PLL: 100 Unanswered Questions & Season 5 Predictions

by - 6/10/2014

Pretty Little Liars comes back for Season 5 on Tuesday, June 10th! Since it was so much fun last time around to postulate what might happen... I'm at it again. I scoured the interwebs for a list of unanswered questions on Pretty Little Liars. So, combining my list with the following lists from Wetpaint and Hollyscoop... Here we go! Oh, and one more thing...

***spoiler alert!***

***Spoiler Alert!!***


Most of my predictions and theories are based on what we know from the television show. I consider plot points from the books, but with a large shaker of salt, since the book and show are very, very different creatures! Promotional images and video are also taken into consideration, including footage from ABC Family and other international channels broadcasting PLL. Internet "chatter" is also taken into account, usually popular theories or rumors and are labeled as such. Consider yourself warned!


1. Who shot Ezra?

Sadly, and I'm really not sure WHY they would do this... but an overseas promo pretty much revealed Shana as the shooter on the roof. It fits, given that whoever shot him was definitely athletic. Fans who picked apart the audio noticed a female-sounding grunt escape from the hooded fiend. For a while, Paige was a serious contender. The only way I can think of that they could take this back is if Shooter Shana was just a dream... but that would be such a cheap trick.

2. Who will die in 5x1: EscApe from New York?

Official overseas promos for 5x1 show quite a bit more than the US ABC Family version. Not only do they show Shana as the rooftop assailant, they also show her lying in a pool of blood. Why not kill her off right after she shot Ezra? It adds about a thousand more questions to the mystery, including, when did Shana go to the dark side?

Originally, I had thought that we would open up the premiere with a little more about what happened with Mrs. DiLaurentis. Wishful thinking! Solving her murder is likely going to be a huge deal, given that whoever she was protecting likely killed her and attacked her daughter.

3. Will Ezra survive?

Yes. Ezria has been touted as "endgame" by the producers. As the shows most popular "ship," (no matter how wrong it is) there's no way they'll kill Ezra. But will he remember everything, or conveniently suffer from amnesia?

4. Does Ezra really know who A is?

I'm not sure. I want to say no. From the draft he gave Aria, they determined Ezra thought Mrs. DiLaurentis was A. But on the rooftop, Ezra maintains that he knows the identity of the shooter, who we are led to believe is A... but is the shooter really A, or just a member of the A-Team? And if the shooter is indeed Shana...

5. When did Shana switch sides?

Alison believes that Shana is helping her. Mona claimed that Shana knew Jenna before she came to Rosewood. Shana has made some sort of alliance with Melissa and Jenna, and sold Jenna's car to Mona... She was definitely spooked enough to leave town when she was threatened by A in 4x18. There's also the fact that Shana was supposedly dating Jenna at one point. Maybe she really fell for her hard, and that made her reconsider what she was doing. 

6. Is Mrs. DiLaurentis really dead?

Yes. Although I've seen a pretty compelling theory that Mrs. DiLaurentis has a twin and that her twin took her place in the show, mirroring the switch of Alison and Courtney in the books. According to Alison's version of events, her mother definitely saw her attacker. So, I'm pretty sure that Ali's attacker killed her mother because of that knowledge.

7. Was Mrs. DiLaurentis protecting Jason?

It makes sense. Jason hit Ali with the rock, either on purpose or accidentally... of course Mrs. D. would help cover for her son. Who would want to lose both their children in one night? The thing is though, the show is pushing us in the direction to believe that Jason was responsible. So, that makes me not want to believe it. Also, I find it difficult to believe that Jason could be A. He might've been blackmailed onto the A-Team like Lucas, protecting someone like Toby, or be in it to get something like Spencer. I think he's the initial suspect, but I doubt that it's him. And if it was him... it was an accident, and he's also not responsible for the death of his mother. I'm pretty sure Mrs. D. was protecting someone else.

8. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

It's possible that A could've killed Mama D... It's also possible that a worried Peter Hastings could've killed her, thinking that she would betray him and reveal their understanding to the police. Other possibilities are Ali's twin, if she has one, Jason's twin, if he has one, or her own twin, if she has one.

9. Who "killed" Alison?

In 4x24, we learned that someone bashed Ali D. over the head and her mother saw the whole thing. Thinking her daughter to be dead, she buried her in the backyard, while asking Ali's assailant repeatedly, "What have you done?" Not only did Mrs. D. know who attacked Ali, she was willing to protect them. My thought is that she was protecting either her own twin, Jason, Jason't twin (boy or girl), Alison's twin, CeCe's twin, or Melissa Hastings. Given the fact that Mrs. DiLaurentis is now dead, I'm leaning towards the idea that whoever killed her was the person who hit Alison over the head that night. That person may or may not be A. It doesn't necessarily need to be.

10. What does Sara Harvey have to do with anything?

When Melissa was talking about "that girl" in 4x24, it made me think of Sara Harvey. Sara's parents thought she ran off with a boy. Could it be that she was meeting a boy from Rosewood that night, and simply wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time? I know that she was initially introduced as a suspect for Jane Doe. Sara and her friends were foreshadowing Alison being alive.

11. Who's in the box?

This is a leftover from Season 4, but still a really important question that we don't know the answer to. My thoughts are either Sara Harvey, or the as-of-yet unseen twin.

12. Who killed Jane Doe?

Someone is responsible for the death of the girl who was mistakenly identified as Alison DiLaurentis. Given the fact that the body was wearing the same clothes that Ali wore that night, right down to her Alison bracelet... The body was made to look like Alison. Those clothes were last left in the care of a nerdy Mona Vanderwaal... so, is Mona guilty of more than just stalking? Or did someone else kill "that girl?"

13. Who dug up Ali's grave?

While in prison, Garrett made a claim to Spencer that he knew who dug up Ali's grave. Shortly after his release from prison, he is killed. Assuming that he truly knew who dug up Alison's grave, he might've stumbled across the read identity of A. So... I'm thinking A was the one who dug up the grave. I'm thinking it was done in order to ensure that the body was Alison. During Season 3, Mona became a target for A and was almost strangled by him/her. I'm thinking that A targeted Mona when A discovered Alison was not the body in the grave. Whether through conflicting information in stories, dental records, medical records, whatever... I'm pretty sure that's why Jane Doe was dug up.

14. Why did they give Alison's body back?

I think the body was returned because A and his/her team got what they needed. They either tested the teeth against Ali's dental records or tested the arm bone for a break and found they weren't a match. Perhaps stealing it was a means to figuring out who was involved in the switch/coverup. Maybe it was a way to test the intelligence of the police department. For all we know, they could've given back a completely different body in an attempt to see if the police bothered identifying the body as Alison's a second time.

15. Why would Alison fake her own death?

Why did Alison trust Mona so completely? On one hand, it's easy to see how Mona was manipulating the situation and could've easily been Ali's A. But was she really acting alone? That's a tough sell, in my opinion. Mona claimed that the game was taken away from her while she was in Radley, but there are hints at a partnership prior to her being institutionalized. I think after everything that happened that night, Ali truly believed that Mona was helping her.

16. Why does someone want Alison dead so badly?

I know, I know... hard not to laugh at that statement. Ali made enemies all over the town of Rosewood. I think the list of people who didn't want to hurt her was shorter than the list of those who would've enjoyed her demise. But why? Why Alison? What did she know that she wasn't supposed to know? Was it really related to the NAT videos? I mean... I know the threatening text came the day of her supposed death. But was it really her actions that day that precipitated the events of that night? Were the events of that night already in play without the videos? Alison claimed that the videos changed everything... but how? What did they show/prove? If someone has a secret twin, are they videos of said Twin's existence? I mean... it seems like it has to be something really super serious and threatening to warrant killing a 15 year old girl. You know?

The best theory I can come up with is this... whoever killed Alison did it because she truly didn't appreciate the life that she had, and that life was something that "killer" or "A" was deprived of. This is where I think the twin theory really comes into play, whether its Alison or Jason with the twin, or even CeCe. Remember when CeCe dressed up as Alison and tried to check herself into Radley? Well, that happened to be the place that "killer" or "A" was staying. "Killer" or "Twin" doesn't appreciated the games that Alison and CeCe play, and may or may not have been confused as to which one was which. "Killer" or "A" breaks out of Radley, hits Alison with a rock either or purpose or accidentally, (thinking it was CeCe) and Mrs. D. covered for that person.

17. Why are the Liars being sought out by A?

Am I the only one who didn't really understand Mona's logic for being A? She claimed the girls stole Hanna away from her... but it was the act of her becoming A that made Hanna run back to the other girls. Mona as A came back into action upon the funeral of Alison DiLaurentis. Mona benefited from Alison being "dead and gone." She really had no reason to begin acting as A again.

18. Has Mona known that Alison was alive all this time?

When Alison left Mona at the Lost Woods Resort, she left her Alison bracelet and the clothes she was wearing. Specifically that yellow top. We know that Jane Doe was identified as Alison because of those clothes and the bracelet. So... did Mona help Alison fake her death complete with a fake body? Or was her suggestion that Ali disappear really the end of her involvement? Technically, she could've done anything with the clothes, including throw them away in a dumpster at the Hotel, only to be found later and used to clothe Jane Doe.

If Mona did help to orchestrate Ali's fake death, it would make sense that A would come to her funeral, just to make sure that Alison was actually dead. Perhaps questions were raised and A found out that Alison hadn't really died that night... so in an attempt to flush Alison out, A targeted her best friends, of whom, surely one would know of her wherabouts. I think at this point, Mona still had A fooled about her involvement in Alison's disappearance. I don't think she wanted to hurt Hanna originally, but she certainly wouldn't have lost sleep over a little revenge on the other liars. When Hanna iced her out, it probably only helped reaffirm her desire to seek revenge against all of them.

During the lodge fire, we got the idea that even Mona wanted to see if Red Coat was really Alison. Originally, she thought that Alison was the one who visited her in Radley, but it turned out that it was CeCe. (or CeCe's twin.) While I think that Mona didn't like the way Alison treated her, and appreciated it when she disappeared, (because she got to be a Queen Bee) I don't think Mona ever wanted Alison hurt. She definitely wanted to replace her, but I think if she could do that without killing her, which she seemed to figure out, she would prefer to go that route.

19. Why didn't Mona tell anyone that Alison was alive?

I think in the moment that they had, whether it was planned by Mona or otherwise, they came to an understanding. Ali helped Mona be popular, Mona would keep Ali's secret. They both got something out of Mona's silence. I think Mona definitely wanted to be Alison, but I don't think she wanted her to be hurt or die in the process. She just wanted her to go away. Also, if Mona was working with the person who actually tried to kill Alison, she couldn't tell the truth. She had to keep up the charade in order for A to believe/trust her.

20. Did Alison know about Mona's lair at the Lost Woods Resort?

I'm thinking no. There's no way she would've trusted Mona as much as she did after seeing her sitting in a room wallpapered with her face. When Alison visited Hanna in the hospital, she told her that "telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did." I'm thinking Alison only caught on to Mona later.

21. So, can we trust Mona?

I really want to say yes, but the more I find out about her, the more I think, no. And I'm not sure that it's not for a lack of trying... I just think that there's waaaaaay more to Mona than what we've seen. But the fact that there was no A action between the day of Ali's disappearance and her funeral really makes me wonder about her working for someone. And that being said... shouldn't she know A's identity? Would she really take orders from a person she hasn't ever seen? It just seems so... not Mona.

22. What side is Mona on?

I like what Hanna said about Mona... something about not knowing if Mona did what she did (confess to killing Wilden) for Hanna's benefit or for her own unknown selfish reasons? Mona strikes me as a person who will flip flop depending on who can offer her the best deal.

23. What's the deal with the buried field hockey stick?

I'm pretty sure that the shovel was determined to be the murder weapon that killed Jane Doe... but before that happened, Mr. Hastings certainly seemed very wary about the field hockey stick Toby found. I think he might've thought it was the murder weapon, so he burned it. Why was it buried on the line between the Hastings and DiLaurentis properties? Plausible deniability? Oh, and maybe you should ask Melissa... and CeCe. (or CeCe's twin, if she has one.)

24. Who killed Garrett?

Pretty sure it was A.

25. Why was Garrett killed?

I think he was either too close to figuring out Ali was alive, or he figured out who A was. 

26. Who killed Wilden?

It's a good possibility that it was CeCe. That was around the time the pregnancy rumor was floating around, so perhaps Jason shot and killed him? Or, maybe our good friend A...

27. Why was Wilden killed?

He made a lot of enemies. I think he died because of his shadiness and the things he did to try and solve Alison's murder. I'm not sure that he actually died because he figured anything out. 

28. Who killed Ian?

Can I go with A on this one? I really struggle with the fact that an unknown assailant is racking up all these bodies and we still don't know who killed any of them. Is it a coincidence that those accused of killing Alison (in a court of law) have wound up dead, with the exception of Toby? What's that all about?!?

29. Why was Ian killed?

I think it's likely his death had something to do with those infamous NAT Videos.

30. What's so important about the NAT Videos?

I'm thinking that they reveal the identity of A, possibly in her early days. More than just A seems to want them, though. I think Ian and his friends captured a lot of secrets on those tapes! 

31. What did Melissa Hastings whisper in her Dad's ear in 4x24?

I think she named who killed "that girl." Whether it was her, her father, someone else... If she didn't name them outright, she suggested who she thought did it. Perhaps Mr. Hastings really thinks Spencer did it. Now that it comes down to Spencer taking the heat, Melissa is stepping up (again) to protect her.

32. If Melissa did admit to killing Jane Doe, will her father turn her in?

No. If he's gone to all the lengths that we have seen to protect Spencer, he'll do exactly the same for Melissa. He's very protective of his family. We've seen all kinds of evidence to that effect over the past 4 seasons.

33. How did Melissa get involved with everything?

I think likely through Ian. I'm not sure if she was a member of the NAT club. If she dated Ian, she probably knew what they were doing. It's possible that he kept it a secret from her,

34. Who smashed Connor's car?

They still haven't revealed this on the show. I'm still betting that it was Ezra. 

35. Where is Holden?

I've heard he's also going to be back for Season 5. I'm not sure if he's been confirmed for a specific episode, but it's likely he'll be there for the 100th episode.

36. Where has Lucas been?

He's been homeschooling it to stay away from Mona and her blackmailing ways. But there are rumors that he will be coming back to Rosewood High this season. It'll be interesting to see what he thinks of Alison's return!

37. Where has Noel been?

Noel has a habit of popping up here and there, usually with an air of mystery and shadiness surrounding him. If he's been helping Alison this whole time, maybe he's been back and forth between Rosewood and New York. Now that Alison is back, and supposedly returning to Rosewood High in 5x5... He should come back for a few episodes, too. And can we put in a request for his brother Eric, too? Even if it's just a flashback...?  

38. In the beginning of 3B, why was Jason injured?

In 3x14, we saw that Jason had a puncture wound. While Aria was in the crate with Garrett in 3x13, she grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed one of her assailants. Could it be that Jason was on the train, trying to dispose of Garrett's body?

39. Where has Jason been?

According to Dean, Jason was lying about the treatment center he was at for his relapse. It's been closed for 2 years. Prior to that, he was supposedly helping to renovate his Grandmother's house. Before that, he was injured in the elevator accident and subsequently disappeared from the hospital. Kinda shady. 

40. Was Jason lying about being in rehab to his parents, too?

Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis claimed that they weren't telling Jason about the DiLaurentis divorce for fear of a relapse while he was undergoing treatment. Either they are under the impression that he is in a rehabilitation facility, or they are corroborating his story. I mean, it is kind of embarassing to admit that you have no idea where your son is!   

41. Where has CeCe been?

Girl has been everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Currently, she's locked up in Rosewood PD, accused of killing Officer Darren Wilden. She's been working for Ezra, moonlighting as Red Coat, eavesdropping while donning a black hoodie... She's been busy!

42. Why was CeCe so scared of Detective Wilden?

It could be that he was getting dangerously close to figuring out that Alison was alive. Maybe he had already figured it out, and that's why she got out of town. Depending on how true the pregnancy scare story was, and if Alison had a relationship with Wilden, that could be another reason. People in Rosewood prefer when their secrets are kept, not when they're blabbed all over town.

43. Is CeCe good or bad?

I'm not really sure about this one. We're definitely led to believe that she's evil, given the fact that she tried to hurt Emily, fought with Aria, and worked for Ezra... The fact that she may be responsible for Wilden's death doesn't necessarily make her bad. Wilden was as crooked of a cop as they come. We know that Mrs. DiLaurentis bought her clothes while she was on the run. The top CeCe was wearing in 4x24 is the same one that Ashley Marin found in 4x23. In that same episode, we saw Mrs. D. hand a bag to someone in the woods. Why would Mrs. D. help CeCe? She didn't seem to like her or approve of the friendship she had with her daughter.

When it comes to the twin theory, CeCe's name usually jumps to the top of the list because she looks soooooo much like the little girls from the story she told Hanna and the boy she was babysitting in 2x13. Also, when Mrs. D. commented that Alison and CeCe wore each other's personalities... theories abounded that CeCe was trying to replace her "lost" twin with Alison.

I've always gotten the idea that CeCe, (much like Alison) knows a lot more than she's letting on. On the night of Alison's disappearance, Jason's flashback showed her talking to Melissa in the backyard. According to Ezra's research, Mrs. D. paid CeCe not to say anything about the fight she witnessed between Spencer and Alison on the night Ali went missing.

Then there's the fact that CeCe referred to Alison as her friend while being questioned by Detective Holbrook. She claimed that she had seen her several times since her "death" and also claimed to know who killed the girl that everyone thought was Alison. She seems to think that the person responsible for Jane Doe's death is also responsible for trying to hurt Alison, and said as much to Holbrook in 4x24.

Aside from the fact that she was likely a bad influence on Alison, I think CeCe might actually be trying to help Alison. It wouldn't surprise me if she turned out to be a double agent, but she's definitely got some explaining to do. She claims to Holbrook that she's seen Alison several times since Ali's supposed disappearance, but A hasn't found and killed Ali yet. If CeCe truly were working as A's minion... you would think that A could've gotten to her by now.

44. What's the deal with the ghost girl?

So, the little girl from Ali's story in 2x13 and the ghost girl Ashley Marin saw in 3x13 are one and the same. The girls are played by real life twins, credited as Twin #1 and Twin #2 in 2x13 (The First Secret) and as Alice in 3x13 (This Is A Dark Ride.) She looks soooo much like CeCe, that's why many fans think CeCe has a twin. I think she's a good candidate. If one is good and one is bad... 2 different scenarios could play out.

If the Good Twin was killed... perhaps it was the Bad Twin who killed her and took her place. Similar to the books, it would simply transfer the Alison and Courtney story to CeCe and an identical twin with some mental health issues.

If the Bad Twin was killed, perhaps the Good Twin is trying to find answers about her death, possibly even seeking revenge upon those she believes wronged her sibling.

If CeCe does have a twin, and that twin was killed in Alison's place... her desire for the truth and/or revenge would be doubled! Truth is CeCe is Good, Revenge if CeCe is bad. 

45. Does anyone on the show have a twin?

Could be yes, could be no. Given the fact that we've supposedly met black veil at some point in the past 4 seasons, I'd say a twin is likely. Someone has a twin that the Liars and the audience doesn't know about. But, who?

46. Who has the twin?

I think Alison DiLaurentis, Jason DiLaurentis, Jessica DiLaurentis, CeCe Drake, and Spencer Hastings are likely candidates for having a twin. Alison, Jessica, CeCe, and Spencer would have identical twins, Jason would have either an identical twin or a fraternal female twin. I'm rooting for the latter, because I think it would be an excellent and unexpected twist.

47. Are Alison and Spencer half-siblings, too?

Mr. Hastings is Jason's biological father. Could it be that he also fathered Alison? I think there's a good possibility, and I like the idea of Ali being half a Hastings.

48. What is the understanding between Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis?

I think they're both protecting secrets about that night. What I'm not sure, is whether they're actually protecting the same person from the same thing. Mrs. DiLaurentis seemed to genuinely think that her daughter was dead, and we protected someone by burying her daughter.

Mr. Hastings seems to genuinely believe that he is protecting his family from something in regards to that night. When Melissa whispers to her dad that Spencer didn't kill "that girl," Peter looked surprised. But was he surprised at the fact that Spencer didn't do it, or that it was a Jane Doe and not Alison? I think he was surprised that it wasn't Alison. That's why he asked Mrs. D. if they still had an understanding.

49. Why is Mr. Hastings so shady?

He often claims that he's protecting his family. He definitely seems to know more about the night Ali disappeared. It's possible he's even protecting Spencer or Melissa from something horrible he thinks they've done. There's also a possibility that he's got his own secrets that he's tring to hide. Being Jason's father was definitely a secret he tried to hide... but what if it goes deeper than that? What if Jason had a twin? What if Peter is the father of that child? What if Peter is the father of Alison? Everyone has secrets in Rosewood... parents included! He certainly seemed vested in the closing of Radley. Could it be that's because Jason's secret twin sister was the one who pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof?

50. What really happened to Toby's Mom?

We know that she didn't kill herself. We know that a "Fragile Patient" was also on the roof that night. I'm 99% sure that "Fragile Patient" pushed her to her death. But why?

51. Why was Toby's Mom killed?

It seemed like she was about to be released. Someone didn't want that to happen. But why? What did Marion find out during her stay at Radley? Who did she meet there? I think it could be that "Fragile Patient" is also "Black Veil" who is also Uber A, who very well could be the unknown twin that we've all been speculating about. If this is true though, and assuming that A was a patient at Radley... A was there and dangerous in 2007... a full year and one week PRIOR to Alison getting threatening messages. I feel like the death of Toby's mom has to be connected to the overall mystery of the series.

52. Who killed Marion Cavanaugh?

I think that the "Fragile Patient" is a likely candidate. AKA Black Veil, AKA Uber A.

53. Who is the "Fragile Patient?"

Black Veil.

54. Who is Black Veil?

Uber A.

55. Who is A?

The unknown twin... Ali's twin, Jason's twin, CeCe's twin, or Spencer's twin. I know I've speculated the Jessica could have a twin, but I just don't think that the main villain of the show will be in the parents age-range.

Now the funny thing about this, is the fact that we are all so obsessed with figuring out A's identity, that even if this is all true and we find that out... It doesn't even come close to explaining the WHY! So, I find it funny that, (myself included!) we make the biggest deal out of the identity of A, when that really doesn't tell us much. at. all. It's really all the little details that we want to know. We want the bigger picture, and we want all these little reveals and pieces of information we've gathered over the past 4 season to magically sew themselves together and have it all make sense in the end!

56. Where is Tippi?

Tippi was birdnapped back in 4x2. We are led to believe he is in A's lair. I'm guessing there's something else in his vocal repertoire that could incriminate and possibly identify A.

57. Who is the Beach Hottie?

We found out that Ezra was Board Shorts, but we haven't found out much else about Ali's Beach Hottie. It's with him that Ali supposedly had her pregnancy scare. I'm thinking that Wilden was the Beach Hottie... It would fit considering he took his boat to Cape May.

58. Who started the fire at the Lodge?

Melissa claimed that Wilden set the lodge on fire, and I think that's believable. You know, unless Melissa, Jenna, or Shana happened to set it. They were there around the same time, and it's awfully convenient that Toby was found with Nigel's lighter, when Nigel was connected to Jenna.

59. Who knocked Toby out?

Supposedly Shana, although Wilden would definitely have been capable of it.

60. Who planted the lighter on Toby?

Jenna. She's the one with the connection to him. I think that's what she was referring to when she asked Emily to apologize to Toby for her in 4x1. She has a burn on her hand, incriminating her in the fire at the Lodge.

61. Who saved the girls from the Lodge Fire?

Alison told the girls she pulled Hanna out of the fire. When she got her out, someone had already pulled out Aria, Emily, and Mona. Melissa claimed that Shana and Jenna were not the ones who pulled the girls out... so, who did? The girls seemed to think that Ali/Red Coat rescued them... so does that mean CeCe saved Aria, Emily, Mona, and Spencer? Or is there a 3rd Red Coat running around the greater Rosewood area?

62. Who is Red Coat?

We found out that CeCe and Alison were both Red Coat in 4x12. But could there be a 3rd Red Coat? Possibly a twin to CeCe or Alison, or Black Veil wearing an Alison mask? We know that Black Veil was at the fire, because we saw her burned Alison mask in 4x1.

63. What is Melissa protecting Spencer from?

In addition to Papa Hastings claiming that everything he does is to protect the family, Melissa claims that she has been protecting Spencer since "before it all started," whatever that means. I think we saw the beginnings of that in 4x24, when Melissa tells her dad that Spencer wasn't the one who killed "that girl." I think Spencer has been suspected of a lot because of her drug problem, but Melissa knows she wasn't the one who did it. Rather than tell who actually did it, she has kept the secret, trying her best to protect her sister on her own without spilling the truth. I think she finally breaks down and tells her Dad in 4x24 because she has to tell the truth to keep Spencer from being accused of a crime she didn't really commit. I think it went from being a lie she could handle to a really huge secret that she just can't keep anymore, especially if it means that Spencer will be wrongly accused.

64. When did Melissa, Shana, and Jenna agree to work together?

Melissa claimed that Wilden had something on them. He was blackmailing them into doing his bidding. So, I'm guessing it was some sort of attempt to get the blackmail to stop. Melissa also claimed that she knew Wilden wasn't very smart, and she was pretty sure that someone was telling him what to do.

65. Why did Jenna and Shana save Wilden?

Melissa told Spencer she sent Jenna and Shana to the Lodge to keep an eye on the Liars. They also managed to help Wilden up after Ashley ran him over. But why? If he was blackmailing them, why would they save him? Where did they take him? Did they "deliver" him to his killer? We know that he was shot and his body was moved... but other than that? He had a list of would-be killers just about as long as Alison DiLaurentis, if not longer! I think they probably saved him in order to get him to back off, or find out more information that they needed to know.

66. Were Jenna and Shana really dating?

A theme of this show has been falling in love, despite other initial thoughts and intentions. Ezra fell for Aria even though it started as research. Mona fell for Mike even though it started as a way to snoop on Aria. Spencer fell for Toby, despite the fact that she was really just using him to get closer to finding out the truth about Jenna's involvement with Ian. Even Caleb started out spying on Hanna for Jenna! So... yes. I think it's possible that Jenna and Shana really were dating. Shana could even have come to Rosewood at Ali's behest in order to investigate Jenna. And she also could've fallen in love with her in the process... It would certainly be the kind of thing that could push a girl over to the dark side!

67. What is Jenna's deal?

Jenna has been the A in front of our eyes for practically the life of the show. She's probably the one who has lost the most because of Alison. I mean... really, the girl blinded her! She has motive and then some when it comes to wanting to torture Alison DiLaurentis. And that doesn't even begin to cover the fact that Toby took the blame for the accident and was sent away. I'm sure Jenna didn't appreciate losing him in addition to her eyesight.

But, Alison supposedly marked Jenna off the suspect list the day she disappeared. She got a text from A almost immediately after threatening Jenna at the school for the blind. The Queen Bee even told her that if she came back to Rosewood, she would bury her! And then hours later... Alison herself is buried alive!

68. Why did Alison want Jenna to think Garrett had killed her?

In 4x24, Alison told the girls that she had ruled out Jenna from her list of A suspects. Yet, later, she lets Jenna believe that Garrett was responsible for killing her. Why? At this point, she's gotten the threatening text, but she was standing in the same room as Jenna when she got it. Did this part of the night happen at a time other than what we originally thought? Did someone see Garrett with the stick, but not see Ali duck down, and assume that Garrett had killed her? Garrett wanted out of the NAT club... was the only way out to "kill" Alison? Did the two of them have a deal of some sort?

69. Who tried to drown Jenna?

Jenna wasn't kidding when she was talking to Emily in 4x1. She thought someone was coming for everyone who saw Alison alive that night, and her turn came in 4x9. When Emily rescued her, she got blood on her sleeve, confirming that someone had hit Jenna before she fell into the water. At the hospital, the Liars confronted Shana, who told them Jenna was scared of CeCe Drake. So, does that mean that's who tried to drown her? Or was it our good friend A? Or maybe Alison?

70. Where are Toby and Jenna's parents?

Is it weird to anyone else that we haven't met them yet, but we've met almost every other parent, even some grandparents? Toby's Dad has been mentioned, and so has his mother, but what about Jenna's mom? Is there a reason that we haven't seen her? Could it be that she is/has the unknown twin? I find it odd that Jenna's mom and stepdad wouldn't come to the hospital to see their daughter who just almost died.

71. Where are the Vanderwaals?

Another set of parents that have been mentioned and not seen. Could it be that we know one of them, or that one of them is/has the unknown twin? Do they simply lay low because their daughter terrorized half the town? Oh wait... I know, they're probably locked up in the basement!

72. What did Maya know?

Mona claimed that Maya knew something when she was talking in code to the girls. Based on the letter she left for Emily, she wanted to tell her something.

73. Did Nate really kill Maya?

Lyndon James came in rather conveniently to take the blame for Maya's death... but did he really do it? He may very well have stalked her, but what if Maya found out that Alison was alive and was killed because of it... by A? Not like it would've been the first murder committed by our hooded villain. This is one of those that could go either way, a specialty of PLL writers!

74. Is Maya still alive?

No. I know there are a lot of theories out there that say we never saw a body, and Alison came back. I don't think they would bring someone else back from the dead. And as much as I liked Maya's character and the actress who portrayed her, I'm not sure what purpose she would really serve at this point?

75. Was it really Alison that Spencer saw in the window  of the DiLaurentis house during the Pilot Episode?

Yes. I believe that she might've tried to get some of her more precious things back when she realized that someone had bought the house. For all we know, she might have been staying there after her parents moved out.

76. Could Maya have known that Alison was alive?

Possibly. I'm guessing Alison tried to recover as many of her things as possible before Maya's family threw them all out onto the curb. It's very possible she could've revealed herself to Maya. It's also possible that's what Maya knew and why she wanted to meet Emily. BUT... at the same point, I think that's an OMG I've gotta tell Emily right away kind of thing. I don't think it's something that Maya would've sat on for a while. She knew that was something Em would've wanted to know!

77. Who was staying in the crawl space of the DiLaurentis House?

My first thought was CeCe Drake, but I've also wondered if Ali stayed down there. So yeah, either Ali or CeCe. For Ali, it would be easy access to her bedroom and stuff all set up like it used to be, for CeCe, it would be a way to keep tabs on Mama DiLaurentis and hide at the same time.

78. Why did Mrs. DiLaurentis seem so unconcerned about the crawl space tenant?

Either she knew that someone was staying there, had recently flushed someone out of there into a more comfy bedroom, or just didn't want to seem upset about it. She could've been willingly helping CeCe, or unknowingly helping her daughter. Or, A could've been using it as a way to spy on the house. I would guess either CeCe or A, because Shana had Emily get the money from the poster in her room. Alison originally sent Shana to do it. If she were staying in the crawl space, she could've easily done that herself.

79. Why did Jason keep the DiLaurentis house covered up while he was staying there?

Either privacy, or he was hiding something. I would say hiding something.

80. Who or what was Jason DiLaurentis hiding?

Well, he could be telling the truth, and the bloody bandages might have been his own. They also might've belonged to Ian Thomas. The bandages were spotted in 2x3, and Ian had been pushed from the bell tower by Alison in 1x22.

81. Who received Jason's reward money?

Jason offered a reward for information on his sister's remains and their safe return. While Mona would certainly have the ability to offer information, I'm not sure it was her. I think it could've been Ezra. The reward happened right around the time of that influx of cash in his drawer. Also, he claimed that he stole a lot of stuff from Mona's lair. I'm guessing that information could've been among the things he stole.

82. Was Ezra just writing a book?

When I first learned about the book, I thought, no way. They've gone to alllll this trouble to make him look guilty as A and then they're going to really claim he was working on a book? But, yeah. I think he was. The Ezra and Aria relationship is just too popular, and the writers claim that they are endgame. So, I don't think he could possibly be after the Liars or Alison.

83. Why did Ali pretend to be other people?

I think Alison pretended to be Vivian Darkbloom for exactly the reason she claimed. She was trying to figure out who was sending the threatening messages. I don't think it was coincidence that Mona ran into her while she was dressed as Vivian Darkbloom, either. I'm pretty sure Mona was already stalking her.

84. Why didn't Ali trust the girls sooner?

I think she has learned that she has to be careful who to trust. She thought she could trust Mona, and look how well that turned out. I defnitely think she's got secrets she's not sharing... we hear her say to Spencer in the promo for 5x1 that the girls don't need to know everything. I'm not sure that she ever got her answer about the Liars on the night of her "disappearance." She may not have gotten a text, but she was still attacked by an unknown assailant.

85. Will the girls ever forgive Alison?

I think they've already started on the road to forgiveness in their actions. They might not fully understand why Alison had to do what she did, but they're helping. I think that says a lot about the underlying bond of friendship.

86. Will Alison stay alive?

Yes. At this point, it would be really cruel and way too much of an emotional rollercoaster for her to die. I think the fandom would riot!

87. What memento did Spencer put in Alison's casket?

She's the only one of the girls who hasn't had their memento revealed. I'm guessing it's because it was either highly personal, or she simply didn't put anything in.

88. Whose bones did A sew into Spencer's dress?

I think they wanted Spencer to believe they were Alison's bones, but Spencer already knew that Alison was alive. I don't think they are from Jane Doe, either. I'm not even sure that they were real bones? I'm gonna say they were fake. I can't imagine that Jane Doe could have all these missing bones and nothing would be reported!

89. Who attacked Spencer in Ravenswood?

Spencer fought off someone in a gas mask costume while in Ravenswood in 4x13, but gas mask prevailed and knocked her out. I think A and Ezra were both wearing gas mask costumes, but I think that Ezra was the one Spencer scuffled with. A would never have knocked her out and just left her there to wake up. I think A would've finished her off.

90. What did Toby's letter from London say?

Toby's letter was postmarked from London, so maybe it was letting Spencer know that he was there looking for Melissa. I'm sure there was a reason that we didn't get to see the letter or hear a voiceover of Toby reading it.

91. Did Toby come back from London with Melissa?

You would think that if he went over to get Melissa, he would've returned with her, or at least around the same time. I've heard that he's back early in Season 5.

92. Is Wren still in London, or did he come back to Rosewood with Melissa?

I'm going to say no. He hasn't been spotted on set, and he hasn't really been confirmed as returning to the show at all this season.

93. Are Wren and Melissa back together?

It looks like they might be trying to work through everything and give their relationship another go. Or Melissa is just taking advantage of the Wren connection while she's in London!

94. Why is Wren so sketchy?

I think Wren mainly serves as a red herring in a lot of plot areas. I know he seems to be the only doctor in all of Rosewood, but I don't know that it makes him guilty of anything. I think he tries to help Melissa, Spencer, and her friends. I know a lot of people think he is Uber A or Co-A with Melissa, but I just don't see it. I don't really understand what his motive could be. Is he innocent in all the goings-on around Rosewood? Definitely not. He's too close to the Hastings family for that! But I just don't think he's A material any more than A thinks Melissa is A material.

95. Who was Wren drawing?

The picture he was coloring looked a lot like Jenna, on a farm, wearing a red coat. I'm not sure that he was doing anything more than just doodling while talking to patients. Maybe Jenna's the one with a twin! I don't think I've suspected her of being/having the unknown twin yet! The drawing definitely aludes to the fact that he might know who Red Coat is, or have an idea who it is. Maybe he thinks Jenna could be Red Coat.

96. What's the deal with Eddie Lamb?

I think he's another one of those characters who knows more than he lets on. He seems very careful about who to share what he knows with as well. With the upcoming episode 5x7 being titled "The Silence of E. Lamb," I'm thinking we're going to find out what he knows. I'm also thinking that it's likely he was paid by someone to keep quiet about it. Makes me wonder if he knows the identity of the "fragile patient."

97. Where did Meredith go for help?

I'm not sure if there are any plans to bring crazy Meredith back, but the last we heard, she was getting help. The place for help in Rosewood seems to be Radley. Her parents claimed that she had mental issues in the past, and she does kind of fit the profile of that picture of Black Veil...

98. Who drove the car into Emily's house?

Was it A? CeCe? Ezra? Honestly... I'm really not too sure about this one. It was pretty quickly glazed over and forgotten, though!

99. How in the world could Mrs. DiLaurentis bury her own daughter?

I think she really believed she was dead...

100. Who will be the next character to die?

My bets are on Lucas, Melissa, or Jenna. And as of right now, in that order! 

*UPDATED: Formatting fixed! Thoughts & Theories remain the same!!!

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