PLL Cover For Me

Spencer Hastings PLL Cover For Me

After three days in rehab, Spencer arrived back home. Her parents hired Dean as a live-in counselor to help keep her recovery on track. Step One? No computer, no phone, no friends. She'd have to earn all those privileges back over the course of her treatment.

Dean PLL Cover For Me

After showering, Spencer climbed into bed to discover a whole bunch of dirt inside her sheets, along with a note from A.

Spencer's Note from A PLL Cover for Me

The next day, she asked Dean if she could be having hallucinations, unsure if what had happened the previous night was real.

Jessica DiLaurentis PLL Cover For Me

Mrs. DiLaurentis stopped over to see Veronica, mentioning her upcoming bridal show for charity. Veronica left the room to check the Hastings agenda, leaving Spencer and Mrs. D alone in the kitchen. When Jessica mentioned a story that Mrs. Hastings told her to cover up the truth, Spencer went along with the lie. Mrs. DiLaurentis went on to talk about the bridal show fundraiser benefitting hungry kids, saying that no mother should have to watch her child die. Weirded out, Spencer mentioned that she should take her laundry up to her room, and Mrs. D. commented that there was nothing like a good night's sleep on a fresh, clean set of sheets.

Spencer Hastings, PLL Cover For Me

On a run with Dean the next day, Spencer saw a shovel and remembered more about the night Alison disappeared. She saw herself running after Alison. Alison tripped and fell, and Spencer hit at something with the shovel, splattering her face with mud/dirt/blood. (Hard to tell which.) Dean realized there was more going on with Spencer than just a pill addiction. He asked her what was wrong and she did her best to ask questions without revealing what she thought the be the truth of that night. He suggested that she shouldn't try to remember repressed memories based on other people's suggestions of events. He handed over a letter from Toby, postmarked from London, and gave her space, allowing her to read it in private.

Letter from Toby, PLL Cover for Me

Aria and Riley PLL Cover for Me

After Ezra's betrayal, Aria fled to Syracuse to get away. She partied at a frat house and met Riley, another perspective student. The two hung out and partied, ditching the tour the following day to drown their hangovers in pancakes.

Aria Montgomery, PLL Cover For Me

Back in Aria's hotel room, she and Riley talked about potential majors and careers, and Aria wasn't sure about writing anymore. Maybe music? Riley had been accepted to the music program at Berklee, but his family didn't consider music as something to study, and all of them attended Syracuse and graduated summa cum laude, so....

Riley and Aria PLL Cover For Me

Riley took Aria to a lake near Syracuse where they could relax and talk. Aria admitted Ezra broke her heart into 30 thousand million pieces and she was just trying to get away. Riley said that Aria shouldn't be the one in exile when it was her heart that was broken.

On the last day of the perspective tour, Riley came to say goodbye to Aria. He was headed home to tell his parents about Berklee. He gave Aria a Beat-Up-A-Jerk coupon...

Riley's Beat Up A Jerk Coupon PLL Cover For Me

Determined to confront Ezra, Aria returned to Rosewood and headed straight for Chez Fitzy. She told him he needed to leave Rosewood. She didn't want to see him or hear from him ever again. (Weeeeee are never, ever, ever... oh, wait. Ezria's endgame.) Ezra told her that he returned the advance money, but it didn't change anything for Aria. He gave her a copy of his manuscript and told her to read it, because he found out some stuff that she and the other girls should know. Aria read the manuscript and proceeded to send an SOS text to Em, Hanna, and Spencer.

Aria SOS to Spencer PLL Cover For Me

The Liars all convened in Emily's room, waiting to hear what Aria had to say. Emily mentioned Mona's breakup with Mike. Hanna noticed that a note from Paige was an exact match to the note Holbrook showed her earlier. Aria mentioned a few of the things she read in Ezra's manuscript, mainly that Ezra thought Mrs. DiLaurentis was A. Spencer confessed to the group what she had learned about that night, and that Mrs. D. might think that Spencer hit Alison with a shovel, killing her. Em and Hanna went to get snacks, and Hanna confronted Emily with the truth that Emily told Paige about Alison.

Back at Chez Montgomery, Mike told Aria that she was right about Mona. Aria told him she didn't want to be right, and she didn't want him to get hurt.

At the Hastings Estate, Spencer asked her mother to tell her the truth about the night that Alison disappeared, but Veronica wouldn't tell her anything. Spencer went up to her room, and noticed a light on in Alison's bedroom. Mrs. DiLaurentis crept around in the room, but quickly left when Veronica came upstairs to ask Spence if she was okay.

Mrs. D's a creeper PLL Cover For Me

In the end credits, A was working on a wedding dress... the very same one we saw Spencer wearing in next week's promo...

PLL Cover For Me Wedding Dress End Credits

My Thoughts

Spencer mentioned something that made my ears perk up a little bit. She thinks that Mrs. D. might think that Specer killed Alison. What if this is the consensus among the parents, Melissa, possibly even Garrett? There's a definite idea that the Hastings are protecting Spencer from something that she did that night, but what? I mean, we know that Alison is alive, so obviously Spencer didn't kill her. BUT... she was struck on the head by something and buried. I feel like the show is setting us up to think what Spencer is thinking... that she purposefully hit Alison with the shovel. But what if it was an accident? Maybe Spencer tripped and hit her with the shovel, maybe she hit a small woodland creature, maybe she hit mud. I know that we saw something splatter onto her face, but it could just as easily have been mud rather than blood.

Emily's conversation with Mona...
M: It's murky, but it's big. Remember after the lodge burned down? I told you all that someone stole the game from me when I was in Radley?
E: We all thought it was CeCe.
M: I never found out. But whoever it is, Ezra thinks he knows.

According to Mona, she hasn't figured out who new A is. Not sure if she's actively looking or not. I'm wondering where she was heading before Emily stopped her? And can we really trust Mona? I'd like to think that she's still trying to figure out who new A is...

Mrs. D... as A? 
I think Hanna said it best... "That's ridiculous. How old is she? Does she even know how to text?!?"

It's not that I think Mrs. D. isn't capable, but she wasn't wearing a hoodie or gloves to sneak around the Hastings Estate. No mask either. It makes me wonder what she was doing there. It was definitely her, though. She was wearing the same shirt and scarf she wore earlier when she ran into Hanna and Travis.

Jessica DiLaurentis PLL Cover For Me

Maybe she was going to ask Spencer about the note... you know, assuming that Holbrook and Tanner told her about it. I'm not sure if they did or not. It's weird... she looks like she's in some sort of a trance when she's in Spencer's room. Could someone be hypnotizing her and making her carry out A's work like a puppet?

But again... if she really is A... we have the same problem we had with Ezra. We were led to believe it wasn't him because A was wearing black gloves and the black hoodie again. We never saw Ezra in those, and we haven't seen Mrs. DiLaurentis in those. I mean, she was sneaking around the Hastings house in plain clothes, no gloves, no mask... 

I know there are a lot of theories out there about Jessica DiLaurentis having a twin, some suggesting Marion Cavanaugh, others even suggesting Veronica Hastings. I guess that's a possibility... But it seems awfully convoluted for Mrs. D. to have a twin and to tie that in with everything else that's going on. But it is Rosewood...

Spencer confronts her mother about the coverup...
S: You and dad said that you covered for me that summer when I was first using. What did you mean? Because I still don't remember."
V: Consider it a blessing. I'm going to bed. I suggest you do the same."

So, obviously it's something pretty bad. But how bad? You accidentally killed your former BFF bad? This same exact thing happened in the books. Book Spencer pushed Book Courtney pretending to be Alison and thought that she was responsible for her death. Only later, when Book Spencer pushed Book Melissa in a similar fashion, did she realize that Book Alison fell on a branch and got back up. Like I said earlier... I'm not sure that it's blood on Spencer's face. It could easily be mud, and it's odd that she doesn't have any dirt or residue on her when she goes back to the other girls in the barn.

There are some theories floating around that Spencer actually attacked Sara Harvey that night, but I don't really know how that would work. It's one thing for CeCe and Alison to be dressed the same that night, but Sara, too? And totally by coincidence? Could it be that Spencer ran after CeCe and hit her? I mean, I know we have to understand that none of the adults know that Alison is alive, so there's a real fear there, but that still leads us back to the body in the grave that isn't Alison. I'm starting to get dizzy from all the circles this show has lead us through! Does anyone in Rosewood really know what happened the night Alison disappeared?

Seriously, though! Pretty Little Liars is getting pretty darn confusing. It can't just be me. I know I'm supposed to be shocked by the whole Mrs. DiLaurentis is A revelation, but I just can't buy into it 100%. The producers did it with Toby and took it back. Then they did it with Ezra and took it back. Why should Mrs. D. be any different? And honestly? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around why in the world she would be A. You know?

So... yeah. Next week's episode is called Unbridled, and it looks like Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria will be modeling for that bridal show Mrs. D. was talking about. Guess they're going to volunteer to get closer to Mrs. DiLaurentis and the truth? That sounds like a great idea...  



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