Holiday No Buy 2014

by - 10/15/2014

Is it really that time again? Why, yes! Yes, it is! Forget the fact that I can't believe we are HALFWAY through October... Christmas is a legit 71 DAYS away. Kinda crazy, huh?

I did this same thing last year, and while it didn't exactly help me from going overboard on Christmas presents, it DID help curtail my personal spending. Alot. So, I figured I'd give it another go this year, AND try to document it a little better than I did last year. ;)

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Official #HNB2014 Rules:

1. Holiday No Buy 2014 begins 10/16/14 at 12:01AM Eastern.

2. Holiday No Buy 2014 ends 12/25/14 at 12:01AM Eastern.

3. I will buy NOTHING but the ESSENTIALS for myself. This includes everyday toiletries, daily coffee from Turkey Hill, (because I'm addicted) and food/snacks within reason. Other than that, no nail polish, (sniffle) no clothes, no shoes, no nothing for myself until AFTER CHRISTMAS!*

4. *Because there's always gotta be a catch. Last year, I gave myself 12 Treats of Christmas at 6 bucks a pop, and I didn't use all of them. I don't even remember if I used half of them! So, rather than starting out with that allowance, I'm going to put back money each week. For the weekend of Black Friday (11/28/14 beginning at 12:01AM EST) through Cyber Monday (12/1/14 ending at 11:59PM) ONLY, I'll allow myself access to 15% of that fund to spend on a maximum of 12 treats for myself. Those 12 Treats must be on sale, and I'll document my purchases here.  

5. Once Cyber Monday is over, I will allow myself to purchase the remaining amount of treats for myself, spending no more than five dollars on each "treat." I'll document those purchases here as well.

6. Each week, I'll write a post letting y'all know how I'm doing and how much I've saved... for accountability purposes! (and maybe a little whining...)

7. In order to qualify for the exception that is Rule #4... (ha!) I've got to post something I'm thankful for every day beginning Saturday, November 1st, through Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 27th. (I'll also be NaNoWriMoing, so November should be interesting at Chez Sparkle!) 

8. Ohhhhhhhh... but that's not all!!! I'll be putting together my first giveaway in the coming weeks... so stay tuned to find out how to register AND what you can WIN!!!

I think that's all for this time around. You can track and follow my progress through all my social media accounts with #HNB2014. I'm really going to try my best and NOT purchase anything at all... Wish me luck and strength, because I'm going to need it!!!


c/o Gamekiller48 @ deviantART

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