31 Day Challenge 2014: *11*

by - 9/11/2014

On a scale of 1-10... I was somewhere around an 8 with not wanting to let my gradient manicure go. But the challenge must go on, and as it moves along, the prompts are only going to get more challenging. I'm definitely looking forward to rising to the occasion and a lot of firsts. Like today, for example. My first dotticure for the Day 11 prompt... POLKA DOTS!

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
2 Coats SOPI Nonfat Soy Half-Caff
2 Coats SOPI Under My Trench Coat
1 Coat Essie Good To Go
SinfulColors Black On Black (dots)
SinfulColors Secret Admirer (l. thumb dots)
1 Coat Sinful Colors Clear Coat
1 Coat Essie Good To Go

First of all, you're probably wondering about the 2 coats of Nonfat Soy Half-Caff. Oh you weren't?!? Well... I'll tell you about them anyway! I've been watching entirely too much coverage of NYFW, and nude nails are all over the runways. So, I thought I'd do black dots on what I thought was my perfect nude polish.

Soooooooooooo not.

If Nonfat Soy Half-Caff were a lot less orange-toned and willing to party with my olive undertones... it would be a perfect true nude, mannaquin hand-esque polish. But it's nawt. Boo. It actually looks awful on my nails compared to my skin tone, so I quickly covered it up with Under My Trench Coat. sorrynotsorry. 

Under My Trench Coat is a cool, light beige polish with a fine champagne colored shimmer running through it. I can barely notice it as I'm looking down at my nails whilst typing. Which is good, because I was going for neutral and minimal at the same time.

This is the first "dotticure" I've ever done. Can you believe it? I've actually owned a dotting tool since before I even started this blog that I've never used. This past year for Christmas, my sister gifted me this one from Sephora. Now that I've used it, I probably won't even try the old one, you know, assuming I could actually find it. I'm not quite sure where it's gotten to. O.o

The nice thing about the Sephora tool, is that you can pick from 2 different sizes of dots. I believe the smaller point can be used for water marbling manis, too. I found it was really easy to use the tool, I just had to make sure that I had a decent amount of polish on the tip. Oh, and I put my black polish in this palette that I purchased from Michael's a few years back.

Being that this was my first time dotting, I had no idea how long to wait before applying top coat. I think I waited around 10 minutes before I applied SinfulColors clear, and I still had some smudging on my nails. Thankfully, when I added another coat of Essie Good To Go, that didn't smudge anything else.

I really like how this manicure turned out, and I'm kinda sad that I'll have to take it off after just one day of wear. That's how it goes, though. I'll definitely be trying out another dotticure sooner than later, that's for sure! Next time, it's STRIPES...

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