PLL: "No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me" (5x11)

by - 8/24/2014

Rosewood is a dark place to be these days. Last week, A Dark Ali spun more lies, ultimately betraying Emily's trust and turning out to be in leauge with Cyrus Petrillo. The mystery and intrigue around Alison only grew this week as the Liars pondered the identity of A... and learned a shocking new secret.

Once again, we opened up right where we left off... with Emily urging the other girls to cut ties with Alison and finally tell the cops the truth. The girls marched down to Rosewood PD just like in Whirly Girlie, and were about to cross the road when an image of Alison visiting Hanna in the hospital came on several TV screens in a storefront behind them. A reminded the Liars of what was at stake, and they quickly abandoned their plan.

Pretty Little Liars 5x11 message from A

Later at The Brew, Spencer and Emily talked about the message, wondering if it was from A or Alison?

Hanna went to Toby's cabin and found Caleb asleep. She kissed him on the forehead, waking him up and scaring him. When Hanna found a bottle of liquor beside him, she confronted him, reminding him about their agreement to not drink. Caleb told her it helped him sleep.

Caleb Rivers

At the Montgomery house, Aria came home to Mike and Mona studying together and was not happy to see A 1.0 in her living room. Again. 

Determined to get answers, Emily turned to Ezra for help in finding out who was in the "insurance" photos with Alison. The two talked about a possible connection between Alison and Cyrus, and just why Cyrus would be willing to lie for Alison when there was such a risk of jail time involved.

Ezra Fitz

Back at Chez Montgomery, Byron and Aria talked about Mike and Mona's relationship. Byron seemed to understand Aria's concerns about Mona. He suggested they both keep an eye on the situation.

Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Pretty Little Liars 5x11

The next day at school, the girls pondered who else besides A would want them to keep quiet. Aria mentioned Mona, and Hanna brought up Alison. Emily and Aria left for class, and Hanna asked Spencer if she was still in touch with Dean, her sobriety coach. Spencer told Hanna that she hadn't talked to Dean since her mother fired him, but understood why Hanna was asking. She suggested that Toby talk to Caleb while the two couples were out on a double date, rather than calling in a complete stranger.

Outside Rosewood High, Paige and Emily discussed the new developments with Sydney and what it was like for Emily to be in a coaching position. Emily asked Paige if the two could get together and talk that evening. Paige agreed that she wanted to talk to Emily, but she was busy that particular night.

Spencer Hastings

At the Hastings Estate, Spencer was talking to Toby while Hanna waited for an answer about the Double Date/Caleb's intervention. Hanna noticed a card on the floor when Spencer moved her door. It was a note from Melissa explaining that their father took her to the airport, assuring Spencer that she would know everything soon.

Aria, Emily, and Hanna were downtown theorizing about what Melissa's letter had meant and what Alison had been up to. Lieutenant Tanner found them and asked if she could talk to them. She assured the girls that Ali's kidnapper would be caught, and told them to report any suspicious activity to the police. She asked the girls if they had any ideas about who had killed Bethany, and Emily admitted that they had no idea. Tanner told the three of them that she couldn't find a single thing connecting them to Bethany, other than the fact that Bethany was murdered 30 yards away from the barn that they had all been sleeping in. Lt. Tanner suggested that the girls were different from herself at that age and excused herself. When she was gone, Aria told the other girls she felt sick.

Spoby Pretty Little Liars 5x11

Toby and Spencer sat on the couch at Spencer's house and talked about Caleb. They both agreed that he looked haunted. They realized he had looked that way ever since he came back from Ravenswood. Toby agreed to talk to him, and Spencer called Hanna to confirm their intervention date. Hanna told Spencer that Tanner believed that they killed Bethany Young. Spencer tried to comfort Hanna by telling her there was no connection between the Liars and Bethany, but Hanna reminded her about Aria's trip to Radley, and Emily and Spencer's visit to the stables. While still on the phone with Hanna, Spencer received a package in the mail from Melissa. She got off the phone with Hanna, and opened the envelope, revealing a video. After bidding Toby goodbye, Spencer put the video in her laptop to watch it.

Melissa Hastings appeared on screen, still wearing the shirt we last saw her in, with a blazer overtop. She told Spencer that it was finally time to tell her the truth. Melissa told Spencer that she was going back to England, something that her father had been begging her to do since she whispered in his ear that night at the Police Station. She claimed that she had seen Alison and Spencer arguing on the night of Ali's disappearance, and saw Spencer walking, dragging a shovel behind her. Melissa found a body, thought it to be Alison, and thought that Spencer had hit her with the shovel, killing her. Melissa wanted to protect Spencer, so she pushed the body into the gazebo hole and covered it up. Melissa claimed that she couldn't look at the girls face, she just pushed her in. Only later did she realize that it wasn't Alison, that Spencer hadn't killed her, and that she was actually responsible for Bethany's death because she had buried her alive. Melissa claimed that everything she had done, she had done thinking that she was protecting Spencer. The video ended and Spencer was visibly devestated.

Melissa Hastings Pretty Little Liars 5x11

Later, Spencer, Toby, and Hanna were at the Apple Rose Grille waiting for Caleb. As soon as he arrived, Toby confronted him about having trouble sleeping, much to the chagrin of Spencer, who postulated to Hanna that this was how boys communicated.

At the Brew, Paige picked up coffee for two, clearly dressed up for a date. Emily had picked up a shift and saw her. The two had an awkward conversation as Emily realized that Paige was on a date.

Paige McCullers Pretty Little Liars 5x11

Aria walked into the theatre to meet Mike and her parents, only to find that Ella had cancelled and Mona had taken her place. Aria was not amused, but took her seat anyway. She noticed Paige and her date take their seats a few rows in front of her.

Toby and Caleb were talking at their own table, when Toby brought up Ravenswood. Toby told Caleb that he had to deal with his problems, and tried to empathize, saying that he had been to Ravenswood, too. Caleb told Toby that he didn't really know anything, and stormed out of the Grille.

Toby Cavanaugh Pretty Little Liars 5x11

Back in the theatre, the movie was underway, Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train. Aria whispered something in Mona's ear, causing her to become upset and walk out.

Toby and Spencer were still at Apple Rose Grille, and Toby asked Spencer if the video had anything to do with Melissa. She told him that it did, but she had absolutely no idea what to do with it.

EF Squared PLL 5x11

At the Brew, Emily met up with Ezra for an update. He learned that the person in the picture with Alison at the ATM was indeed Cyrus Petrillo, who went by a couple other aliases and had a criminal record. He had been arrested multiple times, but had never been convicted of any of those crimes. The two continued to throw around ideas behind Cyrus' confession.

After being gone from the theatre for quite some time, Aria went to check on Mona. She found her in the ladies room, reapplying her makeup, still teary-eyed. She told Aria that she was good, she knew how to put the knife in and she wasn't afraid to twist it. Mona claimed that Alison had underestimated her. She suggested that she should have died when she fell off of the cliff in UnmAsked, (2x25) and Aria told her not to say that. The two went on to have a heart-to-heart where Mona claimed that everything that she had done since Ali had gotten back was for self-preservation. She warned Aria that when Alison was done with Mona, she would come after the Liars because she couldn't trust them. Not after what had happened in New York or with Cyrus. Aria asked what she meant, and Mona told her that she knew some things and she could guess at others. The conversation ended with Mona asking Aria if Mike really liked her.

Mona Vanderwaal

Spencer watched the videotape again, and said goodbye to her sister.

Back at Chez Montgomery, the movie was over and Mike had taken Mona home. Byron asked Aria what happened between the two of them, and she told her father that they had a long talk. She also told him that she thought Mike would be okay. As they were talking, there was a knock on the door, and Aria wondered who it was. Byron told her that it was Lt. Tanner, that she had called earlier and left a voicemail for him.

Byron Montgomery

At Toby's cabin, Caleb came back and proceeded to start packing, but Hanna caught him in the process. She gave him an ultimatum that he could be honest with her, or she might as well just help him pack.

Byron and Lt. Tanner talked while Aria listened, out of sight in another room. Byron seemed unhappy that the police had a habit of talking to the girls without parental supervision, but Tanner claimed she wasn't harassing the Liars. She told Byron that murder cases usually became less confusing as they pressed on, but this particular case was getting more confusing. Tanner said that when that happened, it was usually because someone smart was behind it. She also told Aria's father that she thought Aria was part of those complications, and she had been waiting for one of the girls to come forward, and that was exactly what had just happened. According to Tanner, she was looking forward to talking with that girl the next day.

Aria Montgomery

Later, in Spencer's bedroom, Aria told Emily and Spencer what she had overheard. The girls ruled out Hanna as the snitch and decided that it must have be Alison who came forward. Emily suggested that if Alison was planning on selling them out, the girls could use the photo of Alison with Cyrus to prove that her kidnapping story was a lie.

Hanna Marin

Back at Toby's cabin, Caleb reached the end of the story about his time in Ravenswood. The pointer on the ouija board moved to "goodbye" but neither Caleb or Hanna noticed.

Aria and Emily were still at Chez Hastings and Spencer showed them the video of Melissa's confession. The girls realized that if Alison and Melissa were telling the truth, then both Alison and Bethany were running around in identical outfits. This led the liars to wonder if Bethany taking Alison's place in the grave was the real plan all along. As the girls talked, Emily slipped, calling Alison A, and Spencer still wondered what to do with Melissa's confession.  

In the last scene, Caleb was finally asleep, and Hanna looked out of the window. The camera panned outside of the cabin, as Hanna placed a call on her cell phone. Fireflies were visible all around, and it seemed like someone was watching Hanna and Caleb.

Pretty Little Fireflies PLL 5x11

My Thoughts

Was that A watching Hanna and Caleb at the end... or was that supposed to be Miranda's spirit floating away? This is the only bad thing about mixing Ravenswood with Rosewood!

What are the odds of Alison and Bethany wearing the exact same clothes that evening... I mean, right down to the boots? It's really looking like someone is lying about that night. Melissa, Alison, or both? Have we gotten a few truths from that evening? Was everything Alison told the girls a lie? Things are definitely getting confusing!

I'm pretty sure that Tanner was bluffing at the end. I don't think any of the girls came forward. The Liars already seem to think that Alison is the one who was talking, but I don't think she would voluntarily go in. She has quite a lot riding on her story. Like it or not, the Liars and Alison kind of are "all in this together."

The previews for next week are touting "Taking This One to the Grave" the "fatale finale." They've told us point-blank that someone will die. They've even given us a graphic scrolling through possible choices! Honestly, I think out of everyone shown, it's likely to be Mona, Melissa, or Lucas.

We've pretty much confirmed through lots of photos that Mona's house is where the "crime" happens. But from the way Detective Holbrook talked in the preview, it sounded like there wasn't a body. So, perhaps someone is going to be framed for murder, or someone is faking their own death?

Melissa could be the one to die, considering that she has shared her secret, and now she is supposedly off to England. While there might be more to her story, her explanation wraps up her involvement nicely. It even makes sense!

Lucas was in the video montage, and he's not a main character. He's dealt with A before, too. I'm not sure that I believe that he knows who Uber A is. I think he has mainly been in league with Mona as A and then Mona's army. If he has involvement with the A-Team now, I think it's in the same capacity as Mona... He doesn't know who's pulling the strings, but he's being blackmailed to be a helper.

Showing Mona outside of the police station in the last episode pretty much confirmed that she's still trying to figure out the identity of A. That's definitely dangerous information, and something that A has been trying to keep hidden. So, it would make sense that if Mona got too close to the truth, she could possibly be killed. Mona's smart, so I think if any character would find out the identity of A, it would be her or Spencer.

So... who is A? I'm beginning to wonder if there is going to be a twin for Alison after all. As of right now, I just don't know why she would be A. The show is definitely thinking that, even the girls are thinking that! But, why?

Exactly what does Bethany Young have to do with anything? I'm guessing that Mona and Spencer will find something out about her next week, during their search of Radley... but what? Is Bethany Young her real name?

Also in the previews... Alison is shown taking a polygraph test, and they're going to ask her to state her name. Will that show up as a lie, confirming that Alison Lauren DiLaurentis isn't really who we thought she was? Or could this be a plot similar to the books, in that, we've only just met Alison. Before coming home to Rosewood... was the Alison the girls knew really Courtney, like in the books? Honestly, I hope not. There are so many key points and moments from that particular plot in the books that just haven't happened on the show. I don't want to see a resolution that comes out of nowhere.

If Alison does in fact have a twin, or someone who looks enough like her to be a twin, and that person took her place... I could see the "switch" having happened at the abandoned house. That's the only point that kind of makes sense, and right now, there would still be plot holes with that idea.

I'm not liking the fact that Alison ripped the girls apart and now they're not even speaking to her. I really wanted to see her redeem herself. I can't wait to find out the truth about her, because she's obviously got secrets too.

The previews for "Taking This One To The Grave" also showed someone getting arrested, possibly multiple Liars being arrested. I'm thinking that one of them might be arrested for the murder of Bethany Young, and others possibly in connection with the murder that will happen. We know that A loves to frame people, so why not frame the Liars for something?

At this point in the series... I think that the motives of A are still unknown. Unless Jenna is A. She's really the only character with any sort of grudge against the girls. I want to think that we are going to be able to trace everything back to the Pilot and have it all make sense, but I'm just not sure that it's going to happen that way. I would love to know if we have all the knowledge we need right now to figure out who A is. And if we don't, when are we going to get to the point where we are able to put it all together? It's so frustrating!

What will we find out during the fatale finale? I'm not really sure, but given how slow the progression of the story has been this summer... I can't really say that I'm holding out for too many answers. How about you?!?


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