Hard Candy Fall 2014: Nail Polish

by - 10/06/2014

During this weekend's WalMart run, I had to do a double-take when I looked at the Hard Candy Display. Talk about big changes! Hard Candy has completed revamped their nail polish display AND added 15 new polishes for Fall! *Denotes New Shades

NEW Hard Candy Display Fall 2014

left to right: Bridal Party, China Doll*, Fairy Ball, Mom & Pop, Frill Seeker*, Cherry Pop, Little Hottie, All Nighter*, Crush On Lava, Remix Red*, Piece Of Papaya, Beach Babe*

left to right: Girls Night Out*, Wedding Crasher, Limo Service*, Crush On Hot Pink, Dancing With The DJ*, Fireworks, Pee Wee Purple, Prep Squad*, Hip Hip Hooray, Just Dance*, So So Sequin, Black Tie Optional

left to right: Soda Pop, School House Rocks*, Celebrate Sequins, Sweet Retreat*, Pop-arazzi, Record Breaker*, King of Pop, Island Fever*, Crush on Carribean, Blue Lagoon*, Bitty Blue, Bachelor Party

If you've been following Hard Candy since their redesign in Spring 2013, you know that this is the first time they're releasing polishes with a simple creme finish. The new shades in the 3rd row really piqued my interest. I picked up Blue Lagoon, because it was just soooo vibrant. The display swatch of Island Fever looks interesting, but there weren't any bottles in the display. I'll probably check back for that one, and depending on how I like the formula, I wouldn't be opposed to picking up School House Rocks, Sweet Retreat, and Record Breaker, too.

Also, just a quick note, it seems Hard Candy has done away with the collection names on their display, but for the moment, they are still categorized that way on their site. You can find bottle shots of the new polishes under New For Fall.

Sadly, the release of these new shades means that others were discontinued to make room for the newbies! If you think that the display looks smaller, you're not seeing things! Hard Candy added 15 new shades for Fall, but 24 were discontinued in their place! I've yet to see Hard Candy bring a polish back, so if you've been wanting any of these shades... get them while you still have a shot!

Bite of Black, Candy Coated, Crush on Amethyst, Crush on Gold, Crush on Ivy, Crush on Metal, Crush on Pink, Crush on Raisin, Emerald's Eve, Glamour Girl, Gummy Green, Ice Pop, Jawbreaker, Lil Lilac, Little Bo Pink, Masquerade, Mermaid Magic, Party Central, Pink Taffy, Pop Rocker, Pop Star, Sweet Tart, Teeny Greeny, and Touch of Teal.

I hope to have swatched of Blue Lagoon up in the next coupld of days. I'm still rocking this look from the #31DC2014 and LOVING it! So check back later this week for that... I'll try to remember to add a link here when I do!!!

Have you picked up any of the new creme polishes from Hard Candy? What are your thoughts?!?

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