HNB2014: Week 2

by - 10/27/2014

I survived one full week! In all honesty, though... the Holiday No Buy  is easy at first. It gets harder the longer you go along! There hasn't been too much tempting me this Fall. That could be a good thing, or it could mean that I'll get pounded with lemmings once all the holiday collections debut! I haven't even added that many polishes to my wishlist in the past week...

Essie Pinking About You
KBShimmer Kringle All The Way
KBShimmer Let's Sleigh Together
KBShimmer Mauve on Over
OPI Christmas Gone Plaid
OPI First Class Desires
Serum No 5 Work Hard Play Hard (which sold out really quickly!) 

Last week's leftovers have been added to my polish fund... $12.75! My 12 Treats Fund is now at a whopping $17.22 and growing! It's progress and I'll take it!!!

Whilst shopping, I got the cutest little shirt for Peanut, and I need a matching tunic, STAT! Or a scarf...

I got her some pants, too... because her pants seem to disappear just as readily as all the socks and my hairties. Have I told you about my house elf with 14 ponytails and a nest of socks and pants? Because I totally have one... I just haven't seen it in a while and it doesn't come when called... O.o 

Other than that, I was pretty good! I bought some popcorn for snacks, and some snackage for the Halloween party at Peanut's school. Oh, and some grape tic-tacs because I'm soooo addicted. But yeah... so far, so good!

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