PLL: "EscApe From New York" (5x1)

by - 6/13/2014

Season 5 has finally arrived! It's been a little less than 3 months since "A is for Answers" aired and left us with a lot of questions, some old, and some brand new. Predictions have been made, so if you haven't gotten a chance, take a look at them here... or check out the PLL page for questions and links to my recaps. So, now that the business side of things has been addressed... on to the recapping!

Pretty Little Liars EscApe from New York A's Ambulance Ride
A hitches a ride... c/o PLL Wikia

We pretty much picked up right where we left off. Ezra had just been shot, and an ambulance was taking him to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery. Ali noticed that A was hitching a ride on the roof of the ambulance, so the Liars had Hanna call the cops and warn them that Ezra needed to be guarded. The girls discussed what to do next, and quickly decided that they needed to draw out A and counter-strike.

Meanwhile, back in Rosewood, Chez Hastings was the setting for a phone call between Ashley and Veronica, and some rather moody dialogue about Ali and the girl in the grave from Melissa. She called Alison a "time bomb" and pointed out how much collateral damage Alison has left around her. She was about to tell her mother something, (perhaps the same thing she told Peter earlier) when the doorbell rang.

Pretty Little Liars Escape from New York Melissa mourns Jane Doe
Melissa mourns for Jane Doe... c/o PLL Wikia

It was Detective Holbrook with some bad news. CeCe Drake escaped police custody earlier that evening, and Spencer might be in more danger than they previously thought. He asked the Hastings if there was anything else he needed to know, and Melissa looked ready to spill her guts. Peter stepped in and said no, and Veronica quickly agreed.

Over at the Rear Window Brew... Mona saw the news flash about Alison. She looked to an unseen friend and claimed that "this changes everything."

Pretty Little Liars Escape from New York Mona is upset
Mona is less than thrilled... c/o PLL Wikia

The girls arrived at the hospital and put their plan into motion. Alison quickly exited the room, but A sent out a group text message saying, "Follow the Leader." A followed Alison onto the streets of New York, eventually running into a playground. When A went in for the attack, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer appeared as Alison pepper sprayed her assailant. More black, hooded figures in masks appeared, surrounding the girls. They were driven away by a passing police car, almost as quickly as they appeared.

Back in PA, Mona told someone on the phone that they were "mobilizing." She assured a worried Lucas that more people were definitely coming.

Over at Chez Hastings, Melissa confronted her father, telling him that "if Spencer knew the truth, she would have a reason to come back home." A very drunk Peter stood up, and told Melissa that her mother must never know what Melissa told him at the police station.

Holbrook received a call about the shooting and hospitilization of Ezra Fitz. He googled him, discovering that Fitz is actually a Fitzgerald.

Meanwhile, Alison led the girls to a theatre that was owned by Ezra's family. During a flashback, we saw Ezra and Alison talking about love versus adoration, and Alison's discovery that Ezra was a rich boy pretending to be poor. She claimed to the girls that it only made her like him more. But not because of the money... because of the secret.

Aria was still at the hospital, looking pretty tired when Shana suddenly popped up next to her. She claimed that Alison had sent her, but Aria bristled, moving across the waiting room. She refused Shana's offer to let her get some sleep, but ended up falling asleep anyway. Shana walked over to her and covered Aria with her jacket.

At the theatre, the girls fantasized about life without A as Ali slept. Eventually all the girls fell asleep, and a gloved person snuck in, waking Alison. It was CeCe Drake, and she needed Alison's help. Ali, Noel, and CeCe sat in a coffee shop, and Alison gave CeCe her passport and plane ticket. Ali was a little sad at the fact that she might never see CeCe again, but the older blonde reminded her that the two had a way of finding each other.

When Alison crept back into the theatre, Emily was awake and wondering where she had gone. Tired of Ali's secrets, Emily called her out, and Alison told her the truth, CeCe had killed Wilden and needed Ali's passport more than she did. According to Alison, CeCe was never Red Coat. She had only worn the coat in Ravenswood, in an attempt to help Alison. 

Aria woke up at the hospital, and rushed to Ezra's room, only to find Shana standing by his bedside. Angry that she didn't wake her up when Ezra came out of surgery, Aria grabbed Ezra's hand. As he woke, he went into shock, and Aria called for help. 

Back at the Fitzgerald Theatre, Hanna and Spencer woke up, and rushed to where Emily and Alison were talking. Worried, they demanded that Ali stop lying to them. Just then, Aria called the theatre to give the girls an update on Ezra. She lost service and the call was disconnected.

Pretty Little Liars Escape from New York Liars at the Fitzgerald Theatre
Alison, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer at the Fitzgerald... c/o PLL Wikia

At that very moment in Rosewood, Holbrook found the website for the theatre, including the phone number. He called, and Alison answered, thinking it was Aria calling back. Holbrook asked if it was Alison, and Ali paused, and hung up on him without answering. When Aria actually tried to call back, Alison was too scared to answer.

Melissa's Army Pretty Little Liars Escape from New York
Mona's... Army? c/o PLL Wikia

Also back in Rosewood, Mona, Lucas, Paige, and quite a few other people were gathered for a meeting. It appeared to be an anti-Alison group of some sort. Paige urged everyone to realize they were more than what Alison had nicknamed them, but Mona urged her to reconsider, telling her that she couldn't guarantee protection if Paige wasn't "with them." Paige was just about to leave when Melissa Hastings walked in the door, seeming to be just as in charge as Mona, if not more. She claimed that they didn't have much time. 

Melissa and Paige Pretty Little Liars EscApe from New York
Who's in charge, here? c/o PLL Wikia

Unable to contact her friends and not really knowing what else to do, Aria went back to Ezra's room. He opened his eyes again, and with concerted effort, whispered something to Aria. Her eyes widened, and she ran out into the waiting room, clearly looking for someone.

After the phone call, the Liars decided the theatre was no longer safe. Just as they were about to leave, Shana entered, brandishing a gun. She told the girls that they were all supposed to die in the fire at the Thornhill Lodge. That was why she set it. She told Alison that she couldn't believe what people told her when she came to Rosewood to investigate for Ali. She came to believe that Alison was a monster, and ended up falling in love with Jenna. Since then, she had switched sides, vowing to kill Ali and the Liars to avenge her lover.

Shana is A Pretty Little Liars Escape from New York
ShAna c/o PLL Wikia

While Shana held Alison, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna at gunpoint, Aria crept onstage and grabbed the rifle hanging on the wall of the set. She surprised Shana, slamming the butt of the rifle against her head. A shot fired, shattering one of the stage lights, and Shana fell from the stage to her death in the orchestra pit.
Pretty Little Liars Escape from New York 5 Liars
This looks familiar... c/o PLL Wikia

Spencer immediately ran to Aria to comfort her, telling her that she did what she had to do. If she hadn't, Shana would've killed all of them. The girls seemed to believe that everything was over, and Spencer called the police to anonymously report Shana's death.

PLL Escape from New York Shana in the orchestra pit
ShAna is no more... c/o PLL Wikia

The episode ended with Shana's body splayed in the orchestra pit, being discovered by NYPD.

My Thoughts

Okay, so for a while, I've been wondering about that whole confrontation in the park. It was in one of the first previews for the premiere, and I could've sworn that it was a dream sequence. There's just so many of them! Look...

Black Hoodies vs. Liars PLL 5x1
so many black hoodies...

I guess I'm gonna have to go with World War A! I mean... the timing of the text and everything really leads me to believe that this was orchestrated by either A or Mona's little army. Unless it was like a random flash mob of black hoodies wearing masks? Is that a thing?

And speaking of Mona's army...

Pretty Little Liars Escape from New York Mona's Army
Mona's army... or Melissa's? c/o PLL Wikia

I think this is the beginning of an anti-bullying group with Alison specifically in mind. I get that the idea is safety in numbers and all that. Mona doesn't want anyone to go back to feeling how they did when Alison was Queen Bee at Rosewood High. I just hope they don't end up reverse-bullying Ali in the process... And honestly? Why is Melissa there and why does she care? And why do they not have much time?!?

Peter Hastings claimed that Veronica could never know what Melissa told him in the police station. I have a big feeling that it has something to do with Mrs. DiLaurentis. Maybe the affair was still happening at the time of Ali's disappearance? Maybe Jason has a twin? Maybe Ali has a twin? Maybe Ali is also Peter's kid? There's so many possibilities here, but one really interesting thing... Melissa claimed that if Spencer knew the truth, she'd have a reason to come home. So many questions on that one, don't even get me started!

How long has Shana been A? Has it been the whole time since Mona's been in Radley? Mona claimed that CeCe came to see her in Radley... but Alison claimed that CeCe only wore the coat in Ravenswood. So, was Alison really the one who visited Mona? Because Wren seemed pretty certain it was CeCe that he snuck in to see Mona... I'm a little bit confused about this. I think there are some clarifications that need to be made. likerightnowkaythanks!

Did Ezra go back over his research and decide that Shana was A? Because literally days before, the Liars seemed to think that he believed it was Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Did Shana kill Mrs. D? I think no. I'm still thinking that whoever hit Alison over the head with the rock is responsible for that.

Overall, EscApe From New York was a good episode. All those claims about it "feeling like a finale," were actually pretty true. I like how they showed Shana's body at the end when they usually show A's misdeeds. We all know that it's not over and that A is still out there, but it looks like the Liars don't know that... for now. We'll see what questions are answered next week in 5x2, "Whirly Girlie."


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