PLL: "Scream For Me" (5x8)

by - 7/31/2014

Previously, on Pretty Little Liars... Hanna was beginning to spiral out of control, Spencer was dealing with lots of family drama, Emily was confused about Alison, Aria was trying to deal with the fact that she killed someone AND investigate Radley, and Alison was continuing to act all mysterious and shady. The plot thickened with some new revelations...

During a typical day at Rosewood High, the Liars were at choir rehearsal, watching as Lietenant Tanner questioned Alison in an adjoining practice room. Tanner asked Ali a lot of questions about her relationship with Shana. When Alison joined the girls after practice was over, she claimed that Lt. Tanner was trying to find holes in her story and trip her up. Alison noticed markings on her sheet music that hadn't been there before she had been questioned. All of the A notes were circled in red Sharpie, with the message, "Glad to hear you singing. Last time you were all choked up." -A.

Ali's Sheet Music PLL Scream For Me
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Spencer and Emily stopped at Hanna's locker to talk when a beer can fell out. Aria was still upset at Hanna for the New York slip, and Emily and Spencer suggested that Hanna try a more sincere apology this time around. Hanna claimed that she was sincere, and that they didn't need to worry about her. When asked to join them for lunch, Hanna said she had other plans.

Aria left choir rehearsal to warn Ezra about the possibility of Lt. Tanner coming back to question him. She chose to venture out onto the sidewalk to make the call, and was caught by her mom. Ella asked Aria to be her Maid of Honor, and tried to get Aria to commit to a fitting that afternoon. Aria agreed to be her mother's MOH, but was clearly distracted as she mentioned that she had to volunteer after school and couldn't go with her mom. Distracted, she asked if they could figure everything out later and she rushed back into the school.

Sydney and Em talk PLL 5x8

In the locker room, Emily approached Sydney, in an attempt to find out just how much she knew about the girls and New York. She concocted a story about Hanna exaggerating while drunk, and told Sydney that Hanna had been going on and on about a trip they had taken to New York, when the two had never gone there together. Emily asked Sydney if Hanna had invited her to New York, but Sydney didn't bite. She claimed that Hanna didn't mention anything about New York. She did tell Emily that she broke one of her personal records during practice and told Emily that the team had voted her Assistant Coach. Em wasn't sure what to make of the news.

Outside, Hanna called Caleb, wondering why he hadn't met her for lunch. He sounded like he was still sleeping, possibly the result of having been wasted the prior evening. As Hanna hung up the phone, Alison came over to talk to her brandishing a bottle of water like an olive branch. She asked if everything was okay between her and Hanna, and Hanna took the opportunity to genuinely apologize for her actions at Emily's house. Alison wondered if anything else was bothering her, but Hanna told her there wasn't anything. Alison looked skeptical, and explained that her father was going out of town, and wondered if she could stay with Hanna and Ashley. Hanna told her that she'd ask her mom and let her know.

Spoby talks PLL Scream For Me

Over at Chez Hastings, Spencer showed Toby the drawings from Bethany's sketchbook. She apologized for dredging up the past, but Toby claimed it was okay, that he knew things weren't going to be "really" over until he had the answers he was looking for. He told Spencer that he had enrolled at the Police Academy in Harrisburg. Spencer initially thought he was joking, but Toby explained that it was the only way he could think of to find out what had really happened to his mother.

Aria and Rhonda Chat PLL Scream For Me

Aria went back to Radley in an attempt to return Bethany's sketchbook, but was caught returning it to Rhonda's room by none other than... Rhonda. Aria tried to make a beeline to the door, but Rhonda claimed that she would keep quiet for a price. After buying her a soda and cheese curls, Rhonda and Aria talked about Bethany. Rhonda wondered why Aria wanted to know so much about Bethany, and Aria told her the truth. Rhonda told Aria that Bethany used to get signed out by a rich lady with a big beige purse. The woman bought her a horse named Custard, and she would take Bethany to ride the horse at a stable in Lewisburg. Aria asked if the woman's name could've been DiLaurentis, and Rhonda claimed that it sounded familiar. The two continued to talk until a nurse found Aria in Rhonda's room, chastized her for giving a diabetic sugar, and kicked her out.

Hanna and Ashley PLL Scream For Me
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Hanna arrived home to find Alison spinning her kidnapping tale for Ashley Marin. Her mom invited Alison to stay at their house while Mr. DiLaurentis was away. She also offered her fancy soaking salts to use in a relaxing bath, and encouraged her to use the guest towels. When Alison left the kitchen, Hanna told her mom that she wasn't staying for dinner. Ashley asked Hanna to make the daybed up before she left. Hanna not-so-gently reminded her mother that she had asked to use the guest towels a billion times, and her mother had always said no.

Over at the Fields Estate, Emily was upstairs studying when Sydney popped into her room, having been let in by Emily's mom. She brought her an Assistant Coach jacket, and tried to change Emily's mind. The two talked for a little, and Sydney mistakenly mentioned New York while she was rambling on about her father's frozen yogurt empire. Emily called her out on it, and Sydney did her best to gloss over the mention like it was nothing.

Hanna at the Brew's Window PLL Scream For Me

Later, Hanna and Caleb met up for what was supposed to be dinner, that turned into the two of them and a bottle of Rum. She was hungry, so she walked over to the Brew for a sandwich. Zach claimed he was closing up early, but ended up inviting Hanna in and making her a sandwich. While inside, he told her that he could smell the booze on her, and he used to have a thing for bad girls. Hanna offered to pay for the sandwich, but Zach claimed it was on the house, if she kept his secret. His hand lingered a little too long on her back, and made it's way lower than it should've, and Hanna was clearly creeped out, but didn't know what to say. She took the sandwich and left.

At the Montgomery House, Ella stormed in, annoyed that her daughter didn't show up for the fitting. Aria apologized, but Ella wondered if her daughter had a problem with the impending wedding. Aria claimed that she didn't, apologizing more sincerely, and claiming she just had a lot going on at the moment. Ella seemed to believe her and left to reschedule the fitting again, but was obviously irritated that the wedding duties weren't more of a priority for Aria.

Hanna Marin PLL Scream For Me
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At the Cabin, Hanna was drunk and wanted to go home, but Caleb was too drunk to drive her, and suggested she take a cab. She and Caleb kissed, and it was clear that Caleb wanted Hanna to stay, but Hanna was still creeped out by Zach's actions earlier and just wanted to go home and go to sleep.

At school the next morning, Hanna came into school late, hungover, with a crispy treat stuck in her hair. She talked to Emily and Spencer, telling them about what happened the night before with Zach. Spencer and Emily were unsure of whether to believe Hanna, and questioned her story, wondering if she was just drunk, put herself out there, or misread the situation. Their attitude made her question her story too, and she was clearly upset that her friends didn't believe her.

Back at Hanna's house, Ashley came into Hanna's bedroom looking for her daughter and found Alison home from school. Ali claimed that she heard someone trying to get in the window the night before, and she couldn't sleep. Ashley noticed the pillow and covers on the closet floor, and believed that Alison had spent the night in there.

Spencer and Emily investigate PLL Scream For Me
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Spencer and Emily followed the Custard lead to a stable. Once there, they found a riding instructor who was able to tell them about Mrs. DiLaurentis and the girl she brought to ride Custard. He mentioned a particular visit when the girl got angry at Mrs. DiLaurentis. Mrs. D. wanted Bethany to call her Aunt Jessie, but Bethany refused and threw a bucket at her head.

Hanna was sitting in her car, when an uninvited Zach got in the passenger seat. At first, it seemed like he was apologizing for his behavior, but then he claimed that he was pretty sure Hanna was accurately reading his vibe. He creepily licked his lips while talking to her, gave her his number, and touched her leg in an extremely inappropriate manner. When he got out of the car, Hanna ripped up his number, in addition to looking like she wanted to vomit.

Back at the Marin house, Ashley was calling for Alison to come downstairs when she saw the front door was ajar. She went to close it and noticed a shadow duck around the corner into the kitchen. When Alison came down the steps, she quickly called her over and picked up a paperweight. The intruder left quickly through the back door and Ashley dialed 911.

Ashley and Alison PLL Scream For Me
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Later, Lieutenant Tanner responded to the call at the Marin household. She questioned Alison and Ashley about the incident. When Lt. Tanner began repeating her questions, Ashley accused her of having no compassion for Alison or what the "poor girl" had been through.

Ashley & Alison grilled by Tanner PLL 5x8
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Fully creeped out by everything that had happened with Zach, Hanna finally made the hard decision to tell Aria the truth. Aria didn't believe her, and accused Hanna of coming on to Zach, drinking too much, and always being the problem. Furious at her for what she thought were lies, Aria kicked a very defeated-looking Hanna out.

Spemily PLL Scream For Me
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At the stables, A locked Emily and Spencer in a pen with a skiddish horse. Emily was not feeling the equestrian vibe and wanted to leave, just as Spencer found a riding helmet she recognized.It matched her own, except for the initials M.H. (Melissa Hastings.) As the storm rolled in, the horse continued to buck, causing the girls to realize they had been locked in the stall and were in danger. Thanks to Spencer's quick thinking, she and Emily made it out, but not before the horse kicked Spencer in the face, injuring her eye.

Later, at Chez Hastings, Spencer's vision was blurry as Toby responded to her text. She told him the truth about what happened, and he reiterated the importance of becoming a cop. Spencer told him that she knew, and that's why she invited him over, to apologize, and to give him her blessing.

Back at the Montgomery home, Aria, Ella, and Zach were making flower decorations, and Aria told them she was done for the evening. Zach joked about his ineptitude at flower making, and Ella asked if Aria wanted to watch the movie she had picked out earlier. At first, Aria declined, but then changed her mind. She went to sit down on the couch, leaving room for Zach between them. Aria noticed as Zach took the seat next to her, and not her mother.

Alison DiLaurentis PLL Scream For Me

Spencer and Emily talked with Alison about how everything was getting worse with this A. They weren't happy that their parents were becoming targets, when Alison admitted that Noel Kahn was responsible for the break-in, and she had asked him to do it. She claimed that with all the police scrutiny, she needed to have an adult on her side, and it had worked out just the way she planned.

In the last scene, we watched as A uncovered a secret compartment in what looked like Spencer's bedroom.

My Thoughts

Poor Hanna. That's really the first and foremost thing that keeps crossing my mind after this episode. She's definitely going through the ringer right now. Like, really going through it. That being said, I also completely understand why Aria didn't want to believe her, given the state of their friendship at the moment. And PLL producers? Can I just say THANK YOU, for FINALLY showing that older men creeping on younger girls is totally NAWT okay at all! Honestly, it's about damn time. I'm guessing they're making Zach out to be like Xavier Reeves from the book series.

Spencer is definitely going to need to have that eye looked at. According to the description for next week's episode, she'll find something surprising when she goes. Could it be a message from A? Or perhaps the knowledge that Bethany Young went there, too?

Emily tried to trip up Sydney, but couldn't. Sydney ended up tripping herself up while talking to Em over at her house. I don't think that she's falling for Emily per se... but I think she's getting friendlier than she's supposed to. I loved Emily's story about Hanna being Amish when it came to drinking, though.

Aria is having a little trouble balancing her life at the moment. She was all in when it came to Radley, and helping Ezra, but totally left her mom out to dry. Ella looked so disappointed in Aria when she huffed off to reschedule her fitting for the 87th time... After all the mama drama, Aria couldn't deal with Hanna telling her anything about Zach given the way she slipped about New York. I totally understand her logic. She didn't get to see the scene with Zach and Hanna like we did. She's only hearing about it from someone who she doesn't know to be extremely reliable or sober at the moment. Again, poor Hanna!

Alison continued her shady ways and story-telling, reeling Ashley into her game of lies. I get where she was coming from and everything, but to not say anything to the other girls? I can't tell if she's just legitimately used to planning solo, or if she's up to something major... like being A? I don't want to believe it... but she's been sooooo sketchy. Also, why didn't any of the girls ask her where she was going the night before when they saw her on the surveillance tape? While we're on that subject... why haven't they asked Alison all the questions they want to know the answers to? I mean... she's finally right there and they have meetings all the time... so....?!?!?!?

How does Sydney Driscoll relate to any of this? She mentioned something about her dad being the founder of some chain of Fro-Yo stores. We know or think we know that Sydney is working with Mona and Jenna, but we don't know how or why. Was she brought in at the last minute to take Paige's place in Mona's Army? I think she's starting to think of Emily as really being her friend, and I'm 97% sure she was behind the rat in Paige's locker. Mona might not be an amateur, but it seems like Sydney might be.

Could Sydney be the one with a twin? Perhaps "bad" Sydney that we saw with Mona and Jenna is black veil? That would work and everything, except for the fact that the producers have basically nixed that idea. They claim that Black Veil is someone we know, and Sydney just showed up to the party.

Bethany Young... the body in Ali's grave. She was hit on the head with something, buried alive, and thought to be Alison for almost 2 years. She was supposedly 17 when she escaped from Radley. Alison had turned 15 that summer, so Bethany was 2-3 years older than Alison and the other Liars. I had thought that Bethany could've been a secret twin to someone on the show. Due to her age, that's impossible. PLL time is currently in late fall/almost winter 2012. The Liars and their friends are 17-18 and in their senior year of high school. The "older crowd" all graduated together and are around the same age of 24-25. (Melissa, Ian, Garrett, Jason, CeCe...) So, unless Bethany is the twin to Black Veil and both are unknown AND the producers are lying... Bethany can't have a twin.

But that doesn't mean she can't still be a secret child. According to the stable hand, Bethany threw a bucket at Mrs. D's head when she asked her to call her Aunt Jessie. Either Bethany didn't like the fact that Aunt Jessie wasn't really her Aunt, or Jessica DiLaurentis wasn't really her Aunt. Perhaps she was her mother? Bethany saw her as a Liar, drawing that picture BEFORE she escaped from Radley. Could Bethany be another Hastings/DiLaurentis love child that fell between Alison and Jason, that Mr. D. thought was his?

That leads us to Uber A and Black Veil... We've been led to believe that they are the same person, and I'm not really much closer at figuring out who A actually is, much less WHY they're so obsessively trying to hurt Alison and her friends. I do have a couple of suspects, though. I'm working on some theories for each at the moment. :)

Why haven't we seen a picture of Bethany Young, yet? Does she look like someone we know? We haven't really ever met anyone in that particular age range. I thought for a little while that the whole thing could've been a ruse by Rosewood PD to flush out Ali's real story, but we've gotten so involved with her story, that I think it's legit. Could her age have been estimated incorrectly? Maybe?!?

If Bethany was definitely the girl in the grave... was Sara Harvey just a big old red herring? Or does her disappearance have something to do with all of this?

I know that the producers and Sasha Pieterse have claimed that Alison doesn't have a twin... but I keep coming back to that theory with every new bit of information we get. I know there were rumors floating around about CeCe having a twin, and her twin being A... but that hasn't seemed to go anywhere.

Lastly... is everything really connected? I almost have to say yes... and no. :) We have so many lingering questions, that I feel like everything has to be part of the endgame A reveal/reasoning, or we would have more answers than we do. At the same time, I also say no, but I think that the characters involved in each plotline think that they do. When it came to Alison's death, a lot of people thought their version of the night's events were what actually happened, and there turned out to be more to almost every one of those versions! So... I think that the characters involved in some of the more outstanding mysteries might think that what they're trying to cover up is involved in something bigger, when in reality, if they'd just tell the truth, they'd be alright. For the most part... well, some of them, anyway! ;)

Before my brain explodes any more goo onto this already soppy page... I figure I'll hang it up for today. Let me know what you think of my theories in the comments, and I'll keep working on my theories. I tend to post super-specific and well-outlined theories on my tumblr, so keep checking there! The next episode is entitled March of Crimes and here's ABC Family's official synopsis...

"Hanna continues down her boozy path, with the help of Caleb, and her friends can no longer stand by and watch Hanna self-destruct. After her last encounter with Hanna, Aria starts to take note of Zach and wonders if Hanna – while drunk – was telling her the truth.”

Can't wait to see how all the drama unfolds... Until next time... Kisses!


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