12 MoC: Christmas Cookies

by - 12/23/2014

Sally Hansen Eyelet over Rainbow Honey Cafe Con Leche

Sally Hansen Eyelet & Rainbow Honey Cafe Con Leche

Sally Hansen Eyelet over Rainbow Honey Cafe Con Leche

Sally Hansen Eyelet over Rainbow Honey Cafe Con Leche

Nude Glitter Nails

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats Rainbow Honey Cafe Con Leche
2 Coats Sally Hansen Eyelet
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

You know, I'm not normally one for nude polish, but add in a whole lot of shimmer and paint some glitter on top, and I'll wear it for days! Well, at least one... I've still got four more Manicures of Christmas to go! Aaaaand if I can be completely honest, I can't waaaaiiiit to see what new polishes might be in my stocking(s) and under the tree!

But for now... Christmas Cookies! That's what I've called this pairing, and so far this year, my little Peanut and I have been quite the cookie baking elves. There's even a super fun dance involved, and it's quite catchy! But alas, I digress...

Cafe Con Leche came in my October mystery bag from Rainbow Honey. I've been wanting to wear it for a really long time, but I couldn't quite bring myself to wear it alone. Then, on Sunday, the Sparkle Pack was out shopping for Christmas presents and I found the Sally Hansen Luxe Lace polishes and had to buy them. (Remember that whole Holiday No Buy thing? Hahahahahahahahaha... me neither!)

The formula on Cafe Con Leche was great and I could've stopped at two coats if it weren't for that whole wrapping tips/3 coat rule I seem to abide by. There's a ton of golden shimmer and honestly, it's a nice departure from the typical white/silver shimmer you typically see in nude polishes.

Then there's Eyelet... Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that a mainstream brand put out an all-white satin glitter topper with all different sizes of hexagons? Because that's really something to celebrate. And if that weren't enough, they went and made the exact same polish in black and dubbed it Ruffle. (yes, I bought that one, too.) I did manage to somehow smudge my middle nail on my swatch hand at some point last night, resulting in a wrinkly sort of effect in the photos above. Not quite sure what happened there, and honestly, it's not nearly as noticable in person!

I'm really loving the subtely of this manicure. If it weren't for that one wonky nail, and the fact that tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I might consider keeping this layering on longer than just one day. But nude nails for Christmas? That would be a little too unsparkly and grinchy of me, don't you agree? Besides, I've got a reputation to uphold!

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