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Peanut: 18 Months (1.5)

It's been way too long since I've done a Peanut post... 8 looooong months, to be exact. I definitely want to get better at recording all of her milestones. It hasn't gone too fast yet, but it's starting to feel that way, you know? Like, I need to stop and smell the roses, and record some of the funny things she says and does before I completely and totally forget. I want to be able to remember as many crazy stories about her childhood as possible!

So... Peanut's 2nd Easter... Mr. Sparkle's parents and sister took Peanut and her cousin to an Easter Egg Hunt. Thankfully, they had everyone separated by age, so the little kiddos actually had a chance to find and retrieve some eggs. In return for her plastic eggs, Peanut earned a bag of chocolate. And that bag is now totally mine, because she's waaaaay to young for all that candy and such.

So, the grand 'rents loaded Peanut into the car with her cousin, and were surprised to find this waiting for them when they went to retreive her...

Peanut found a half-melted Hershey Kiss in the bottom of her basket. She made short work of it, and didn't even bother to clean up the grass on her lap. And while all of that was going on, her cousin did not say one word. Talk about toddler solidarity! Oh, and the bunny ears? Wearing them on her head is sooooo last year...

and I'd be completely remiss if I didn't include Peanut's reaction to the Easter Bunny...

She wanted nothing to do with this giant white furball, thankyouverymuch. Thankfully, Mr. Sparkle's parents were the ones who ended up having to deal with that.

Easter Weekend was filled with incredible weather and a lot of outside time with Peanut. She loves being outside and wants to "run" every chance she gets! So, we took her to one of the local parks...

She had a lot of fun swinging, climbing, sliding, and just running around. She really loved the slides, but she's still a little too small to go down by herself, and a little too independent to really want to ride down with someone. It's been a long time since I've been to a playground... it was fun!

After church on Easter Sunday, we had dinner with my parents, and Peanut got her Easter basket. My sister and her husband got her a lawnmower that blows bubbles, and she loved pushing it around and watching the bubbles fly around.

Peanut's gift to my Mom and Dad were 2 flower pinwheels... You can see the blue one above, and the purple one below... These could've been the only thing in her Easter basket and she would've been thrilled. I think she played with them more than anything...

We played outside for quite a bit, until it was time for dinner. Peanut loved looking around my Dad's garden, stepping from stone to stone, and playing with the gravel on the path.

Definitely found some pieces of gravel in her diaper when I went to change it later... Not long after this, we went inside and ate, finishing off with some dessert. Since I'm such a nice mama... I skinned a DQ Dilly Bar for my little Sparkle Girl. She totally didn't know any better and still loved it. Win-Win!

She called it "panilla" and was very reluctant to share. I had to help her with a few whopping bites, because I couldn't imagine her eating all that ice cream by herself. I know. Mean. Mom. That's me. :)

And now, in keeping with tradition... 18 things for 18 months. I did say something about a snack earlier, didn't I? Oh, and a drink, too, perhaps... :)

1. Peanut had some other firsts on Easter weekend... in addition to that pirated little piece of chocolate... 

1st flippies

1st heels (already walks in them better than me)

She got her first pair of flip-flops, followed by her first pair of heels, and then 2 more pairs of flip-flops. Fitting really, because Mr. Sparkle and I live in flippies once the weather gets warm!

2. Her favorite drink is milk. If she had her way, she'd drink it all the time, and probably would never be hungry for food. I'm glad she likes it... Hopefully it's a trend that will continue!

Daddy + Cheez-Its = LOVE (I feel the same way, kiddo!)

3. Her favorite snacks are Cheddar Goldfish and Cheez-Its... and she also really loves those savory thin mini crackers from Trader Joe's. (I've gotta agree... they are pretty tasty!)

4. Her favorite foods are pizza, meatballs, chicken, pasta, (especially wagon wheels) and we eat green beans with just about every meal. She recently tried broccoli and seemed to like it, but I'm not sure that she's 100% sold on asparagus...

5. She's still obsessed with Elmo, but she's getting into the other characters on the street. Big Bird, Grover, Murray, and especially Abby Cadabby! (Need to find an Abby doll...)

6. We can finally put her hair into pigtails and ponytails!!! It feels like this took forever to be able to happen... Her hair is still a little longer in the back than on top, but it's getting better. Not as much of a mullet going on, but still...

7. ...and while we're on the subject... Peanut has gotten a lot better at keeping hoods and hats on her head. It's a vast improvement from just a few short months ago... She actually puts them on willingly...

8. My little Sparkle Girl loves boxes... I now understand that whole Pickles Box venture from Rugrats. You could totally make a fortune...

She loves climbing in the empty diaper boxes, but that last one was the funniest. It's the box for her bubble lawnmower. When her ball rolled inside, she made a daring rescue attempt... which ended up in a very shrill "uuuuuuuuck!" Thankfully, Mr. Sparkle was incredibly quick with his camera and captured the whole thing. (That text was from him...)

9. I can't really say that Peanut has a favorite toy at the moment. She's really enjoying the vintage Fisher Price Medical Kit from when Mr. Sparkle was little. She really loves kicking and throwing a ball, whether it's her little light-up one, or her red playground ball. She really enjoys playing with the buckles on both of her highchairs... So, Goldieblox are definitely on my radar!

10. The word "no." She doesn't say no to everything, but she definitely understands what it means. Which is good. Does she always listen? Of course not! She's a year and a half old!!! We'll get there eventually. For right now, it's pretty cool watching her personality develop!

11. Speaking of personality...

She's becoming more and more of her own little person, and it's just the coolest thing. Clearly, she's over having her picture taken, and I love that she has the ability to let me know that now. And there are times when you have to put the camera away and just do life!

12. Peanut loves animals, and she can make a bunch of different animal noises. Cat, Dog, Monkey, Cow, Lion, Owl, Frog, Duck, Bird. Her Lion Roar is my favorite, by far, and she's got a great little growl that goes along with it. She uses that little roar to talk like a monster, too. It's one of the cutest and funniest things to see.

13. She loves coloring! We're working on filling up an empty ice cream bucket with crayons, just like my sister and I had when we were little... Not too long ago, I found an old not-so-used 64 pack of Crayola crayons from when I was younger. I'm thinking they're from the early 90's, probably leftover from a craft project of some sort. Is that old enough to be considered vintage? (And is it weird to own crayons that are older than your kid?!?)

14. She loves Playdoh. She used to try and eat it all the time, but she's gotten better about that. I was never a big fan of it as a kid. I disliked the smell, and I still think it stinks! I did play with Silly Putty a lot, though...

15. She's wearing size 5 or 6 shoes... Pants range anywhere from 9M to 2T... She's such a little string bean. Skinny little waist, but very tall! So, those 9M pants are actually capris, but they fit great around the waist, while a lot of the 24M and 2T fall off, but the length is perfect! Shirts are pretty much 18M to 2T right now, with some 12M leftovers. Not sure about the size of her socks, other than they're mostly mismatched. Our dryer has a little bit of a sock problem... :)

16. She can tell you where her hair, head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, toes, feet, and elbows are. She loves pointing them out on everyone. She'll point to my hair, say "hair," pull on it, and say "ow." She does the same thing with her own hair.

17. We're working on colors and shapes. Right now, most things are blue. Probably because it's the first color she learned, and she could pronounce it pretty clearly. She recognizes circles, wheels, and round and round, but that's about it when it comes to shapes. We'll get there, though!

18. My Mom has told me that when I was little and first started to talk, she actually had to tell me that just because I could talk, didn't mean I had to. Well... Peanut is a little chatterbox, too... (like mother, like daughter, right?) These are just some of the things you might hear her say lately...

bean beans = green beans
boop = poop
cack = quack
cook = cracker
ish = fish (goldfish)
meese = please
mouse = mouth
on = usually open, rarely on... 
panilla = vanilla
puckle = pickle
run = you. me. outside. NOW!
uck = stuck

See ya later, alligator!


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