PLL: "March Of Crimes" (5x9)

by - 8/06/2014

Nine episodes down and only three left until the Summer 2014 Season 5 Finale! The Liars picked up right where they left off at the end of Scream For Me, investigating the identity of A, and trying to piece together all of the secrets and lies in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Good. Freaking. Luck.

Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields Pretty Little Liars 5x9

The episode opened with Emily, Spencer, and Ali still talking in Hanna's bedroom. The girls wondered why Noel would agree to break into Hanna's house for Alison. Spencer commented on how reckless the plan was, had it failed. Hanna walked into the room, and Emily asked about Ashley. Alison was about to leave the room to make a phone call when Spencer brought up the surveillance footage of her sneaking out past the Hastings barn. Ali bristled at the idea of being watched, and the girls discussed potential A candidates. Emily suggested Melissa, claiming that Noel couldn't have been behind the stable attack if he was breaking into the Marin house. Spencer shut down that idea, but suggested that Alison could've hired Noel to choke her in her own living room. Emily believed the attack was legitimate, and performed by someone other than Noel.

Later, as Emily rode her bicycle, she happened upon Noel Kahn. He was sitting in his car, listening to the audio of a phone call between Alison and Shana. Emily was almost caught, but ducked out of view before Noel could spot her. Clearly spooked, he peeled out, leaving Emily wondering what she had just overheard.

Ashley and Hanna Marin Pretty Little Liars 5x9

The next morning, Ashley offered to take Hanna and Alison out for a little retail therapy after school. While the two were talking, Hanna's flask fell out of her backpack, and Ashley told her daughter that she understood why she was drinking, but she would never approve. She also claimed that given what had happened to Alison, and that the kidnapper was still on the loose, Hanna shouldn't be turning to anything that would inhibit her ability to think clearly. (Plus a zillion points for Mama Marin. I really love her bond with Hannakins.)

Down at Rosewood PD, Aria was called in for questioning. Her mother Ella was present, in which has to be a monumental first for PA's finest police department. (cough.cough.) Lieutenant Tanner had a lot of questions about Ezra, going so far as suggesting that he was involved with other students. Aria responded by claiming that Ezra wasn't a perv and didn't serial date teenage girls. (so much guilty conscience going on.)

Alison DiLaurentis Pink Blazer Pretty Little Liars 5x9

 Alison approached Spencer at her locker, and wondered if Spence was being called in for questioning next. She asked why Aria was acting weird, and if there was something going on between Hanna and Aria. Alison reminded Spencer that if just one of them messed up the story, they could all go down. As the two were talking, Hanna walked in, either drunk or hungover, and Alison changed the subject, suggesting that Spencer should be tracking Hanna, not her.

In the office of Rosewood High's swim coach, Emily was being interviewed for the position of Assistant Coach. She accepted the job when offered to her, and also noticed a list of combinations that happened to include Noel Kahn. The Coach showed her out of the locker room, and Emily snuck back in, broke into Noel's locker, and stole his car keys. While Noel was at practice, Emily unlocked his car and took the recording of Shana talking to Alison, along with photos that would prove Alison's kidnapping story false.

Spencer talks to Caleb Pretty Little Liars 5x9

Meanwhile, Spencer went to Toby's cabin where Caleb has been staying. She tried to talk to Caleb, suggesting that her and the other girls weren't just worried about Hanna, but about Caleb too. She told him that she always thought he had been a good influence on Hanna, and it hurt to watch the two of them self-destruct together.

At school, seemingly after another choir practice, Alison apologized to Hanna for the stage break-in. Hanna was still angry, and didn't want to hear anything Alison had to say. She told Ali to leave her alone, and suggested that Alison stay with one of the other girls. Alison claimed that their group was falling apart, and wondered what was happening to the girls. Jenna entered the room, interrupting their conversation. Hanna wordlessly exited the room, leaving Alison to shakily greet Jenna for the first time since Ali had threated Jenna to stay away from Rosewood. Jenna was polite to Alison, and the two commiserated Shana's death. As Jenna was about to leave, she told Ali that it must be scary knowing that someone was still out to get her, suggesting Alison's kidnapper. Before Jenna left the room, Ali asked how Jenna brought Shana over to her side. Jenna told Alison point blank that Ali had done that all by herself.

Jenna talks to Alison Pretty Little Liars 5x9

Aria texted Ezra to be wary of Tanner and any new questioning attemps. Hanna spotted her as she walked into the courtyard. When Aria saw her, she got up from the table and left.

While Em was breaking into Noel's car, Spencer was at the Eye Doctor. A nurse gave her eye drops to dialate her pupils for a screening, and Spencer saw Jenna walk in. Due to her blurred vision, Spencer thought Jenna was accompanied by "another Jenna." During her appointment, Spencer found a note from A on the test board that read, "Can you see me yet?" She quickly scanned the room, but A was long-gone.

message from A Pretty Little Liars 5x9

After the appointment, Spencer talked to Emily again, and she told her about seeing two Jennas. Emily told her that she would be there to pick her up shortly.

Aria, Ella, and Zach were working on wedding preparations when Emily called Aria to tell her about what happened to Spencer. As Aria ended the call, Ella left for a hair appointment. Aria took advantage of being alone with Zach to tell him about Hanna not attending the engagement party. She closely watched his reaction as the two talked, but didn't let on to Zach anything that Hanna had said.

Zach the Muffin Man Pretty Little Liars 5x9

Back at the Eye Doctor, Emily had arrived to pick up Spencer, and heard about her theory in person. As Spencer was explaining, Jenna and Sydney walked out into the lobby. Emily recognized Sydney and confronted her, wondering when she befriended Jenna. Neither Sydney or Jenna answered the question, but Jenna told Emily and Spencer that they didn't need to be scared of her. She claimed, "I'm not Alison."

Caleb asked Hanna about her reason for not attending Ella and Zach's engagement party and she told him the truth. He told her that none of what happened was her fault, and that he was going to go out and get her favorite take out while she watched the "chickiest chick flick" she could find.

Caleb Pretty Little Liars 5x9

Ella came back from her hair appointment and asked Aria about her choice of necklace. Aria used the opportunity to bring up what happened to Hanna, and Ella jumped on the possibility of an inappropriate comment really fast. Turns out, something similar had happened while they were vacationing together, and Ella wrote it off, but couldn't ignore it for a second time.

At the brew, Zach was making final preparations for the party when Caleb walked in the door. Immediately, Zach realized that he was Hanna's boyfriend and tried to make excuses. He gave Caleb a note that was signed from Hanna, but Caleb knew it had not been written by her. Despite realizing that A was involved in the situation, Caleb punched Zach, returning home to Hanna with no food. He told her what he did, and showed her the note, cementing A's involvement.

Caleb punches Zach Pretty Little Liars 5x9

Emily and Spencer were talking on the phone once again, while Spencer was on her way to her family's cabin. As Emily hung up, Sydney pulled up and asked to talk to her. Emily was still angry over Sydney's betrayal. Sydney claimed that she befriended Jenna after volunteering at the hospital where Jenna was treated and overhearing Ali's threats. Sydney claimed that she helped glue Jenna back together, and only came to Rosewood for emotional support when Jenna heard that Alison was alive. Emily responded by telling Sydney that she was taking the Assistant Coach position, and she would be watching Sydney just as closely as Sydney had watched Emily.

At the Hastings Lake House, Spencer hid the recording and pictures in an old lock-top desk when she noticed that a sheet over one of the chairs moved. She pulled it off, revealing Noel Kahn, who was watching where she hid the potential "evidence." Spencer questioned why Noel was working with Alison and what he needed the information for. Noel revealed that he retrieved the contents of the envelope from Cavanshall Manor seconds before it exploded. He told Spencer he was well aware of how Alison threw people away when she was done with them, and the contents of the envelope were Noel's insurance policy in case that happened. Spencer told him that the Liars needed that evidence just as much as he did, for almost the same reason. Spencer had to stab Noel in the hand with a fire poker, but got him to agree that she would find a better hiding place, and keep the evidence safe for the both of them.

Spencer and Noel Standoff Pretty Little Liars 5x9

At Casa De Marin, Aria stopped by to tell Hanna about Ella and Zach's broken engagement, and to apologize. Hanna told her about A's involvement, but Aria claimed it didn't really matter. She told Hanna that it wasn't that she didn't believe what Hanna had told her, it was that she wanted to believe that her mother could find happiness again. Aria asked for Hanna's forgiveness, and the two hugged it out. (Awwww!)

Alison and Ashley returned to the Marin house after the engagement party. As the two walked, Ashley received a telephone call from the Police Department and responded to the news on the other end by saying that they would be right down to the station. She informed Alison that the police had arrested a person of interest, and Tanner wanted her to come down and identify the suspect. Alison looked horrified.

Alison DiLaurentis Pretty Little Liars 5x9

Down at Rosewood PD, Ashley and Alison were brought into the police side of a 2-way glass interrogation room. The sound was on, and Alison heard the suspect corroberating parts of her story. Ashley asked for the volume to be turned down, while Alison looked even more confused and horrified.

A gets a checkup Pretty Little Liars 5x9

Back at the Eye Doctor, the nurse told A/Black Hoodie that the Dr. was running late. The patient (A) showed the nurse his/her headphones, and we heard audio of Alison telling her kidnapping story to the police.

My Thoughts

This episode was a really good reminder of how manipulative A can be. I never guessed that A had a hand in the whole Zach and Hanna thing, but I should've figured. Really. The girls should've figured that, too. It's been a little while since A was so threatening, though. So, I guess we're all willing to cut them some slack at the moment.

Aria definitely made the right decision this time around. Isn't it funny how this secret/A interaction mirrored her original secret from Season 1? She told her mom that something fishy was going on immediately, and it turned out to be for the best. Ella called off the wedding, and Aria and Hanna finally made up.

Hanna and Caleb have a very interesting storyline going at the moment. Now that some of the Hanna drama has been cleared up, it's time for Caleb to tell Hanna something about what happened in Ravenswood. Not a whole lot or anything... I mean, I don't want to take valuable plot time away. Just enough to get these two back on more solid footing as a couple. :)

Emily finally found the truth in Sydney's motives, although she wasn't really questioning them. Still, it was ineresting to see her reaction. She definitely not the same Emily from Season 1.

Spencer sleuthed a little more, discovered what she thought was a second Jenna, and stabbed Noel Kahn in the hand with a fireplace poker. But she's on Noel's side, really.

Alison's return has brought out the worst in everyone. The Liars are turning against each other, A is trying to get between all of them, and Mona's army seems to be trying to do the very same thing. What good will come of the circle becoming broken? Not so much before everything started, but now? So many lies have been told that there's a lot at stake for everyone!

That whole Jenna and another Jenna thing... I sort of get the point, but I also feel like I'm missing something. Sydney claimed that she was offering emotional support to Jenna but she was dressed EXACTLY like her for a reason. I mean, not even just hair down and sunglasses... their outfits were exactly the same! Did Jenna hire Sydney as a body double for protection? Was the episode at the Eye Doctor a setup from the Real A, Mona's Army, or both? It seemed to me like this was an attempt to clearly show that Mona's Army and A are two completely different entities. But, could Sydney be working for both Mona's Army and A? Is that even possible?

Noel claimed he grabbed the tape and photos from Jenna's house seconds before it exploded. So, either that's what A wanted to destroy, or someone was trying to kill Noel... but who? A? Jenna? Mona? Alison? I thought it was pretty interesting that Spencer and Noel were able to come to an agreement to hide the evidence in order to protect both Noel and the Liars.

Alison seemed confused and horrified by the revelation that Rosewood PD had apprehended a person of interest. When she gets down to the station, sees the suspect, and hears his testimony... she seemed confused and surprised, but also like she knew Cyrus Petrillo. Is it possible that he helped her somewhere along the way, and this whole thing is a big setup by A? Pretty brilliant if you think about it... If A can successfully prove to the police that Alison's kidnapping story is one big lie... Ali and the other Liars would be completely discredited. Is this the beginning of A trying to frame Alison and the Liars for all his/her actions?

In the beginning of the episode, Emily threw Melissa's name into the ring as a contender for A. Spencer brushed off the claim pretty quickly, as she has done in the past. Could it be that the most obvious of suspects is the person who's actually behind all the drama? I know that we'll be learning about Melissa's secret in 5x11, and eventually, we'll learn the identity of Bethany's killer... but I'm not sure that those two things are connected. It seems like sloppy marketing if that's the case.

And back to Alison for a second... is she really telling the truth about everything? Is she lying about all of it? She doesn't ever answer the questions about who she's meeting in secret. She got really defensive when she thought Spencer was spying on her. Why so guilty if there's nothing to hide?

Who in the world is A? Was that last scene supposed to be a clue? Does A wear glasses, or was it just time for his/her checkup? Did A get kicked by the horse, too? Could Spencer be A? Is it possible that Mona is A/Black Widow after all? How can A possibly slip in and out of soooooo many places unrecognized, yet still wearing black gloves and a black hoodie? Does no one in Rosewood find that to be suspicious?!? And please... don't even tell me that any of this could be happening inside someone's head during their stay at Radley, or a different rehab facility.

And then... that preview for next week's episode, leading up to the "Fatale Finale?" I kind of expected that someone would die during the mid-season finale. As a viewership, we've just gotten used to that. My bets are still on Melissa or Mona. Until next time... A Dark Ali awaits... kisses!


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