PLL: "Whirly Girlie" (5x2)

by - 6/18/2014

Our little Liars may have escAped from New York... but that doesn't mean the game is over, or that the lies have stopped. In fact, Alison started spinning a whole new lie last night, involving her friends a la The Jenna Thing. (Some things never change, huh?)

After their bus pulled into Rosewood, PA... Alison almost hightailed it right outta there. (Can you blame her? Really?) Emily convinced her that everything was over (yeahright) so it was time to stop running and come home. The other girls agreed, telling Alison it was time to tell the police the truth about everything... A, the Jenna Thing, Aria killing Shana. The 5 liars marched into Rosewood PD and found Detective Holbrook. The truth would set them free... until Alison decided to spin a story about being kidnapped and held against her will for nearly 2 years.

PLL 5x2 Holbrook & Ali D.
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Probably not the best idea! (but we'll get to that later.) Alison and the girls tried to piece together their story to a rather doubtful Holbrook. They didn't squirm for long, though. Thankfully, Mr. DiLaurentis interrupted their interview. Yes, the timing was nice, but the reunion was a little bittersweet. Alison wondered where her mother was? Well... (eventually, we'll get to that, too.)

PLL 5x2 Alison & Kenneth DiLaurentis
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All the Liars decided to head home, where they each faced family members and a lot of questions...

Spencer's mom couldn't believe she would've kept the Ali-is-alive secret for almost a month. Oh, and her father and Melissa were in Philadelphia, picking her car up from the impound lot.

Ashley wondered how Hanna was processing the news of Alison being alive after all this time. Hanna wondered if Havarti melted. "All cheese melts, Hanna." ~Ashley Marin (best line in the episode, BTW.)

Aria's mom and dad didn't get screen time this week, instead, Mike found his way into her bedroom. Her little brother was shocked at the news about Ali, and surprised that Alison didn't kill her captor.

When Emily went outside to call her mom, Spencer eventually made her way out into the backyard and expressed her anger that the girls were right back on Planet Alison. During their conversation, Em and Spence saw Jason cleaning out the backseat of his car in the dark. They walked over to the DiLaurentis yard, and Alison tossed a toilet paper roll out the window to them. Inside was her cell phone, with an anonymous text... "The truth will bury you in a New York minute." Emily and Spencer asked Alison who sent it, and she wrote a question mark on the window. The two told Hanna what happened, but decided that telling Aria probably wasn't a good idea, considering her current mental state.

Mona texts Alison PLL 5x2
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Later, Hanna ended up calling Aria and telling her anyway. Turns out, Alison got the message at the police station. That's why she lied to Detective Holbrook.

The next morning, Alison came out to sit on her porch, and found Jason standing outside. He warned her about the press at the end of the street. As the two were talking, a woman showed up with a dog, claiming that Mrs. DiLaurentis had agreed to rescue it. Jason didn't want to keep it, but Alison insisted upon learning that the dog would be put down otherwise.

Alison and Jason DiLaurentis talk PLL 5x2
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Across town, Mona was picking up coffee and taking her whistles to a meeting with Principle Hackett when she ran into Mike Montgomery. She told him about the whistles and an app that would hopefully prevent anyone else from sharing Alison's fate. Mike asked if he could help her, confessing to Mona that he missed her. 

Back at the Montgomery household, the violin music was seriously messing with Aria's head. She heard it the night she returned from New York, in her house, on her iPod... Killing Shana clearly was beginning to take a toll on Aria.

Ali, Em, and Spence PLL 5x2
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Over at the DiLaurentis house, Emily, Spencer, and Alison were together in Ali's bedroom. Spencer and Emily told Ali their suspicions about Jason. Alison told them how he came into her room while she was sleeping the night before. The girls supposed that Jason could be the person Mrs. D. was so intent on protecting. Spencer expressed her anger about Ali's most recent lie, and Alison claimed that she lied to protect Aria. Spencer asked Ali to fill them in ahead of time in the future, so they could at least all get their stories straight.

Meanwhile, Ashley Marin was tasked by Mr. DiLaurentis to sort through Jessica's emails for any clues pertaining to her whereabouts. Hanna snooped through the emails when her mother wasn't looking, finding an unaddressed draft that read, "I can't protect you anymore."

Back at Chez Hastings, Toby came back from London with some surprising news. He had indeed gone to London to seek out Melissa and get some answers for Spencer. He went to the place where Melissa was supposedly living and found Wren, who told him that Melissa was no longer in London. Despite Melissa's lies, Spencer and Toby were happily reunited. While in bed together, Spencer's phone kept ringing, but she ignored it. Toby asked her a few questions about what has been going on, but she didn't tell him much of anything, let alone the truth.

Across the street, Jason and his father argued. Mr. DiLaurentis seemed to be of the belief that Jason knows where his mother is and why they've been unable to reach her. Jason swore he didn't know anything, and it was that there's still a whole lot of resentment between the two.

Aria arrived home to her house to find Mike and Mona reuniting. While Mike was out of the room, Mona let Aria know that she knows the liars were in New York, and she knows what happened to Mr. Fitz.

Emily Fields and Hanna Marin PLL 5x2
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Hanna shared the draft email with Emily, and the two sat in her car across from the DiLaurentis house. Jason came up to the window while they were talking, scaring them, and effectively telling them to mind their own business. They followed Jason to a shady apartment building, but were chased off by a drunk before they could figure out who he had been visiting.

Ali in a black hoodie PLL 5x2
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Alison brought a rose to the mausoleum to pay her respects to Jane Doe. Mona met her there and Alison told her that she doesn't want to be the same Alison that she was before her disappearance. She asked Mona to be her friend, but Mona, clearly still holding on to her past torment, wanted no part of it. Mona told Alison that she should've just signed the text she sent Alison earlier, because she is done hiding. She told the former Queen Bee, "I don't have to hide. You do. You're going to wish you stayed dead."

Over at Chez Hastings, the Liars called an official meeting. Spencer went over to the DiLaurentis house in an attempt to distract Mr. D. so Alison could sneak out. Instead, she found Jason downstairs, and he told her about his father's suspicions. He accused Spencer and her friends of thinking that he had been the one to kidnap Alison and hold her hostage. Before Spencer could answer, Pepe started barking. Outside, Emily, Hanna, and Aria rushed over to see what Pepe was barking at... a hand protruding from a shallow grave. The girls screamed, and Spencer and Jason rushed outside. Jason looked horrified as he realized that the hand was that of his mother... Jessica DiLaurentis.

Police, paramedics, and parents were called. In the midst of all the chaos, Alison stood in her backyard, still wearing her black hoodie, almost transfixed, but clearly upset. The episode ended with everything slowing down around her, the camera circling around Alison as she processed what had just happened.

My Thoughts

Another lie? And not just a little one or anything... this is a pretty big lie! I mean, you've got to hand it to Alison, she knows how to come up with a good story, quick. But was it really the best idea to lie about everything that had happened? She claimed she did it because of the text and to protect Aria, but can we really trust her?

Mona and that mausoleum scene? Did we just witness the return of crazy Mona, or has she been with us all along? She's not happy with Alison's return, and says as much to the former Rosewood Queenie. She claimed that Alison will wish she stayed dead... so what is she up to? I get the anti-bullying aspect and safety in numbers... but will Mona really turn into the bully? I'm very curious to see how the dynamic between these two shakes out, especially when Ali goes back to school!

Part of me thought that Mona would've been somewhat grateful to hear that Alison hadn't ratted out her initial involvement in her disappearance, or any of the more illegal shenanigans she pulled during her time as A... but I guess not.

Melissa just keeps getting shadier with each episode that passes! If she wasn't in London... where was she? New York? Philly? Why would she lie about Toby coming to find her? Is it possible that she came back because of Spencer's relapse, but had heard about it from someone else...?

Mona claimed to Aria that she knew that the Liars were in New York. We already knew that as of the last episode, but Mona acted like she knew about Ezra getting shot. So, does she know about Shana too?

and speaking of Shana... when is that news going to hit Rosewood?

and when it does... How long will it take for Holbrook to piece it all together? A dead body found in the very same theater that he called and Alison answered? Detective H. has already shown that he's fairly smart, so I'm guessing it won't take long before the girls are all called in for questioning again.

How long will it take for Alison's story to begin to crumble?

Is it possible that the girls will be framed for kidnapping Alison?

Was Jason really in New York at the same time as our Liars? I want to say no, but there's still that group of masked hoodies that's unaccounted for. Could Jason have been a part of that?

Was Mrs. D. protecting Jason? I don't think so. But I think the show wants us to think that.

Is Jason Uber A? Again, I don't think so. The show is certainly setting him up to look that way, and even the girls are beginning to suspect him. While I think he may have some secrets that have yet to be unearthed, I don't think that attacking his sister, or moonlighting as A is one of them. He seemed pretty clueless as to what really happened with Alison, and seemed genuinely shocked when he discovered his mom was dead.

Am I the only one who's wondering when the last scenes are going to start depicting some gloved hands at work, or a black hoodie in the shadows?

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. I kind of like the rebooted feeling I'm getting from the show. I'm just wondering if that's going to change as the season wears on. Next week's episode... Surfing the Aftershocks should provide a little more insight as to where Season 5 is headed.


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