SinfulColors Ice Blue

by - 11/20/2014

Ice Blue by SinfulColors

SinfulColors Ice Blue

SinfulColors Ice Blue

SinfulColors Ice Blue

SinfulColors Ice Blue

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
4 Coats SinfulColors Ice Blue*
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Essie Good to Go

Blue is definitely showing up all over the place this season! And we're not talking your typical Fall navy or icy Winter blue. We've got cerulean, cobalt, azure blue, and in the case of Ice Blue from SinfulColors... "soft indigo exploding with silver sparkle."

And then some!

Ice Blue isn't a duochrome, but it definitely evokes that feeling on the nail, thanks to the unique blend of sparkles and shimmer. The base is a really sheer purple leaning blue. Add in shimmery turquoise, indigo, purple, and silver sparkles, and Ice Blue packs quite the glittery punch!

Application was super easy. Honestly, I've come to prefer the SinfulColors brush. I always seem to get better lines with minimal cleanup afterward. The formula on Ice Blue was the same quality I've come to know and expect from SinfulColors.

So... why 4 coats? Well, Ice Blue is sheer, but not unbuildable. I could've easily stopped at 3 coats, I was just curious to see just how the formula built up on my nails. The first coat was visible VNL sheer, but had incredible glitter payoff. I'm thinking Ice Blue might make a good layering polish. (I'll definitely be checking that out!) The second coat added more sparkle and really upped the coverage. 3 coats gave me full coverage, but like I said, I added the 4th coat, because 4 is always better than 3... right? Sparklelogic!

I'm really loving this polish, and it's probably going to be a part of the Ruffian mani for Fishbowl Friday! While I'm not sure what other color I'll be using to create that mani, I am contemplating layering a coat of Ice Blue on top of the whole thing, just to test out the layering possibilities. Aaaaand I'm also kind of wondering what this shade would look like mattified.

Ice Blue is part of SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Collection. You can find it in the Blue and Gold Holiday Wishes Display, available exclusively at Walgreens for $1.99 a bottle! The full collection also contains All About You, Cinderella, Endless Blue, Gold Medal, Hottie, and Midnight Blue. Follow SinfulColors on Facebook and Twitter.

*provided by PR for review. All thoughts, views, and opinions are my own.

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