Pretty Little Liars: "A Is For Answers" (4x24) Theories

by - 4/04/2014

A is for Alison... B is for Body... T is for Theories... so here's an A-Z list of my theories and musings on Pretty Little Liars 4x24, Season 4, and really, the whole show in general. I'm trying to tackle all the mysteries, but I'm sure I'll forget something... there's so much to keep track of! If you haven't watched A is for Answers... you've been warned!!!

PLL 4x24 Text from A to Alison
A sends Ali a text c/o FabCassandra on PLL Wiki

A is for Alison's A...
According to Alison someone had been threatening her since Halloween, when she played the prank at the abandoned house. The prank didn't go the way she planned though, as Noel didn't show up to play his part. Nonetheless, when it was all said and done, Alison told the girls they passed the test and she knew she could trust them when she needed them.

I didn't really think about this at the time, but the wording reminded me of a part in the books when Alison "chose" the Liars... it was really Courtney befriending the only girls in Rosewood she knew. I don't know that this could characterize where a switch happened in the tv series, though. Alison had been friends with the girls for what I understand to be a while prior to this moment. You would think they would notice a marked difference in Alison.

We know now that Mona was Ali's A, but was someone else helping her threaten Alison? It doesn't make sense for Mona to flip from hitting Ali in the head with the rock, to simply letting her skip town. I think 2 people were threatening Alison as A... question is, were they working together, or solo? I'm thinking solo, because Mona seemed to not have a clue who stole the game from her...

PLL Season 4 Sara Harvey
Sara Harvey memorial site

B is for Body... (aka random, notAlison, "thatgirl")
I know that the show already went the Sara Harvey route... but I'm honestly thinking that's the most logical explanation. As far as who dressed her up like Alison and put her in there... IDK. 

PLL CeCe Drake
CeCe Drake in A's lair

C is for CeCe Drake...
So, in the Season 4 Finale, CeCe was wearing the clothes Ashley Marin found in Alison's room that Mrs. D. bought "yesterday." I don't understand why Mrs. DiLaurentis would help CeCe. She seemed to think that her friendship with Alison was toxic. So... why would she help her?

I've seen a lot of theories suggesting that CeCe's mom is the sister/twin of Jessica DiLaurentis, and CeCe and Alison are actually cousins. While I like the complexity of that, we have to remember that CeCe and Jason dated for a while. I know they did the whole kissing siblings thing with Melissa and Jason, but I just can't see them doing that with CeCe and Jason. They dated for quite a while, unlike Jason and Melissa who just kissed. So, I don't know... I just can't see how they could make Ali and CeCe related without really getting into some messy plotlines.

D is for Duplicity...
In the books, Alison had a twin. While we've only seen scant clues point toward twins on the show, there has been quite a bit of duplicity. 2 Red Coats, 2 Queen of Hearts, 2 A-Teams, and 2 Gagas to name a few, but multiple Baby Zombies, multiple As, multiple red herrings, and multiple versions of the same events. The show revolves around lies, (I mean, it is called Pretty Little Liars) and it's almost like for every truth, we get 2 or 3 lies/not-truths. Just think about how many people have worn black hoodies and black gloves...

PLL Ezra Fitz
Ezra Fitz(gerald)

E is for Ezra Fitz(gerald)...
Who shot Ezra? Was it A? Was it someone else? Something that's been pointed out by many other PLL blogs and theorists... Ezra led the girls to believe that Mrs. DiLaurentis was A with the content of his book. On the rooftop, he claimed to know the identity of the masked, gloved, and hooded fiend. Was he bluffing? 'Cause it was pretty obvious that the villain on the roof was not Jessica as Ezra tried to wrestle the gun away.

Will he live? I'm guessing yes, but possibly with some sort of convenient explanation for his actions. Amnesia is a possibility. Or, the entire fight could've been staged to make the girls think that he wasn't A, even though he really is/was. Or maybe he's the one with the twin... Dun, dun, dun.

F is for Flashdrive...
While Alison was in Hilton Head, she copied a couple of videos from Ian's laptop, and we got a view of some of the other files he had. This article has a screenshot of Ian's laptop, and a listing of the videos Alison copied onto a flashdrive. I'm not sure that we ever got to see all of the videos on the drive, but interestingly enough, Ashley Marin destroyed it because of a video of her and Wilden that was on it. But her affair with Wilden supposedly only happened AFTER Alison dissappeared and stowed the flashdrive. So, was she lying, or was she covering for someone?

G is for Garrett Reynolds...
For some reason, he let Jenna believe that he killed Alison. He claimed to be protecting Spencer, but it's unclear who/what he was protecting her from.

H is for the Hastings Family...
If the Hastings family knew "that girl" wasn't Alison, why didn't they tell anyone? Especially the DiLaurentis family? Could it be that two separate incidents took place that evening, resulting in the burial of two different blondes in yellow tank tops?

Let me elaborate... Someone tried to kill Ali, Mrs. D. thought she was dead, so she buried her. But Grunwald pulled her out. Later, Melissa either hit, killed, and buried "that girl," or she witnessed someone hit, kill, and bury "that girl," or later learned who hit, killed, and buried "that girl." The girl was hit with one of the shovels around the area, and buried in the same place Grunwald had just pulled Ali out of. Why did Spencer's dad freak out over the hockey stick? Because he really had no idea if it was the murder weapon. So, he burned it.

The secret stayed a secret until Maya's family moved into the DiLaurentis house and tore out the gazebo. When the body was ID'd as Alison, the Hastings family were probably relieved, or incredibly on edge because the truth might come out. It's very possible they could be involved in covering up the true identity of the corpse. It's not like they're lacking in the money department...

PLL 4x24 Ian and Alison
Jason and Ali argue c/o SoYoureALiar on PLL Wiki

I is for Ian Thomas...
As much as I'm glad that we learned Alison was the one who pushed him from the bell tower, it doesn't really tell us much. A shot him later and made it look like suicide, but the girls figured out that his confession was made from stringing together phrases that A had texted them since the Pilot. Mona said that she didn't push Ian, but she doesn't follow that up by saying she didn't shoot him... so did she kill him, or was that the work of Uber A? Because Ian died in the beginning of Season 2, and Mona only went to Radley and lost the game at the end of Season 2... or so she claimed to the girls.

PLL Jason DiLaurentis
Jason DiLaurentis

J is for Jason DiLaurentis...
The producers certainly seem to want us to think that Jason is A. Which makes me think that he's probably not. Generally, they push us in a direction only to rebuke the claim later. (think Toby, Ezra, Mrs. DiLaurentis...) Jason likely knows a lot more than he's saying, but I don't think that he's A.

PLL Jenna Marshall
Jenna Marshall

...and Jenna Marshall...
Who tried to kill her? A... or someone else? She was worried when members of the N.A.T. club started dropping like flies. She was friends with Wilden, and she told Emily to tell Toby that she never meant to hurt him. And that was all in a scene where she had a burn mark on her wrist, confirming her presence at the Lodge Fire. She's been used as a red herring so many times. She definitely has more reason than most people to want Alison dead. But I almost feel like she's just been collateral damage through everything.

K is for Killer(s)...
In Rosewood, the bodies are piling up! First Alison, then Ian, Maya, Nate/Lyndon, Garrett, Wilden, not Alison, and Jessica DiLaurentis. 

- Alison DiLaurentis - thought to be dead, but is actually alive. Someone did TRY to kill her though. It's likely that A is the person who hit her with the rock... I'm thinking that it was someone other than Mona.

- Ian Thomas - pushed off the bell tower by Alison, and likely killed by A. I'm not sure about the motive behind his murder, though. It could've been Alison's disappearance, the N.A.T. videos, or something completely different.

- Maya St. Germain - killed by Nate/Lyndon. There are quite a few theories around that suggest she is still alive, too. As much as I liked Maya and the actress who portrayed her, bringing another character back to life would be unbelievable at this point. But maybe that's just me...

- Nate St. Germain/Lyndon James - shot by Emily Fields.

- Detective Garrett Reynolds - Mona claimed that the Queen of Hearts killed Garrett, and Melissa and Wilden were both wearing that costume on the Halloween Train. We know that Jenna believed Garrett killed Alison, but we also know that was a ruse. In my opinion, Wilden makes a lot more sense than Melissa as Garrett's killer...

- Detective Darren Wilden - supposedly killed by CeCe Drake, but Rosewood PD has a habit of missing the mark when it comes to murder suspects. Ashley Marin was also accused of killing him, but charges were dropped when Travis came forward with new information.

PLL Alison's Mom
Jessica DiLaurentis

- Jessica DiLaurentis - she witnessed her daughter being hit in the head with a rock, and helped protect whoever did it by burying her daughter, not realizing Alison was still alive. It's likely that she was killed by the person she was protecting. Could that person be A? Sure, but it doesn't HAVE to be. Just like the person that killed her and buried her doesn't neccessarily need to be the person she was protecting... but it's likely to be a contributing factor. 

PLL Lucas and Hanna
Lucas and Hanna c/o ElaOP on PLL Wiki

L is for Lucas Gottesman...
He's coming back to Rosewood High! Homeschooled since Mona's return to Rosewood from Radley, he's going to come back! We know that he was the one that gave Emily the massage, so he was working with Mona, but is it possible that he was working with Ezra, too? Also, what's up with him returning at the same time as Ali? We know he had a really good reason to hate her, and she certainly didn't seem to suspect him of being A. Should she have? Probably not. I'm thinking he's just a minion. He knows a lot about photography and videos, though... so he could be recruited to help Team Hanna Liar. 

PLL Melissa Hastings Cast
Cast of Melissa's Face

M is for Melissa Hastings...
Melissa whispered something to her father about "that girl" that surprised him. She specifically said, "Spencer didn't kill that girl..." So, does that mean that Melissa knew that the body the police found wasn't really Alison? Did her parents know, too? Did they just let the DiLaurentis family think that the body belonged to Alison because they didn't want the truth to come out? Also, this admission about "that girl" makes me think there's no way Melissa could've been the one to hit Alison.

Melissa told Spencer earlier in Season 4, "You don't understand. You never understood. I've been protecting you since it started. Since before it started." This makes me think that it can't be just about the girl that died that night. Otherwise, how would Melissa be protecting Spencer since before it started. I think that she's referring to something in the NAT videos, or something really big, like the coverup of an unknown Radley sibling, whether that sibling belongs to Alison, CeCe, Jason, Spencer, or someone else.

PLL Mike & Mona
Mike & Mona

...Mike Montgomery...
Remember when he was stealing all sort of stuff from people's houses? I wonder if he got anything good, or anything that would let the girls know the identity of A...

...and Mona Vanderwaal...
So, Alison said that Mona played her like a fool. We know that Mona sent some threatening messages to Alison, but we don't know if she sent all of them. We also don't know if Mona was the one who hit Ali with the rock.

If Mona was the one to hit Ali over the head with the rock... you'd think she'd just finish the job at the Lost Woods Resort while Alison slept, but she didn't. She helped Alison disappear, and Ali claimed that Mona got exactly what she wanted.

But that's all assuming that Mona actually meant to kill Alison. Maybe she just wanted to hit her with a rock. Maybe she just threw the rock and it actually hit Alison. BUT... there's still one more thing that wouldn't make sense. Why would Mrs. D. cover for Mona? I mean... the only thing I can think of here is that Mrs. D. has the twin, and that twin is Mona's mom who is also cray-cray.

PLL Alina Monison Mashup
c/o ask-miss-alison-dilaurentis tumblr
Do you think they look alike enough to be related? Hmmm...

N is for Nos Animadverto Totus...
latin for "We See All." It was a secret club that videotaped teenage girls through their windows. Members included Jason DiLaurentis, Ian Thomas, and Garrett Reynolds. Jenna Marshall was also a member, and Darren Wilden and Melissa Hastings knew about the club and what they did, and were possibly members themselves. A group of people spying, discovering secrets, and using them as blackmail. Sound like anyone we know?

Also... Spencer found out about the club through old Rosewood yearbooks. So, the club was originally started when Jason, Ian, and Melissa were in high school, which was long before any of the events of the show. Ian was in college at a frat party in one of the flashbacks... 

...N.A.T. Videos...
I linked to this article earlier, but I'm linking to it again, because they have a list of the videos Alison put on the flashdrive. The ones that "changed the game." To quote the article... "Ian’s computer also featured a couple of videos referring to his secret group with Jason and Garrett – “NAT.” The files “nat final 65,” “NAT10 Comp Final,” “nat final 82,” and “NATcut90” were all copied by Alison." So, that's interesting and all, but what's even more interesting are some of the titles of the other files we can see on Ian's desktop.

PLL 4x24 Ian's Desktop
Ian's Desktop c/o ibtimes article

In the finale, Ali said that the videos changed the game. But did they really? She got the text threatening to kill her just after she showed the video to Jenna at the hospital. That would indicate that A knew Alison had the videos, possibly even who she got them from. Alison claimed she went to Hilton Head to get away from A, but obviously it didn't work. Either that, or Melissa or Ian could've been A. Melissa did cop to sending some threatening messages to Alison. Could it be that she just sent that text as an angry, yet empty threat? Is it really possible that so many things can be related yet unrelated from that night?

PLL Noel Kahn
Noel Kahn c/o Tiky83 on PLL Wiki

...and Noel Kahn...
It's likely that he's been helping Ali this whole time. The explanation the girls were given is that he has secrets too. Like what, I wonder?

O is for One Hundred Episodes...
So, there's a claim that there's going to be a HUGE reveal in the 100th episode. (Season 5, Episode 5.) And apparently it's a long-running mystery... that could be a lot of things. I doubt that it is the identity of A, but maybe Ian's murderer, Garrett's murderer, the identity of the Black Widow... okay, that last one was probably wishful thinking... or maybe since it's 5x5... we'll finally learn who in Rosewood has a twin!

PLL Paige McCullers
Paige McCullers

P is for Paige McCullers...
Is it possible that she's more involved than we really think? She wouldn't be the first love interest to dabble on the A-Team, (more like the 3rd.) But Toby was protecting Spencer, and Ezra was using Aria to write a book. I do think that Paige's jealousy and anger at Alison got the better of her. But, so much so that she would shoot her English teacher and jump from rooftop to rooftop? She does have the athletic prowess, and remember that time she tried to drown Emily? She definitely has a dark side... but is it really that dark?

Q is for questionsQuestionsQUESTIONS...
Every question the show answers seems to elicit 2 or more new questions... So, I'm beginning to wonder. How many different mysteries are we dealing with, here? Is everything tied together? Is it even possible to sort through all the clues and information we have and get to the correct outcome? That's a question I'd like answered! Do we have enough information to figure everything out? 

PLL Ali at Hospital
Alison visits Hanna c/o FabCassandra on PLL Wiki

R is for Random...
Remember when Alison visited Hanna in the hospital? She told her that "telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is what got me here..." Who was she talking about, and what truth?

PLL 4x24 Shooter on the Roof
A gloved, masked figure threatens the Liars

S is for Shooter (on the roof)...
Was the shooter on the roof A... or someone else? We immediately assumed that it was A, but what if it wasn't? A has been kind of radio silent in the past couple of episodes. I mean, unless you attribute the notes Spencer received to A, which I have a hard time doing. So, here's a thought... Ezra followed the girls to try and keep them safe, and someone followed him. Armed with information about a pregnancy scare and the knowledge that Alison was dating someone older that summer, someone came to the conclusion that Ezra was the one responsible for Ali's death. Perhaps, Jason? It would explain the athleticism displayed on the roof, that's for sure. PLL loves giving us red herrings, and it would be rather twisty to think A shot Ezra when in fact, it was mostly unrelated.

PLL Toby Cavanaugh
Toby Cavanaugh

T is for Toby Cavanaugh...
There are a lot of people who question why Toby would fly all the way to London to find Melissa and urge her to come home. And for good reason... Spencer and Melissa aren't really that great of friends. They weren't on that great of terms when she left. From the flashbacks we've seen, the last time Spencer abused Adderall, she fought with her sister Melissa pretty hardcore. Why would Melissa really care about Spencer having a relapse? Perhaps during Toby's stint as Mona's helper... he found out something about that night that involved Spencer being blamed for something that Melissa really did. Something that she whispered in her father's ear at the police station. I'm sure Toby learned a couple of secrets while he was moonlighting as A. I'm thinking he didn't tell this one to Spencer because she didn't even know it herself. 

...and Twins...
- Alison DiLaurentis - The most likely candidate for a twin because of the plot from the books. Producers have claimed they're not going that route, but they lie, soooo... it's possible. The thing is, though... in the books, there was a switching point. We don't get a backstory on the show about how the girls were handpicked (seemingly at random) to be Ali's new friends in a certain grade like we did in the books. There have been a few subtle nods about twins here and there, but nothing concrete yet.

- CeCe Drake - PLL went to great lengths to showcase Ali and CeCe's friendship, sometimes as copycattish and toxic. Could it be that CeCe is to the show as to what Courtney was to the books?

- Jason DiLaurentis - Giving Jason a twin would be an excellent twist. It could be a fraternal or identical male twin or a fraternal female twin. And maybe that twin was locked up in Radley, pushed Toby's mom off the roof, escaped "that night" and bashed in Ali's head. So, Mrs. D. covered for him/her.

- Jessica DiLaurentis - She was acting all sorts of weird in Season 4B, so is it possible that she could have a crazy twin running around? She's on the board at Radley, she and Peter Hastings have some weird agreement, and oh yeah, there's the fact that Jason is Jessica and Peter's son. She was really concerned about something on the night of Alison's disappearance, and was definitely covering for someone. But who? Someone she loved enough to bury her own daughter... like a sister?

- Melissa Hastings - The only reason I include her is because of the fact that Peter Hastings is involved and seems to have some sort of agreement with Jessica DiLaurentis. It would only make sense if that agreement was in regards to his own children, Jason, Spencer, or Melissa.

- Spencer Hastings - How great would an evil version of Spencer be? I'm fairly sure that she's not the one with a twin, but it's a fun idea to speculate.

PLL Spencer Threatened
Found in Spencer's Car

U is for Unbridled & Cover For Me...
I'm pretty sure that the messages to Spencer in these 2 episodes were from Mrs. DiLaurentis. They weren't signed as being from A, and they definitely seemed to be coming from someone who didn't know Alison was actually alive.

PLL Black Veil
A Veiled Mourner attends Wilden's Funeral

V is for Veiled Woman (Black Veil/Black Widow)...
The producers have said she is endgame. Honestly, I'm not so sure that we can believe that, but I'll bite. Does that mean that she is Uber A? Or is she an Uber, Uber A?

PLL Wren Kingston
Wren Kingston c/o AforAlison on PLL Wiki

W is for Wren Kingston...
He has been touted as Uber A in a lot of theories around the interwebs. But I don't really know what his motive as A would be. Unless he was the beach hottie that Alison thought got her pregnant. But if Wren is beach hottie, wouldn't Alison have some idea who is after her? She claims that she has no idea who attacked her, because they snuck up in back of her. I think that Wren could be involved with an A-team, but I'm not so sure that he would have real motive to be Uber A. He's definitely shady, though.

X marks you off the list... 
So, Alison seemed to cross a bunch of people off of her A list in the Season 4 Finale. She crossed off Jenna, Melissa, Ian, Mona, Byron, and I don't even know who else. I really need to rewatch the finale.

PLL Alison and CeCe Yellow Top
Alison DiLaurentis and CeCe Drake in Yellow

Y is for Yellow Top...
Alison had a yellow top on that night, and according to Jason's flashback, so did CeCe. The body in the grave ended up wearing a yellow top, likely the same one that Alison had been wearing the night she was buried alive. She left all those clothes (and her bracelet) with Mona, so... did Mona have something to do with the coverup? Just when we think that we have all the answers about that night, it seems like there's still a whoooooole lot we don't know.

PLL Ezra Fitz
Ezra Fitz(gerald)

Z is for Ezra...
I always thought it was interesting that his friend called him Z and the antagonist of the show happens to be A... but I think it's possible that the writers knew they were going to have him as a potential A when they originally had him come to Rosewood... Which honestly makes you wonder... Did Jackie know about the book Ezra was writing? Did his mother or brother? Or was that a secret Ezra kept from them as well?

...and Zombie...
Baby Zombie, that is. This was the first instance of A threatening Alison. During her prank in the Haunted House, she thought it was Noel, but it was not. It was A, and if I'm not mistaken, they tried to kill Alison that night. Or, maybe that was the night a switch took place, if indeed there is a twin for Alison. Anyway... this was the first costume A donned, and it was also worn by Lucas and Garrett.

That's all I've got for now. Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is set to premiere on Tuesday, June 10th. (8PM EST) Before it airs, I'd like to be able to do a re-watch, and I have some more posts in mind. I'll definitely be doing Season 5 Predictions, so stay tuned for that among other things! Got interesting ideas or theories? Let me know in the comments... I'd love to hear them!


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  1. This must've taken forever! Don't forget about the 2 bodies found in the woods while Spencer was in Radley- I doubt they weren't A related! Since one of them looked exactly like the PI Spencer hired to track Toby and the other had Toby's tattoo drawn on it and was arranged to look like him!

  2. It did take a little while to compile all this... adding and editing here and there! I keep forgetting about the bodies in the woods. You're probably right about them being related to the A-game... although I don't remember one looking like Spencer's PI... I need to go back and watch the episodes again. There are still so many unanswered questions... big and small! Thanks for commenting!