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Peanut: 2 Years

Chez Sparkle (both locations) has been partying it up, celebrating the birth of this little Peanut for the past 10 days!

In honor of my little birthday girl, (and because a Peanut post is waaaaaaay overdue) here's 10 things about this little sparklegirl right now...

1. She's got Birthday FEVER and it's probably totally all my fault. I'm not alone, but I'll take most of the blame. She's singing Happy Birthday, craving Birthday Cake, (who doesn't?!?) and wants to blow candles out All. The. Time. It's cool that this time around, she really gets what's going on.

2. Icing. Forget the cake. The icing is really what this little girl is ALL about!

3. There's a budding baker in there! She totally helped my sister with the icing...

...I was showering during "decorating" time, so I have no idea just how much icing was consumed, and I probably don't want to know. But I swear... these were the best cupcakes I've ever tasted. Q&A Cupcakery can go into business anytime. I volunteer as taste-tester! 

4. She LOVES her new View-Master, and I honestly didn't know they still made them! even still gets stuck sometimes, just like the ones did when I was little! Peanut doesn't quite understand why she can't bend the wheels, but that doesn't stop her from really enjoying her new "camera."

5. If I thought she was independent before, that trend is only continuing to grow. "I do" and "self" are becoming her faaaaaavorite words. Most of the time, they're followed by "Mommy help..." and that just makes for thee warmest of fuzzies!

6. Her personality traits are starting to define themselves, and she can be impatient. Wonder where she gets that one from, Mr. Sparkle?!?

is the pizza EVER coming?!?

7. There's definitely still a lot of love for Elmo! Sparklegirl got an Elmo balloon and an Elmo t-shirt...

8. ...but Frozen is a ginormous favorite right now! I got her an Elsa nightgown that she absolutely adores and would probably wear all the time if Peanut had her way. During that same shopping trip, she picked out bright pink Anna heels and a tiara from my sister to go with it...

...and while searching for those images, I found this Anna nightgown...

...Peanut definitely needs this for Christmas. They're sold out online and Kohl's didn't have any in stock, or else I would've bought this one for her, too. Ohhhhh, and I almost forgot... I downloaded the Frozen album for her so she'd be able to sing along to more songs than just Let it Go in the car! She's really liking Love is an Open Door at the moment. I think she admires Anna's spunk! ;)

9. In addition to icing... she's loving chicken nuggets, pizza, noodles, and broccoli lately. "Pee Bee Butter" is also a big favorite. Her beverage of choice is usually milk.

10. Most days, she's too busy to smile or say cheese for photographs, let alone stand still! She's constantly moving, so I tried asking her to "look happy" and I got this...

and this...

and this...

and most recently...

... here's to keeping it consistent, kid! Happy Birthday my sweet little Peanut...I'm not thrilled with how quickly the time has been passing by, but watching you grow smarter, sweeter, and sassier by the minute has been the most incredible adventure so far! Cheers big ears! You are my heart and I love you forever-ever! Mugga Mugga!!!!!!


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