Monday, March 31, 2014

SinfulColors Folly

SinfulColors Folly Accent Manicure

SinfulColors Folly

SinfulColors Folly Accent Manicure

SinfulColors Folly Accent Manicure

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats SinfulColors Folly
Spoiled Champagne Siren (accent)
SinfulColors Queen of Beauty (accent)
OPI Gaining Mole-mentum (accent)
SOPI Flurry Up! (accent)
1 Coat Borghese Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

I've come to realize that I probably have a good 40 or 50 shades of hot and bright pink that slightly vary from one another. But they're all different, so they're all totally neccessary. This one... Folly from SinfulColors is a very close-to-red shade of raspberry pink. A raspberry almost-red with tiny little pink sparkles in it. I'm not sure you can see them in my pictures, and you definitely can't see them when you look at the bottle. But I swear, they're there, and aren't sparkles always a good surprise? (yes. yes they are!)

Application was great... SinfulColors polishes are pretty consistent for me, and the brush is standard sized. Folly had an almost jellyish look to it while I applied it, but it's definitely a creme finish when it dries. It's a really pretty shade, but they could totally amp up the sparkle factor and I'd be more than okay with that!

For my accent nail... I had intended to layer Spoiled Champagne Siren and SOPI The Gilded Age, but I couldn't find my bottle of The Gilded Age anywhere. I swear, my gremlins have a thing for hair ties and nail polish... o.O


I started out with 2 coats of Champagne Siren and added Gaining Mole-mentum from OPI... but it didn't really stand out that much from the fine gold glitter of Champagne Siren. So, I added 2 (I think) coats of Flurry Up for some silver contrast. Then I added a coat or two of Queen of Beauty in between a coat or two of Champagne Siren. That created a silvery gold brocade finish. This is definitely my preferred method of dealing with the brashness of gold glitter. A little silver makes it so much more wearable, and that's coming from a person who is legit obsessed with glitter and all the things that sparkle. :D

What do you think of Folly?

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