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Pretty Little Liars: "Unbridled" (4x23)

Season 4 has been dubbed the "Season For Answers" and last night... the story continued moving forward from where Cover For Me left off. It was the penultimate episode of the season... next week Ali supposedly tells all, and we finally get some answers. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully...

Unbridled began as Spencer was chasing a shadow through the woods. She fell, got back up, continued the chase, and SNAP... 48 hours earlier...

PLL 4x23 Emily, Aria, Hanna, Spencer

The Liars held a meeting at The Brew, discussing the note Paige wrote to the cops. The girls recapped just where they were at in the whole mystery; wondering about the body in Ali's grave, was Mrs. DiLaurentis really A, did Spencer attack Alison, could Mrs. D. know Ali is alive, could Spencer have attacked someone else? (All very good questions, ladies. We're all wondering a looooooot of these same things too!)

Jason DiLaurentis PLL Unbridled

As Spencer and Emily left, they spotted Jason and called out to him. He completely ignored them, jumped in his car and took off. They got into Spencer's car, intending to follow him, but her car wouldn't start. Emily pulled out a long strip of photos... The face was blacked out, and on the back was a message... "You know me Spencer. You killed me." (Creeeeeeptastic!)

PLL Unbridled Photos in Spencer's Car

PLL Unbridled Ella Aria Love

Meanwhile, at Chez Montgomery... Surprise! Ella came home from Vienna!

PLL Unbridled Spencer Hastings

The next morning at the Hastings Estate, Spencer spied Jason moving some boxes and wanted to talk to him, but not before Dean got his morning urine sample. Spencer was "tapped out," so Dean shoved the pitcher of water in her direction and suggested that she replenish. He'd wait. Dumdedum.

At school, Emily and Spencer were in the bathroom when Paige walked in. Em finally got to talk to her about the note she slipped into Holbrook's car. Emily accused Paige of using the information about Alison to get revenge for Alison tormenting her. Paige denied it was true, but Emily called bull and angrily stormed out the door.

PLL 4x23 Travis and Hanna

Hanna spotted Travis in the hallway and asked for a Do-Over on their date, but he said he was busy.

At Camp DiLaurentis, Mrs. D. spotted a cop car outside and walked out of the house onto the front porch. Detective Holbrook came to inform Jessica that the coroner's report didn't mention a broken arm, and he noticed a picture of Alison in a cast in the files... so Rosewood PD decided to exhume Ali's body. Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted nothing to do with it, asking Holbrook to let her daughter rest in peace. He countered that he was not asking her permission... he was merely keeping her informed.

PLL Unbridled Jessica DiLaurentis

While Mrs. D. talked to the cops, Ashley Marin was inside looking for name placards in the guest room and stumbled on a shopping bag in Ali's old room. Inside the bag were clothes for a teenager. Ashley looked for a receipt and found the clothing had been purchased the day prior. Jessica found her in Ali's room and angrily asked if it looked like a guest room.

PLL Unbridled Ashley Marin

PLL Unbridled Jason DiLaurentis

Emily saw Jason and asked why he ignored her the day before. A la flashback, Jason told Em about the time he overheard Mrs. D. accuse Spencer of harassing Alison. But Ali claimed that she didn't think it could be Spencer. Emily immediately texted Spencer what she found out.

PLL 4x23 Emily Texts Spencer

Spencer was having trouble falling asleep, so Dean offered to read to her. Both of them ended up falling asleep, and Mrs. Hastings walked in, thinking something else was going on. She fired Dean on the spot.

PLL Unbridled Spencer Hastings

Aria took her anger out on her mother, accusing her of not being there for her through the breakup with Ezra.

PLL Unbridled Aria Montgomery

In an attempt to get more information about Mrs. D, Hanna decided the girls should model for Jessica's Bridal Show.

PLL Unbridled Hanna Marin

Spencer accused her parents of hiding her "lost summer" from her. Veronica mentioned a conversation with Alison that Spencer supposedly overheard, but didn't remember.

S: ...You two put up a firewall. How do you expect me to trust myself when my own parents clearly don't?
V: None of us want to revisit that time. It was harrowing, okay? It was as if there were two of you living in this house. The Spencer we recognized and your evil twin, and we never knew which one was coming down to breakfast. That's why I made your sister promise that she would never bring up that incident that happened before she left for school.
S: What incident? Mom! What incident?


PLL Unbridled Veronica Hastings

V: Alison!
A: Sorry Mrs. Hastings. I was just cutting through to use our backdoor, it's, you know, past my curfew... what happened?
V: Nothing, I'm uh, just, cleaning up.
A: Did Melissa and Spencer have one of their fights? I know a crazy scissors when I see one...
V: Alison, please. Not tonight.
A: Look, I can stay and help you clean up...
V: I don't want your help. Just... I want to understand this and I can't. What is happening to her? Why is she acting like this?
A: I wish I knew... but if I ask her, she might turn on me.
V: Go home, it's late. Your parents are probably worried.

PLL Unbridled Shady Spencer


V: You don't remember any of this? (Spencer shakes her head.) Right...

The events of that night happened just a few days before Alison went missing. Mrs. Hastings asked her daughter to just forget that summer, saying, "We know you're not a monster. Those pills were poison. But you need to leave that summer alone. Please." Crying, Spencer turned toward the window to Ali's room and saw Mrs. DiLaurentis staring at her...

PLL Unbridled Mrs. DiLaurentis

At the Bridal Show, Hanna discovered that Travis was working as a valet.

Inside Casa DiLaurentis, Spencer tried to convince Jason that she wasn't modeling in the show to spy on his mom. She asked him if it was possible for there to have been another blonde in a yellow top around the area that evening, but their conversation was interrupted before Jason could answer. Dean stopped by to say goodbye and gave Spencer his number, just in case she needed him. Spencer told him about Jason's stay in rehab, and Dean told her that Clark Center had been closed for 2 years. Spencer passed the information along to the other Liars.

PLL Unbridled Bridal Spencer

Outside the tent, Spencer saw Mrs. D hand something to a person in the shadows.

PLL 4x23 Mrs. D. Handoff

Hanna asked Travis to keep an eye out for Mrs. D. so that she and Emily could search Ali's room. He helped the other valet back into the mailbox so he would have something to talk about with Mrs. DiLaurentis. Before Hanna left for the mission into Ali's room, Travis kissed her.

PLL Unbridled Ella & Aria

Ella asked Aria about Ezra, but she didn't want to talk about it just yet. She told her daughter that while in Vienna, Zack proposed, showing Aria the ring.

PLL Unbridled Ali's Collage

In Ali's closet, Hanna found a collage with brochures, post cards, a restaurant menu, and a bumper sticker. The restaurant menu was for Mama Gabusi's, which just happened to be the number Alison listed on the contact info hidden in her room.

Spencer chased the shadow into the woods, and we arrived at the moment from the beginning of the episode. We heard the clank and saw that Spencer's train tripped a metal bear trap, not her foot. She ripped the fabric out of the trap and ran back to the DiLaurentis house.

PLL 4x23 Bear Trap

PLL Unbridled Emily emails Alison

Using Mamma Gabusi as the password, Emily logged in to Alison's secret e-mail, sending her a message that she was in danger. Alison called Emily and the girls explained what they had learned. Alison gave the girls an address and told them to come see her immediately.

Spencer came back from the woods and removed her corset to find finger bones sewn into the lining of the corset, in place of proper dress boning. In the middle of the corset, Spencer found a letter in a small pocket that read, "What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?"

PLL Bone Corset

After the bridal show, Paige came to see Emily and told her the truth, apologizing for her actions. Emily accepted her apology, but said she could never trust her again. Emily told Paige goodbye, getting into Hanna's SUV with the other girls to meet Alison.

PLL Unbridled Paige McCullers

The girls arrived at the address Alison sent them, and were surprised to see someone. (We couldn't see who it was. UNFAIR!!!)

PLL Unbridled Red Finch Inn Guestbook

In the next scene, black gloves was checking into a hotel (The Red Finch Inn), found CeCe Drake's name in the guest check-in book, and called Rosewood PD to report it.

My Thoughts

In Jason's flashback, why wouldn't Alison let her mom look at her phone? I'm thinking she didn't want her mom to find out her other secrets. Her mother knew she was being harassed by someone anonymously, but she didn't necessarily know that Ali was dating an older boy or that she had a pregnancy scare. I wonder if there were any other reasons why Alison wouldn't want her mom looking at her phone... (cough.twintheory.cough)

The more the producers throw Mrs. D. in our faces as A, the more I just don't believe it. Here's how I think it went down... Mrs. D. saw what she saw, and she knows that Alison ended up dead, buried under the gazebo. I think she may have suspected Spencer previously. So, Mr. and Mrs. Hastings convinced her, through the PI or whatever means, that Spencer was innocent. We know that Alison is alive and that Spencer didn't kill her, but Mrs. D. and the parents Hastings don't necessarily know that. Spencer's outburst at Casa DiLaurentis let Jessica know that Spencer's parents had either lied, or paid money to make the problem go away. And then she overheard Mrs. Hastings tell Spencer about the night of the "incident." I think she has no idea that her daughter is alive, and truly believes that Spencer killed her. And those clothes in Ali's bedroom? Not necessarily purchased by Mrs. D. for Alison, or even definitely purchased by Mrs. DiLaurentis. Jason could've bought them. They could've been dropped off. They could be for this mysterious twin that we keep hearing about. They could've been a gift for the neighbor down the street. Or, maybe Mrs. D. is just slightly crazy and really bought them because she thought her dead daughter would've liked them. I'm 97.6% sure that Mrs. D. is not A, BUT I do think Mrs. D. could be behind some of the unsigned threatening messages Spencer received. I think it's Jessica's attempt to, "smoke her out," if you will.

PLL Unbridled Note in Spencer's Car

PLL Unbridled Corset Note

That flashback Mrs. H told Spencer about? Alison's exchange was a little odd... almost... rehearsed? But that really doesn't make sense, because I don't think it's possible that she could've planned to fake her death before she was hit and buried alive. You wanna talk about 9 lives? Sheesh. Good thing we're getting a timeline of that night next week!

If Jason wasn't in rehab, where was he? Jason thought Wilden was behind the elevator incident that sent him to the hospital. I'm with Em, that a call to make sure he was alright would've been nice. Is it possible that he is helping Alison? I'm not sure... He seemed awfully protective of his mother to make me think that he could have been helping her. But like I said earlier, I don't think Mrs. D. knows that Alison is alive. Maybe Jason has been away all this time because of something more nefarious... like, killing Detective Wilden, perhaps?

That person at the end that the Liars were all surprised to see? My guess is Noel Kahn, mainly because of the preview photos from A is for Answers that were released before Unbridled even aired. I'm not quite sure why they released them, because it took away from any surprise of Spencer possibly stepping in a bear trap or being in any real danger in the woods...

Next week is the Season 4 Finale, A is for Answers... We'll see producers. We. Will. See.



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