PLL: "The Silence of E. Lamb" (5x7)

by - 7/29/2014

If Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is a swamp... we are trudging through it with the best of them! I know more action and a faster pace are coming, but it's hard to stay patient with SO many mysteries still shrouded in the shadows of Rosewood. It's clear that A is back, and in the last episode, Ali wasn't so sure she was going to stick around, but A seems to want her to stay put, for now. Keep your enemies closer, perhaps? Anyway... this week, we dove into more of those mysteries...

Emily and Pam Fields PLL The Silence of E. Lamb
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The Silence of E. Lamb opened up with Emily and her mother talking as they walked through the halls of Rosewood High. Pam spontaneously suggested inviting Alison and the other girls over for dinner. In the privacy of the bathroom, (yeahright) our Little Liars discussed dinner at Chez Fields. Spencer was busy that evening helping Ezra moving "spy stuff" and Aria was volunteering at Radley. Alison begged Hanna to come along so it wouldn't be so weird, and Hanna agreed. She left for class when the bell rang, and Alison hung back, asking Emily if her scarf covered all the bruises on her neck. Em assured her that between the makeup and the scar, you couldn't see anything. Not even half a second later, Sydney popped out of a bathroom stall and introduced herself to Alison, commenting on Ali's scarf.

Sydney Driscoll PLL The Silence of E. Lamb
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Alison went to class, and Emily and Sydney continued talking, and Sydney told Em about the rat in Paige's locker. Emily wondered who did it, and Sydney told her the coach had called a team meeting about the whole thing. Mona approached the two, and commented on what had happened to Paige. She stated that it seemed like something a boy would do. As she spoke, Em noticed that Mona was carrying Noel's notebook and called her out, suggesting Noel was part of Mona's Army. Mona claimed she was merely borrowing his notes.

Haleb Pretty Little Liars 5x7
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In the courtyard, Hanna spotted Caleb and wondered if he was back at school. Turns out, he was just there to take an exit exam. Caleb and Hanna continued to talk, and Caleb suggested cutting Alison out of her life. Hanna worried about losing her other friends, and Caleb told her she'd still have him. He realized his mistake immediately, and awkwardly ended the conversation.

Aria and Eddie Lamb Pretty Little Liars 5x7
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Across town at Radley, Aria began her first day of volunteer work. As she unpacked a box of supplies, Eddie Lamb greeted her, thought she looked familiar, and wondered how he knew her. Aria assured him that it was her first time there, but Eddie didn't look completely convinced.

Alison and Caleb Pretty Little Liars 5x7
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Back at Rosewood High, Caleb entered the room for his exit exam, only to find Alison there, taking a similar test. Ali recognized him, and the two begin to talk, but it didn't take long for their conversation to sour. Caleb couldn't hide his contempt for the way Alison treated Hanna and the other girls, and Alison didn't appreciate being judged because of her past.

Rhona Pretty Little Liars The Silence of E. Lamb
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At Radley, the art class Aria was volunteering for had begun. She spread out a bunch of artwork, including the picture Bethany had drawn. A patient mumbled the word thief, and Aria quickly moved the sketch beneath another piece of artwork. The patient told one of the nurses that Aria had stolen from her, but the nurses didn't believe her. The teacher suggested Aria ignore her, that Rhonda was just "having a day." Aria wondered aloud what that meant, and she learned that Rhonda had been Bethany's roommate, and the police had questioned her.

Over at Chez Hastings, Spencer spotted Melissa coming out of the barn and went outside to talk to her. Melissa was about to throw away a bag from the barn when Spencer stopped her. She wanted to help Melissa clean up, but when she grabbed the bag, she realized there was a dead rat inside. She dropped the bag, causing the rat to fall out. Melissa calmly picked up the rodent, stated that she would handle it, and that she needed to wash her hands.

Dead Rat PLL 5x7
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Caleb came over to Hanna's house after the test with a six pack of beer. Alison had already talked to Hanna about her confrontation with Caleb, and Ali wasn't pleased. Hanna told Caleb that she wasn't happy with the way he had treated Alison, but Caleb didn't seem to care. He told Hanna that he walked out of the test, and cracked open one of the beer bottles he had brought along. Hanna said he was stupid for walking out of the exit exam, that she could fight her own battles, and kicked him out.

Across town in Apartment 3B, Spencer arrived to find Ezra packing up his spying equipment. She asked to borrow one of Ezra's hidden cameras, and he agreed. Later, when they were packing the equipment into a storage shed, Ezra suggested they both walk away from the puzzles, but Spencer claimed that just like him, she couldn't walk away.

Spencer and Ezra Pretty Little Liars The Silence of E. Lamb
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Emily was walking home and saw Mona standing in front of Cavanshall Manor. Emily accused her army of putting the rat in Paige's locker, but Mona denied having anything to do with it. She told Em that she could call her a lot of things, but amateur wasn't one of them.

Monda Vanderwaal PLL The Silence of E. Lamb
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Meanwhile, at our favorite Sanitarium, Rhonda confronted Aria about the sketch. She called her a thief again, but Eddie walked in before the confrontation could get physical. Rhonda didn't tell Eddie what she thought Aria stole, and left the room to take her shower.

Aria Montgomery Pretty Little Liars 5x7
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Aria texted the other Liars that Radley had just gotten interesting. When Rhonda left her room, Aria slipped inside the door in an attempt to find the sketchbook. She looked around for a minute before she heard Rhonda yelling about another patient taking her shower stall. Aria slipped underneath the bed just in time for Rhonda to come in the room and angrily sit on her bed. Aria looked up and the mattress springs and noticed the sketchbook with Bethany's name on it, right in front of her nose.

Hanna Marin, Ali D, Pam Fields, PLL 5x7
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Over at Emily's house, Hanna arrived to find Pam and Alison talking on the porch and laughing. Pam went inside to check on the popovers, and Emily went to help her. While they were alone, Ali talked to Hanna and warned him about "guys like Caleb." Hanna immediately got annoyed with Alison and told her that Caleb was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Angry, she poured vodka into her water glass in an attempt to help her get through the evening.

Aria was walking out of Radley when Eddie Lamb stopped her, wondering why she was there so late. He seemed to notice the book in Aria's bag, but he didn't say anything. Aria got in her car and left, and Eddie placed a call to Ezra Fitz.

Back at Chez Fields, Emily, Alison, Pam, and Hanna were just about finished with dinner. Hanna was clearly tipsy, and Alison and Emily were trying their best to keep that fact from Em's mom. Alison began telling parts of her story to Emily's mom, with Hanna drunkenly commenting here and there. Emily tried to intervene, saying, "I think what Hanna means..." but Hanna cut her off, stating, "Hanna knows what Hanna means." Alison offered to help Pam clear the dishes, and Emily took Hanna's glass and smelled it, realizing it was full of alcohol. Hanna claimed that Pam wasn't buying Alison's story. Emily chastized her for drinking during the dinner and kicked her out.

Aria took the sketchbook over to the Hastings Estate, and looked through it with Spencer. The mood of the artwork in the sketchbook progressively turned darker, eventually ending with pictures of Mrs. DiLaurentis with devil horns and the word Liar written on her face. Spencer took pictures on her phone to show the drawings to Toby.

Bethany's sketches Pretty Little Liars

At Rear Window Brew, a still-drunk Hanna had arrived to order coffee. She ran into Sydney, who offered to sit and hang out with her while she sobered up. Hanna took her up on the offer, and the two sat and talked. Sydney innocently wondered why so many people had beef with Jenna, and Hanna joked that she wouldn't mind "raking her over the coals." Immediately after saying that, she claimed that she was just joking. She stated that the fight that all the girls were in with her wasn't even their own. Sydney wondered if they had ever thought of making up with Jenna, and Hanna accidentally slipped that everything with New York and "Shana, I mean, Jenna" made that impossible. (Ooooooops, and busted!) Sydney offered to take Hanna home, to which Hanna readily agreed, until she noticed Caleb walk in. Rather than head home, she stayed with Caleb, and the two shared their first kiss since Caleb returned from Ravenswood.

Haleb Kiss Pretty Little Liars 5x7
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Over at Casa de Hastings, Spencer and Melissa finally had a heart-to-heart conversation about their parents. Melissa explained to Spencer that Veronica had told Peter they were definitely done. Spencer speculated that all of this came about because of Alison, Bethany, and a whole bunch of lies. Melissa agreed that Alison and Bethany played a part in it, but claimed that it wasn't all the lies that motivated everything... it was love. When she left the room, Spencer tested the feed on her hidden camera, and watched Melissa walk into the Hastings barn and turn off the lights.

Back at Emily's house, Pam wondered if Emily still had feelings for Alison. She told her daughter that she thought she had feelings for her before Ali disappeared, and she wanted to see the dynamic between the two girls. Pam confided in Emily that the police found several holes in Ali's story, confirming what Hanna had earlier suspected. Pam also told Emily that she understood why Em had helped save Alison, but that didn't mean she had to keep on saving her.

Spencer received an alert on her camera feed, and the lights outside the barn turned on. She picked up her iPad, and watched a figure walk across her backyard. She zoomed in on the figure of face on the surveillance video to see that it was Alison.

Ali caught sneaking PLL The Silence of E. Lamb
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Emily had gone upstairs to her bedroom and called Paige. She left her a heartfelt voicemail, apologizing for what had happened to her, and asked her to return her call. She almost told Paige that she loved her, but switched her words to say that she'd love to hear from her instead.

Aria was walking towards her door while talking to Spencer on her phone, saying that "she'd be right over." She opened the door to find Ezra, who asked if she saw Eddie when she was leaving Radley that night. She claimed that she had, but wondered why or how Ezra would know that. Ezra told Aria that Eddie called and asked to meet him. Ezra waited an hour, but Eddie never showed up.

Aria, Emily, and Spencer watched the footage of Alison walking in her backyard, and Emily noted the difference in Ali's clothing. The girls got a text from A just as Hanna showed up to the front door. Em, Aria, and Spence asked Hanna if she got the message too, but she claimed she hadn't. Emily asked Hanna to double-check, and Spencer gave Hanna her phone to read A's latest taunt... "New York, New York, it's a hell of a town. Ali's keeping secrets, maybe that's because of Hanna's big mouth." -A.

another text from A Pretty Little Liars 5x7
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In the last scene, A was wearing black gloves, carefully opening a letter that was addressed to Emily's mom. It was an invitation to Zach and Ella's engagement party, and A took a picture of it. Using glue to seal the envelope, A made it look like the invitation had never been opened.

My Thoughts

When, oh when will these girls learn to be more discreet when discussing their secrets? I mean... Sydney in the bathroom? Really?!? And while we're on THAT subject... hasn't anyone noticed that she came out of nowhere and is getting nosier and nosier? I mean, besides the audience?!?

For someone who, at times, is so seemingly afraid of everything including her own shadow, Alison likes to roam around in the dark awholehellofalot. Makes me really wonder about her... Is she telling the truth? Is there truth to that twin theory from the books? Why is she so shady? What is she hiding? Ugh... soooooo many questions surrounding that girl.

Caleb and Hanna are helping each other self-destruct, and I don't like it. Let's get these two sober and together... in that order!

Those sketches! Rhonda was Bethany's roommate! I'm not sure what to make of any of these new revelations yet, other than everything is related... (...and probably in an extremely convoluted way!) Marion, Jessica, Bethany, Alison... It's all a big chain of events, and I'm wondering if it all started with Marion's death and Radley's subsequent coverup. 

Mona claimed that she wasn't behind the dead rat, and I believe her. I think it might've been done by one of her minions (Sydney) or possibly A?  

I understand pacing and exposition and all of that... but this episode just went soooooooo slow. I'm hoping that we get a little more action in Scream For Me. Until then... XOXO!!!


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