State of the Sparkle *005*

by - 10/17/2014

Is anyone else in total denial that October is more than halfway over? Like, when did that happen? Just me?!? Okay, then... moving on! So...... what's been going on at Chez Sparkle you ask? Weeeell...

Continuing on with things I'm totally in denial about... Peanut turns 2 on Monday. Two? Wasn't she just, like... born? I know I've said it before, but who gave her permission to actually grow up and get bigger? She's mommy's baby and I totally have her trained to say that! 

her "look happy" face
There was a party last weekend with Mr. Sparkle's family and this weekend it's a party avec moi familia. We do birthdays right around here, which means it's at least a week long affair. Peanut definitely approves of this tradition...

in it for the "happy day" cake

In nail news... I'm seriously in love with this manicure. It has totally reaffirmed my need for China Glaze Isle See You Later, and perhaps definitely the entire Sunsational Collection from Summer 2013. How did I miss out on it?!?

When Chez Sparkle becomes a reality and not merely wherever 2 gypsies reside... I want to do this. Perhaps even with the exact same shower curtain...

...and this. I loooooove a good mix of grunge and glam.

It's Day 2 of my 2014 Holiday No Buy... or #HNB2014. Since it hasn't been that long, I'm lumping this week's update in here. Everything is going well so far... my 12 Treats Fund is at $4.47 after last week's leftovers. Yay! :)

In addition to joining Crumpet's Nail Tarts and participating in the 52 Week Pick N Mix Challenge... I also recently joined Hobby Polish Bloggers. No lie... I've already learned sooooo much and I've only been a member for a little over a week!

Speaking of which, thanks to a question asked by another member... I learned how to link my picture to the about me page AND added some really cool social media icons with the help of this tutorial.

Last, but certainly not least... yesterday, the hubby surprised me with a box of chocolate and a bunch of my favorite flowers! I adore wildflowers, specifically daisies... this bouquet included those, a tiger lily and a sunflower! *swoon*

Peanut's reaction to les fleurs? She's been smelling them, (by blowing air out of her nose) tickle-tickling them, and giving them kisses. Ridiculously cute!

It's going to be a busy weekend and I hope to share some pictures from all of our festivities early next week! Happy Friday, and as Daniel Tiger would say... Have a grrrrrrriffic weekend!


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