PLL: "A Dark Ali" (5x10)

by - 8/19/2014

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, (specifically, March of Crimes) an arrest was made in the Case of the Kidnapping that Didn't Really Happen. We jump in right where we left off last time...

Kenneth & Alison DiLaurentis PLL A Dark Ali

Alison DiLaurentis was at the police station, looking at pictures of the man who had been arrested for her kidnapping. Tanner told Mr. DiLaurentis that they had caught Cyrus lurking around the Marin house. Kenneth asked his daughter if the man in custody... Cyrus Petrillo, (corruptly lies) was responsible for her kidnapping. Alison told her father that she didn't know.

The next day, the Liars met Alison in her bedroom to discuss the latest development. When the Liars asked Alison if she ID'd Cyrus, she told them no, reminding them that she was blindfolded, causing Spencer to remind her friend that she had never really been kidnapped. The girls discussed whether the arrest was a setup by A, seeing that Cyrus conveniently knew every word of Ali's ordeal. As the girls talked, Alison came up with the idea that Cyrus could potentially lead the girls to A, and perhaps they could finally "win A's game." None of the girls were too convinced though, leaving Aria to wonder, "What happens when we lose?"

Spencer, Aria, Hanna PLL A Dark Ali

As the girls left Alison's house, Spencer told them that Ali's plan was dangerous, and that they were likely walking right into an A trap. The girls nominated Emily to go back inside and talk to Alison, certain that she will convince Ali to NOT identify Cyrus as her captor.

Back in Ali's bedroom, Emily cautioned Alison about her plan, claiming that if this particular lie unraveled, other lies would unravel with it. Alison seemed to understand, when her father knocked on the door and interrupted their conversation. Mr. D. was unhappy to learn that Alison had told Emily all about Cyrus, but proceeded to tell Alison that Cyrus had confessed to everything, and that the police thought he might also be involved in the murders of Jessica DiLaurentis AND Bethany Young.

Over at Chez Montgomery, Ella was working on calling vendors regarding her cancelled wedding when Aria came in with a sandwich. The two had a heart-to-heart about love and second chances.

Hanna & Caleb PLL A Dark Ali

Across town... maybe on the outskirts of town? Just where IS Toby's cabin located?!? Anyway... at Toby's cabin where Caleb has been staying, Hanna went on a cleaning spree. She dumped out all of the booze and was throwing away all the junk food when Caleb mentioned that dumping Alison might be better than dumping his fried zucchini. Hanna claimed that she wanted to forget about Alison and all the A drama and just live a normal life. She told Caleb that she was going to try out for a chorus solo, because that's what normal teenage girls do.

Back at the Hastings Estate, Spencer was on the phone with Emily and about to hide the "insurance" photos that Emily had stolen from Noel. in her red chair along with the recording of Alison's testimony. When she opened the secret compartment, she discovered the tape recorder was missing. Spencer told Emily that the recording was missing, and Melissa came in during her frantic search, wondering what she was doing. Spencer's phone rang, and when she answered, the tape of Ali's testimony began to play. When Melissa left the bedroom, Spencer received a message from A... "Checkmate."

Checkmate. PLL A Dark Ali

Hanna and Caleb were running when Spencer spotted them and stopped to talk to Hanna. Spencer began to tell Hanna about the missing tape, but Hanna wanted nothing to do with it. Despite Spencer's best attempts, Hanna brushed her off and continued her run. Spencer called after her, but Caleb suggested that she let it go, and give Hanna a break.

Moments later at Aria's house, Spencer showed her the footage from her spy camera. It was taken 24 hours before the arrest of Cyrus Petrillo, and showed a man talking to Melissa Hastings. She handed something to him and told him to "Just do it." Spencer surmised that it was the recording of Alison's story. Spencer took this as proof of a setup by A, and stressed to Aria that they were all walking blindly into a trap if Alison identified Cyrus. Spencer suggested that the girls distance themselves from Alison, and take all the evidence they had to the police and finally come clean about everything. Aria wasn't so sure.

Mona Vanderwaal PLL A Dark Ali

At school, Hanna signed up for the solo audition and noticed that Mona was auditioning too.

Over at Ezra's apartment, Aria filled Ezra in on Alison's plan. She asked again if all his research was safely locked away and he assured her that it was. Ezra wanted to talk to Alison, but Aria asked him not to. She didn't want to see him caught up in Alison's web of lies.

Alison & Emily PLL A Dark Ali

Emily and Alison talked, and Alison revealed that Cyrus is not a random stranger. She told Emily that he attacked her while she was on the run, he took her money, and when she tried to fight him, he stabbed her in the thigh with his knife. That's how she got the scar. In the basement, there was a copy of "Isle of the Dead" the painting that scared Alison at the Funeral Home. Alison told Emily that she had no idea how A had found Cyrus.

Back in the choir room at Rosewood High, a group of girls were called in for auditions, including Hanna and Mona. Hanna was on her way through the door when she heard a loud thump behind her. Mona had fainted, falling to the floor.

Noel's insurance photos PLL A Dark Ali

Spencer made herself at home in Emily's bedroom, much to the displeasure of Emily when she arrived home. She didn't want the "insurance" photos in her house, especially if they're the reason Cavanshall Manor was blown up. Emily told Spencer that Aria told her all about her plan, and Em is 100% against it. Emily claimed that Alison wasn't dangerous, she was simply hurt and the girls needed to support her. Emily suggested that if Spencer wanted to do something helpful, she'd openly talk to Melissa the way Emily had talked to Alison.

Mona regained consciousness with Hanna by her side, and told Hanna to grab her purse. When Hanna went to grab it, she noticed Cyrus' mugshot picture inside. Mona asked for her purse again, and Hanna gave it to her, keeping quiet about what she had found.

Ezra Fitz PLL A Dark Ali

At the Brew, Ezra spotted Alison and walked over to talk to her, despite Aria asking him not to. He reminded her that many people had risked a lot to help her and had subsequently become entangled in her web. Alison asked if his comments were a threat, but Ezra insisted they were merely an observation. Before the conversation could continue, Mr. DiLaurentis came over to his daughter, wondering why Ezra was speaking to her. Alison told her father that she was fine. As Ezra walked away, Aria caught his eye and shot him a disapproving look. Kenneth told Alison that the holding period for Cyrus was about to expire, leaving Alison to run off for a refill of coffee, rather than face the music.

Outside of Rosewood PD, Mona sat inside a car, listening to Tanner through surveillance equipment. Hanna spotted her and climbed into the passenger seat. Hanna asked about the mugshot photo, and Mona told her that she was trying to find out who was behind the setup. The two girls spot Alison, her father, and Lietuenant Tanner get into a vehicle and drive away from the station.

Hanna & Mona PLL A Dark Ali

Back at the Brew, Aria asked Ezra what he said to Alison. He told Aria that he reminded Alison that her actions have consequences. Ezra wonderd why Aria didn't want the two talking, but Aria didn't say anything.

Over at the Hastings compound, Spencer was sneaking back into the Main House from a snooping session in the barn when her sister caught her. Spencer told her that she saw the flight information on Melissa's laptop, and that she knew Melissa was working with Mona. Melissa countered by telling Spencer that she only worked with Mona to show Spencer that Alison hasn't changed at all. She told Spencer that her concern was merely out of sister love, as things around Alison tend to blow up and get destroyed. She wondered why that was so hard for Spencer to believe. Melissa told her that she had to leave, that it wasn't safe for either of them "here" anymore. Before she walked back to the barn, she invited Spencer to go with her.

Melissa & Spencer Hastings PLL A Dark Ali

Mr. DiLaurentis accompanied Alison as Lt. Tanner took them to the basement from the story Alison told Emily. Alison flashed back to the basement again, and Lt. Tanner could tell that she recognized the basement. When asked if she remembered the room, Alison claimed she could never forget it. Lt. Tanner called back to headquarters, telling them to continue holding Cyrus, as Alison positively identified the basement.

Alison Basement Flashback PLL A Dark Ali

Mona and Hanna were still talking in the car. Hanna asked Mona about her panic attacks, and Mona countered with Hanna's recent drinking problem. Confiding in Hanna, Mona claimed that Alison scares her to death, and she didn't want to face her alone. The girls heard Tanner radio back to the station, telling the other officers that Alison had positively identified the basement, and to continue holding Cyrus Petrillo. 

Aria and Emily were on the phone talking about Ezra and trust, when Ella walked in. When Ella pressed Aria for details about Ezra, she was reluctant to share, but opened up a little. She told her Mom that she wanted to forgive Ezra and give it a shot, but she wasn't sure that he had changed at all. Aria claimed that  her mother was right, and people don't change. Ella corrected her daughter, telling her that she had mispoken, and she didn't want Aria to use Zack as a bar for any sort of normal relationship. As the two talked, Aria received an SOS text from Hanna, informing her that Alison ID'd Cyrus and the Liars needed to meet.

Outside of the DiLaurentis home, Emily was waiting for Alison and Kenneth when they returned home. Emily questioned her identification of Cyrus, but Alison claimed that she had a plan. Emily told Alison that she had completely written off her friends, completely overlooking Alison's lies would affect all the girls. She told her that A had made the Liars lives' difficult, but the way they had always gotten through the hard times was with each other. Emily told Alison that she had stuck up for her when no one else had, but this was the last straw. She was "so done" with her.

Emily's so done PLL A Dark Ali

Back at the Marin household, Caleb wondered how Cyrus escaped, and Hanna suggested that A had a car waiting for him out back. She apologized to Caleb, telling him that she had to continue to help try and solve the mystery of A. Hanna told him she loved him and kissed him goodnight, then headed into the kitchen to meet with Spencer and Aria.

The Liars decided that Spencer was right. Alison was a loose cannon and they didn't know when everything around her was going to blow up. They needed to take everything they've got to Lieutenant Tanner. Emily showed up immediately after talking to Alison, finally coming on board with Spencer's plan, telling the others that they needed to do it tonight.

Aria, Hanna, Spencer PLL A Dark Ali

Out in the woods, Cyrus Petrillo was waiting as a figure walked up. It was Alison, dressed like her Vivian Darkbloom alias, complete with brown wig. Cyrus didn't seem happy that there was a warrant out for his arrest, claiming "that wasn't the deal we made." He grabbed a plane ticket out of Alison's hand and claimed that he could've told the police everything about her. Alison claimed that she could do the exact same thing and then they'd both lose. As Cyrus began to walk away, Ali taunted him, saying that she found him once and she could do it again. She told him that this was his one chance to start over and he better use it. He turned and asked, "The way you've used it, Ali?" She didn't repsond, and Cyrus got into his SUV and drove away. (The same SUV Alison was standing outside of in Miss Me x 100.)

Cyrus and Brunette Ali PLL 5x10

A video recording of Melissa Hastings began to play, "Spencer, you're right. I have to tell you the truth before it's too late."

Melissa Hastings confessional PLL A Dark Ali

In the last scene, the black-gloved hands of A folded laundry, including a candy striper dress and black hoodies. Additional pairs of black gloves were visible on the table, and there was a show about dogs on the television in the background.

Meanwhile, in A's Lair PLL A Dark Ali

My Thoughts

Mona and Hanna together in scenes again is one of my favorite things. I looooove these two together. Please tell me that this slight rekindling of their friendship doesn't mean that Mona's the one who's going to die in the finale, though... Because I'm worried about her!

I love Mona's admission about the panic attacks, if that's really the truth. I'm not sure that Mona would lie to Hanna in this moment, though. Gotta say, I really like how deep PLL is going with the effects of bullying. Paige admitted that she couldn't be in the same room with Alison without feeling like she was going to throw up. According to Mona, Alison gives her terrible anxiety, and we've sort of seen that, but this is really the first that Mona has opened up about being bullied.

Also in the category of "Characters I'm Worried About..." that video from Melissa? I know that we're due to find out her secret in the next episode, but it's a worrisome type of video. Could A be forcing her to tape it? Is she taping before she leaves the country? Or is she planning something worse?!?

Loved Hanna and Caleb running, and Hanna trying to be a normal girl. It's also good to see these two back to supporting each other and being honest with each other. Hopefully Caleb will tell Hanna more about Ravenswood soon.

Her last statement to Spencer was a little cryptic. She claimed that it wasn't safe for her, that it wasn't safe for either of them. That leads me to think that A is after Melissa as well. She mentioned that "here" was not safe... was she talking about Rosewood in general, or more specifically the Hastings Estate?  

At the end of the episode...

is that really Alison? Is she using the Vivian Darkbloom disguise to sneak around? Is this supposed to be our incredibly not-so-subtle hint that Alison is A? Why would Alison set this whole thing up with someone who attacked her? Was she lying about that, too? If she was lying, how did she really get her scar? If this whole thing is really just her way to make the kidnapping story gel with the police... why didn't she inform the girls? Why doesn't she trust them?

or is it someone else? Could this be the long awaited twin of Alison from the books? Perhaps an Alison doppelganger? Are they trying to make us think that Alison has a twin, only to reveal that it's actually someone else with a twin? Maybe there's a sibling in between Alison and Jason who happens to look a whole lot like Alison, just with dark hair?

And that whole preview for next week? Did Melissa really kill Bethany Young, or did she simply bury her? Promos are totally misleading, but it looked like Melissa saw Spencer dragging the shovel behind her, possibly happened on a knocked-out Bethany Young, and buried her, thinking that it was Alison DiLaurentis, and that Spencer had knocked her out! That's a whoooooole lot of assuming though!

So, next week is the penultimate episode of Season 5A, entitled "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me." Wonder who that's in reference to... Melissa... or Alison? We'll find out soon enough! XOXO


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