Layering: Grape Dreams (or Sweet Jelly)

by - 4/23/2014

Surprise, surprise! It's another jelly glitter sandwich featuring polish from the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Palm Beach Jellies Collection... (longest name of a collection ever? Probably not.) This time around, I've gone grape...

Layering with Sally Hansen Grape Jelly

Sally Hansen Grape Jelly Glitter Sandwich

Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Grape Jelly

NOPI Sweet Dreams Jelly Glitter Sandwich

Layering with Sally Hansen Grape Jelly

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
7+? Coats Sally Hansen Grape Jelly
2 Coats Nicole by OPI Sweet Dreams
5+? Coats Sally Hansen Grape Jelly
1 Coat Seche Vite

Maybe I spoke too soon about triumphing over the Triple Shine Palm Beach Jellies from Sally Hansen. Jelly Pirouettes featured Jell-ous?... one of the 3 pinks from this collection. That layering used 9 coats to get the results I blogged about. I had won. I felt victorious. I felt adventurous. I was ready to move on and conquer another shade...


Grape Jelly.

Originally, I thought about layering with Sea Through... but I have this tendency for pinks and purples. Also, I just picked up NOPI Sweet Dreams, and the teal, purple, silver glitter combo called out for Grape Jelly much more strongly than Sea Through.

I put a movie on Netflix and started painting coats, and painting coats... and. painting. coats. I honestly have no idea how many coats of Grape Jelly I used before and after the glitter... I know it was more than what I used in Jelly Pirouettes. Honestly, I remember getting to 5 or 6 coats and thinking that Grape Jelly was still reeeeeaaaalllllly sheer, and maybe I should take it all off and try something else. But, eventually, the purple built up to a stage where I decided I could add in a layer or two of Sweet Dreams.

And I did. Exactly 2.

Then, it was back to Grape Jelly. (Just keep painting, painting, painting...) I'd say at least 5, probably no more than 10, but I'm not sure. (like, at all.)  I probably could've kept going, but I was getting tired, and wanted to go to sleep... I slapped on a coat of Seche Vite and called it a day.

This morning, I woke up with smudges on both my thumbs and my left pinky... kind of surprising, since I'm pretty sure there's got to be at least 20 coats of nail polish on my nails. Only...

It really doesn't look like it.

I've put layers and layers on to make some pretty impressive jelly glitter sandwiches in my day, and trust me, they usually look like there's a zillion layers. Not with the Palm Beach Jellies, though. That's not really good or bad... just a little factoid I thought I'd throw out there.

So... are the Palm Beach Jellies worth it? I guess it depends on your polishing fortitude. If you don't mind having a little patience, or are incredibly stubborn when it comes to translating the manicure in your head to your nails... yeah... pick this collection up. I haven't tried any of the "watercolor" manicures involving this collection painted on a white/light background, but the ones I've seen on other blogs are pretty. Like here, here, and here...

If you want these polishes expressly for making jelly glitter sandwiches... I'd skip them. (and it pains me to say that!) Honestly, it's a lot of work, and you've gotta be patient and want to see the finished outcome. Oh, and you've gotta have time, too. I spent almost 2 hours on this layering, although I was distracted by the movie I was watching at various points during the process...

Am I done with Palm Beach Jelly Glitter Sandwich-Fest? I'm not sure... I've yet to crack open Vitamin D-Light, Water Melon, Ice Tint, or Sea Through... I think I'd like to try to make sandwiches with Water Melon and Vitamin D-Light... I'm just not sure if that's the immediate next thing I'll have on my nails. Mimosa Bouquet has been calling my name...

And... before I forget! K-Mart was having a pretty huge clearance sale in their beauty department last week when I stopped by. I scored Sweet Dreams from NOPI for just $2! Definitely check it out... they had a pretty decent selection!

What do you think of Grape Dreams?

* all photos shot in natural light

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