State of the Sparkle *003*

by - 3/21/2014

Spring is here... like really officially here. And that just feels so good. The sun is warming up... the days are a little longer... I know after all the snow we got this past winter, even most coldaholics are ready to welcome Spring with a big old hug.
What Spring is made of... c/o
I know I haven't been posting very regularly lately, and I'm aiming to change that very soon. Things have been extra crazy at Chez Sparkle. Mr. Sparkle, or shall I say, SPC Sparkle is away training because he joined the Guard. And now Chez Sparkle is now plural and Peanut and I are slightly more nomadic. But we'll get used to it.

And creativity? Oh... where are you? Not sure if its the winter blahs or what, but I could use some Springspiration to get my creative juices flowing. Maybe they need to thaw out first? I dunno. 

In other news... yes, I watched the PLL Season 4 Finale, I'm just incredibly behind with my recap and the following theory post, but it WILL happen. Pinky promise!

My laptop has been in a serious little funk for about the past year, and I finally caved and upgraded. Meet Chromey...

Yes... I tend to name things. Electronics included. It's an Acer C720 Chromebook, and it's pretty cool. Light, portable, and lots of zip. All important things to a newly nomadic being such as myself.

Continuing with Nomad News... I've been researching all kinds of organization tips and techniques for my closet, and I've gotta say... A lot of the ones on Pinterest are either completely unrealistic and unaffordable when you have a little one. Yes... a rolling clothes rack would be great! Until Peanut starts surfing through the house on it... o.O

And speaking of Peanut...

Can she just slow it down with the growing? Some days it's like... aaaaaaaaaand my baby went where?!?

And if those feels aren't enough... her little face says it all here! That's exactly how I feel... Everything about her is growing... Her hair is getting longer, she's getting taller, her cheeks are getting bigger, and she adds more words to her vocabulary every day! I'm trying my best to soak it all in and thoroughly enjoy every moment. Not that it's always easy... we're definitely having some bedtime issues, but that's fairly normal at her age, right?

And yes... I'm still painting my nails and everything... I just haven't been able to take pics and write posts about them with everything that's been going on. I promise... regular posting will resume! And because I know you've been wondering... I'll finish all this random miscellany with a list of the last 10 polishes I bought... :)

10. Sephora by OPI Wired
9. Orly Purple Poodle [layering]
8. Sally Hansen Indi-Glow [layering 1] [layering 2]
7. Sinful Colors Green Ocean [layering]
6. Sinful Colors Queen Of Beauty
5. Sinful Colors Violets Are Blue
4. Sally Hansen Galaxy Green
3. OPI Hey Baby [swatched]
2. OPI Gaining Mole-mentum
1. OPI Pirouette My Whistle


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