Fishbowl Friday *006*

by - 12/05/2014

Sorry to leave y'all hanging last week, that was never my intention! Honestly, I had hoped to "make up" last week's mani this past Tuesday, but that didn't happen either. It's a crazy time, and with Mr. Sparkle coming home in 3 days... It's just gonna get crazier! (and sooooo much snugglier!!!) The prompt for Fishbowl Friday numero 6 was MAGIC...

Franken Flaky Manicure

Fishbowl Friday Magic Nails

Franken Flaky Manicure

Fishbowl Friday Magic Nails

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats SOPI What's a Tire Jack?
3 Coats Franken Flaky
1 Coat Seche Vite

When I think of magic... I think Harry Potter. When I think magic and nails? Definitely flakies. There's something magical about that flash of color, the shifting from one hue to another, and of course, the shimmer and shine!

Rather than choose a favorite flaky polish... I decided to make my own mix. Aaaand, since I don't do anything half-sparkly over here... I definitely used a little bit of every flaky topper I own, then added shimmer and glitter to taste. Here's a list of the "ingredients..."

China Glaze Snow Globe
Fingerpaints Abstract Attraction
Fingerpaints Asylum
Fingerpaints Colorful Dream
Fingerpaints Flashy
Fingerpaints Flecked
Fingerpaints Motley
Fingerpaints Twisted
Nails Inc. Old Vic Overcoat
Pure Ice Busted

I didn't measure anything out, I just tried to add in the same amount of each polish as best as I could. Originally, I wasn't going to add Busted, but I really wanted to try and counteract the yellowing in the older Fingerpaints flakies and Old Vic. I'm so glad I did though! It definitely added a nice undercurrent of sparkle, in addition to really helping to un-yellow the base!

What you see in the pictures above is actually the third manicure I painted with my Franken Flaky last night. Originally, I was thinking I would do black and gray nails with Franken Flaky on top. I used Bonita Dying to Party as my gray, and it was a streaky mess. I removed the gray nails and thought I'd try Wet n Wild LAC-My Mani? That looked amazing, and I was really happy with it, and managed to smudge it right before I went to bed. Back to the drawing board I went, for all black nails topped with my ah-mazing Franken Flaky.

I looooove the way this mani turned out, and I really love my Franken Flaky polish. I'm definitely going to have to remember to layer it over LAC-My Mani and NOT smudge it, because the look was really pretty, in an icy/sparkly Winter kind of way...

...and speaking of Winter and the Holidays... have you entered my Giveaway? If you haven't, you definitely should, and if you have, best of luck! Happy Friday... I hope you have a great weekend! Personally, I'm really glad it's Friday, but just this once... I can't wait 'til Monday!!! :)

Fishbowl Friday 006

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