31 Day Challenge 2014: *02*

by - 9/02/2014

Yesterday was RED. Today features ORANGE... and we allllllll know how much I love loathe orange.

Orange 31DC2014

Pigment Gradient Layering Manicure

Orange 31DC2014

Pigment Gradient Layering Manicure

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats OPI Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear?
1 Sprinkle Jesse's Girl Flambe
1/2 Coat Spoiled Champagne Siren
1 Sprinkle Jesse's Girl Flambe
1 Coat OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?
1 Coat Sinful Colors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Yes... I'm actually wearing the orange nail polish you see in these pictures as I'm typing. Do I hate it? Not reeeeaaaally. Do I love it? Definitely not. I'm officially filing this one under "meh."

For Day 2 of the 31 Day Challenge, I thought I'd pair Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear from OPI with some sparkly pigmented eyeshadow from Jesse's Girl. In my defense, I did something similar here, and it turned out AWESOME. Today's nails? Not so awesome. :(

But in my defense... the polish wasn't orange and the pigment and polish had waaaaaaaay more contrast the first time around. Also in my defense, I only own 2 colors of Jesse's Girl Pure Pigments Eye Dust... Flambe and Penny Arcade. Since I used Penny Arcade last time, I thought I'd try out Flambe for a neat flaming sort of effect. What I got was a little more like molten muted lava... a bit short of my expectations.

That being said, though... at least you can see the pigment. When I realized it was blending together a little too well, I added Champagne Siren for some extra sparkle and contrast, but that didn't really help much. Not really hating it... but like I said... not loving it either. I'm not sure I'm capable of loving orange anything! (Unless it's juice mixed with vodka. Then, make it a double!)

Still, 2 days down, 29 to go! The challenge continues to plow through the rainbow with YELLOW as tomorrow's prompt!


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