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State of the Sparkle *004*

I'm facing facts... it's the first Friday of September 2014. No matter how much I wish I could will it to stay... Summer will be gone in 16 short days. Boo. Boo to the boo power. I've been ready for Fall the past couple of years, but not this one. I don't know if it's because it just wasn't hot this summer, or if I am the only one who remembers how snowy and cold and snowy, snowy, snooooooowy it was last Winter. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself?

Fall or no fall... this recipe looks delicous and I can't wait to try it. Mr. Sparkle definitely got me into Rosemary, and pairing it with Ranch? Ummmm yes. Even my Peanut loves ranch dressing and she's not even 2. Granted, we give it to her to use as what she calls "dip dip," and you'd think that she would dip in her chicken nuggets or broccoli, but no. She dip dips her fingers and licks the ranch right off. She does the exact same thing with ketchup, too.

And Grace from Camp Patton has me seriously soooooo ready to make these brownies. Half of me really wants to try the recipe from scratch and everything, and the other half just wants to get a box of brownie mix and just add cream cheese, but that would be totally cheating and I'm sure her recipe tastes waaaaay better. Plus, the calls for coffee, and when you mix coffee with chocolate and all things Black Joe... om nom nom. And I haven't had brownies in so long!

That reminds me that I'm signed up to make my Spinach and Artichoke Dip for a party at work on Wednesday. Perhaps I'll post some pics and the recipe here? Let me know...

Next Tuesday is Granny Sparkle's birthday, and I'm sad that she'll be on a work trip and unable to celebrate 'til the weekend. Boo for that. But a big YAY for the iPhone event happening that day. Will it make me want an iPhone 6 more than I already do? Probably. It's like an 87% chance. O.o

I've been doing this whole 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, and so far, it's been a lot of fun. I know a lot of people probaly wouldn't consider what I do nail art, and you'd be right! I can't draw at all. My stick people would attest to that, but they'd rather not be seen by the eyes of the public. BUT... as the challenge wears on, the prompt get more and more challenging, so I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Mostly about the Water Marble prompt, to be completely honest!

Every now and then, a manicure just gets absolutely stuck in my head. Once it's stuck in there, it's kind of all I can think about until I recreate it. With this one? I've actually tried to recreate it once already, and it looked really cool. I had to take it off to start the 31 Day Challenge, and I was definitely bummed. But I like this one so much, I know I've gotta try to recreate it again, and soon! It could definitely work for the Day 31 Prompt!

Happy Friday... Hope you have a great weekend!!!



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