Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hard Candy Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Hard Candy

Blue Lagoon Hard Candy

Blue Lagoon Hard Candy

Hard Candy Blue Lagoon

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats Hard Candy Blue Lagoon
1 Coat Sinful Colors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Ummmm yes! That's all I can really say about this gorgeous, glowing blue creme polish! I know Hard Candy has done creme polishes before, but this is the first time they've featured them since changing their bottle design. That being said, if Blue Lagoon is any indication of Hard Candy's Fall 2014 creme polishes... I'm going to HAVE to buy them all!

The pigmentation in this polish is absolutely insane! I definitely could've gotten away with 2 coats, but 3 has really become my standard. And I only got around to wrapping my tips prior to coat 3... :) Oddly enough, this polish is brighter once it's completely dry then when you first paint it on. I was a little skeptical when finishing the 3rd coat, because my nails didn't exactly match the bottle. After a coat of clear and a coat of Seche, I noticed Blue Lagoon brighten up a little. This morning when I woke up, my nails were a full-on match to the bottle.

The brush in Blue Lagoon is your standard size brush, just like all the other Hard Candy polishes. Nothing wrong with that! One thing I did notice, because of the bottle size and subsequent longer wand for the brush, polish can drip down the wand at inopportune moments. It's more of an annoyance than a problem, really, and I've noticed it with other similarly shaped bottles. Nothing that a quick swirl of the wand can't fix!

I'm seriously loving this color right now. Cobalt blue came back out of nowhere this spring, and I'm honestly glad it did! I know that this isn't a unique color, by any means, but I do think that it's one of the most afforable cobalt polishes out there right now. Just $4 a bottle! 

Overall, I'm really pleased with Blue Lagoon. Based on my experience, I would definitely pick up more of the new cremes from Hard Candy. I'm adding Schoolhouse Rocks, Record Breaker, Sweet Retreat, and Island Fever to the official wishlist!

Have you picked up any of the new Hard Candy creme polishes?!?

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