State of the Sparkle *007*

by - 11/19/2014

Halfway through the week so far! Am I the only one who just wishes it were Friday, already? I didn't think so... :)

For this week, I'm lumping in my Holiday No Buy update here... sometimes, you just have to kill two birds with one stone, and this is definitely one of those weeks!

HNB2014: Week 5...
Old Balance: $50.22
Transferred: $10.00
New Balance: $60.22

I pulled the prompt for Fishbowl Friday numbero five and got RUFFIAN. Not gonna lie, kind of excited to try one, because I've never done one! So... stay tuned for that on Friday, when I, along with the rest of the world, let out a collective sigh and rejoice because the weekend will finally be here.

It's been crazy around Chez Sparkle lately. Note how I haven't mentioned anything about NaNoWriMo lately? Well... that's because I made it to a whopping 4,000ish words, and LIFE. What is it about November? Could we get a petition going to the Office of Letters and Light that November does nawt work for me. It's really just the most horrible month to accomplish anything. 96% convinced that I need to take this plot to Camp NaNoWriMo in April or July. Bah.

Last Saturday, that wonderful virus that's been going around Toddlerland hit Peanut. Sooooo we spent almost the entire day snuggled on the couch dozing on and off. We've been using the Nebulizer before bed and running the humidifier 24/7. It hasn't stopped her from rubbing her nose all over me rather than use a tissue, but it is helping her cough a little. Then there's her sleep schedule... Monday night, we were up watching Daniel Tiger in the big bed until almost 2. Last night, she brought out her best stalling tactics, squirming, crying, flailing, and my personal favorite, going completely boneless. Eventually I got her settled in with a book, turned out the light, and scampered out of the room as fast as I could. Pretty sure I was in bed 20 minutes later, if not sooner.

This morning, she got a bath, I got a shower, I got all ready, and then Peanut didn't really want to do anything the first time I asked. Or second. Or third. It was a morning full of bribes, trades, all of the tricks in my mom book to get the both of us out the door... 45 minutes behind schedule.

Annnnnd... did I mention that on top of all that, I'm sick too? Sinuses are draining, throat is scratchy, and I haven't been able to taste anything since Saturday. Boo.

But we've got to be heading up from here, right? As of right now, I'm really looking forward to soaking in a nice hot bath, doing something with my nails, drinking a cup of chamomile tea, and drifting off to sleep. You know, assuming that I don't just spend the night snuggling with Peanut and go to bed at the same time she does. Because that sounds awfully nice, too.


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