PLL: "Run, Ali, Run" (5x6)

by - 7/22/2014

The 100th episode of PLL paved the way for an explosive beginning to this episode, fizzling out nicely into a slow burn that will likely continue for the next couple of episodes, with a few flares thrown in here and there for good measure. Shall we get started, then?

So, the explosion from the end of the 100th episode sent our Liars out into the street to survey the damage. Caleb wondered if anyone was in the house, and Toby ran off to check. The girls got a message from A that read, "Did you miss me, bitches?" -A. (Ummm... no, but thanks for asking!) As the group looked up at Cavanshall Manor... another explosion sounded, scaring the girls and knocking them to the ground.

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One scene later, Spencer ended a phone call, and we learned she was talking to Toby. He had made it out alive, no one had been in the house, but his dad DID break his leg while dodging a falling tree. The girls had gathered back in Emily's house and discussed Shana, Shana as A, and A in Em's bedroom.

Later, Hanna spotted Caleb at the Brew and the two talked. Hanna asked about Ravenswood, but Caleb didn't tell her anything. The two discuss what happened with A, and Caleb voiced his concern, telling Hanna that the girls should go to the police. Hanna disagreed, telling Caleb that a lot had happened while he was gone.

Over in 3B, Aria was helping Ezra look through his research for any mention of Bethany Young. They didn't find anything, but Aria offered to help him continue searching after school.

Spencer returned to Chez Hastings to retrieve a few schoolbooks and encountered her father. He had stayed home from work, claiming to be genuinely upset that his wife and daughter were staying in a hotel. He and Spencer talked, and when she told her father she had nothing to do with Bethany's death, he claimed he would never kill someone to cover for her. Spencer told her father that she and Mrs. Hastings knew he and Melissa were lying about the night of Jessica's death.

At school, Aria and Spencer talked, and we learned that Melissa and her father went to the lake to "talk" the night of Jessica's death. Spencer told Aria that her dad wouldn't tell her what they spoke about. Aria told Spencer about slipping twice with Ezra, and Spencer was shocked. She reminded Aria about the book, and all of the lies Ezra had told her.

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Emily, Hanna, and Alison joined Aria and Spencer at their lunch table. The girls talked while Alison received an incoming Snapchat. It was a video of her mother being buried, claiming that, "I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you." It was signed by A, and automatically deleted itself from Ali's phone moments after the girls watched it.

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After school, the girls gathered in the Marin kitchen for another A meeting. They wondered if they knew who A was, and Aria went as far to suggest that Peter could've lied to cover for himself because HE was A. Spencer ruled him out immediately, claiming that her father thought that SHE had killed Bethany, so he couldn't be A. As the girls talked, Alison complained that she had only come back to Rosewood because she thought A was dead and gone. With the threat of A still out there, Alison thought about leaving Rosewood for good. The other girls talked her out of it, telling her that everyone in the world now knew that she was alive... where would she hide?

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Across town at Rosewood's finest Sanitarium... Spencer tried to meet with Eddie Lamb. When she arrived, she was almost spotted by Lt. Tanner, who had just been trying to get information and had no luck. Eddie wouldn't tell Spencer anything, and Spence realized that it was not because of Radley's privacy policy or HIPA, but because Eddie and Spencer were being watched.

Back at Hanna's house... Ali and Hanna were discussing the rationality of Alison's fear, when the doorbell rang. Hanna was just going to open the door without looking, when Alison stopped her, asking her to check who was there. Turned out it was just Travis, and Hanna had forgotten they had made dinner plans that night. Hanna asked to reschedule, telling Travis that Alison needed her help because she was going through a tough time. Travis commented that from what he saw and heard on Mona's video... it was the other way around. Hanna assured him that wasn't the case, and that she would call him later. The two kissed, and Hanna went back into her house.

When Hanna returned inside, she couldn't immediately find Alison, and when she did, Ali was talking to someone on the phone, making plans to leave Rosewood. Hanna called Alison out, but Ali wouldn't give up her plan, so she asked her to keep quiet until she left. Just as Ali was about to leave, Hanna called her back, telling her that she would help her leave Rosewood for good.

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Back in 3B Ezra and Aria were back to looking through his research. As they looked, they discussed their relationship. While Ezra was open to beginning fresh, Aria told him that their 2 slips were a mistake, and they weren't getting back together. A knock on the door interrupted their conversation, and when Ezra answered, Lt. Tanner was on the other side of the door. She gave Ezra an envelope that was sitting outside of his door, and began to ask more than a few questions about his mugging, also mentioning Shana's body being found in his parent's theatre. By the time she made her way inside, Aria was safely hidden in the bathroom. Ezra stuck to his story, but as Lt. Tanner left, she noticed Aria's purse on the counter.

At Rosewood High, Emily confronted Paige in the girls locker room, asking her to name the people who were in on Mona's army. She tells Paige a little bit about what's been going on in her life, suggesting that the explosion at Chez Cavanshall was really meant to scare Ali and her friends. Paige seemed unsure that Mona would blow up a house.

Meanwhile, Spencer arranged for her parents to meet and talk over coffee. As Peter put his hand over Veronica's, Spencer noticed, got up, and let the two have some privacy.

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Over at the Marin house, Alison finished talking to Noel, and filled Hanna in on her plans. Rather than have Ali take a train, Hanna offered to drive Ali to the train station herself. Alison hugged her, telling Hanna that she had saved her life. Before they could leave, Alison asked to visit her house to say goodbye to her dad, and pick up a few things for the trip.

Lt. Tanner left 3B without Ezra or any evidence, but Aria was convinced she'd be coming back. Worried about Ezra's research, the two brainstormed where they could hide all of Ezra's files. He suggested his storage unit, but Aria claimed that Lt. Tanner would gain access to that under the same search warrant as his apartment. She offered to house his research in her family's attic, since her father was teaching in Syracuse. Ezra opened the envelope, finding a drawing of Mrs. DiLaurentis watering her roses, with a demonic figure sketched beside her. The back of the sketch had Bethany Young's name on it.

Emily haplessly bounded into Hanna's room... almost immediately catching her in the act of helping Alison escape. She was about to leave, when she noticed a train ticket on Hanna's bedside table, for a destination in the opposite direction of the one Hanna claimed to be travling in. Emily grabbed the bag on the bed, finding the money Hanna had stashed underneath and realized what Hanna and Alison were up to. Furious, she chastized Hanna for her behavior, adding that Hanna was turning into a completely different person now that Alison was back. Hanna retaliated with Emily's actions the night before, suggesting that Emily was falling for Alison all over again. Emily told Hanna not to follow her, and hightailed it out of there.

Still in the locker room, Paige reached for something in her locker. She found a dead rat and screamed.

Over at Casa DiLaurentis, Alison arrived to an empty house. She called her father to tell him she would be sleeping over at Hanna's house, and went upstairs to her bedroom. After she walked up the stairs, a gloved hand turned off the lamp in the living room she had just exited.

Next door at the Hastings household, Spencer searched online for Bethany Young, and visited Radley's website for clues.

Back at the DiLaurentis home, Alison grabbed a few items of clothing, fake IDs, and some extra cash. She made her way downstairs and noticed that the lamp in the living room was off. Before she could get out of the house, she was hit from behind with a fireplace poker and knocked to the ground. She tried to get up and get away again, and her assailant grabbed her scarf and started choking her with it. Emily arrived at just the right time, grabbing a book to fight off Alison's attacker. The gloved figure got away, and Emily comforted Alison. She told Ali that she understood now why she was so afraid. She also told her that tonight wasn't the night to leave Rosewood.

Hanna went to see Caleb, and she told him about her plan to help Alison, and the selfish reasons she had in doing it. Caleb claimed to understand, saying that Hanna seemed to really doubt herself whenever Alison was around.

Aria and Ezra searched his video surveillance to see who left the envelope for him, thinking it might have been A. The two scrolled through the footage to find that Eddie Lamb had left the envelope outside of Ezra's door. Ezra remembered interviewing him and a few others while doing research at Radley. Aria wondered if Ezra should just come clean about everything that happened in New York, and apologized for dragging him into her mess. He claimed that he volunteered for the mess before he even met her.

Later, Spencer and Emily comforted Alison, horrified to hear about her ordeal. Aria arrived with Bethany's sketch, filling them in on what had just happened. The girls realized that someone needed to get into Radley and dig around, and Aria volunteered Spencer, thanks to her history and knowledge of the place. Spencer immediately disagreed, but had the perfect plan for who their "inside" person could be. (Paging Aria Montgomery...) All the girls wondered where Hanna was, and Alison got a text from A, taunting her... "See how easy it is for me to kill you? If you leave Rosewood, I will." 

After the girls left, Alison thanked Emily for saving her earlier. She praised Emily's bravery, and asked if she could sleep over. She claimed that this time, they would actually sleep. Emily covered Alison with her comforter, and proceeded to spend the entire night watching over her.

The next morning at the Brew, Spencer met her mother for coffee, good news, and bad news. Veronica and Spencer would be moving back into Chez Hastings, but Peter would be moving out. Veronica and Peter were getting a divorce. Spencer was clearly upset, having thought that she had helped them to reconcile their differences.

Outside of Rosewood High, Hanna spotted Travis reading, and apologized for not calling him back. He wondered if it was because of Caleb, and told Hanna that it would be better if it just ended between the two of them. He told her that he liked her too much to deny the fact that her heart wasn't it anymore.

At Radley, Aria was interviewing for a volunteer position. The interview warned that the environment could be stressful at times, but Aria eagerly stated, "I'm comfortable."

Emily and Alison were on their way to school, when Lt. Tanner pulled up behind them. She told Alison that she wanted to ask her and her father some questions down at the station. Alison wondered what Lt. Tanner needed to know that she hadn't already told her, and Lt. Tanner told her that she was looking for specifics about the trip to Philadelphia. As Tanner walked away, A sent Alison another text, "Time for the caged bird to sing."

At the end of the episode, A/Black Glove/Black Widow had a huge arrangement of flowers and was filling out a message for the card. It was a bouquet for Bethany's parents, and the message read, "My Deepest Condolences." -A.

My Thoughts

After this episode, I'm really beginning to wonder if Mona and A can be the same person... I mean, Mona wants Alison gone, and A wants Alison to stay. Either Mona is really messing with Ali's mind, or there are 2 different people pulling the strings.

That doesn't mean that Mona and A aren't working together. It's definitely a possibility. But remember last season when A tried to kill Mona? I'm wondering if keeping Alison in Rosewood is punishment for Mona's earlier betrayal. A definitely added a Mona doll to the dollhouse.

That also doesn't mean that A won't cut Mona loose when she's no longer useful.

Alison hasn't really brought out the best in anyone since she has come back. So, I'm not too sure that Mona isn't getting overly cocky. I have a feeling that Mona might also be acting as A, and that might not be entirely "approved." When Mona sent out A messages, her texts were usually cryptic and witty, with a reference to some sort of literature or pop culture. "Time for the caged bird to sing?" Sounds like vintage A to me!

Another possibility... Mona, Jenna, Sydney, and that unknown 4th person could possibly be working independently from A, but Mona is also moonlighting as A. If so, I don't think A will take kindly to her territory being stepped on, and Mona should probably watch her back.

Regardless of any theory, Mona should watch her back. Right now, she's at the top of my next-to-die in Rosewood list... (yes, that's a thing.)

Paige is really conflicted about narking on Mona's Army, but in the end, she told Emily that Melissa and Lucas were working with Mona. Now, who's going to spill the beans about Jenna and Sydney working with Miss Vanderwaal? 

Veronica and Peter are getting a divorce. I wonder if that will lead to more Hastings secrets coming out into the open? Could the Pennythistles from the book series be on their way to Rosewood in Season 6 or 7? Honestly, I hope not...

A made the claim that she buried Jessica DiLaurentis the same way that she watched Jessica bury Alison. So, does that confirm that A was the person who hit Alison with the rock? Or did she just witness the events of that part of the evening and miss Alison being pulled out of the ground like a carrot? Because A sure seemed to believe that Alison was dead...

That sketch that Bethany supposedly drew? How did she know what Ali's house looked like? How did she know about Jessica's roses? Mrs. DiLaurentis was just a member of the board... she really shouldn't have that much of a connection with a patient... unless that patient might be related to her. But how? Bethany was 17 when she escaped, and Ali was 15. Jason was older, so that kind of rules out twins for either DiLaurentis kid... unless Bethany is a middle child with mental problems, or a secret love child... but how would Mr. D. not know about it?

We got a lot of clues pointing towards Radley, which, let's be honest... we all know is a shaaaaaady place. How shady? Looks like we'll find out with a little help from Aria and Big Rhonda next week in "The Silence of E. Lamb."


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