HNB2014: Week 6

by - 12/01/2014

All of the Fall festivities are officially over... Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are history, and Cyber Monday 2014 is about to go the way of the dinosaurs...

1. So, I guess first up, if you follow me on Instagram... you probably saw my Black Friday Haul of Shame, and oh, what a shameful haul it was! If you don't follow me...
a. you totally should be following me... I'm obsessed with sharing pics of my little Peanut...
b. I'm posting it again here because No Buy 2014 = Epic Fail. The failiest of fails...

HNB2014 Haul of Shame

It all started on Thanksgiving Day. I headed over to Dollar General for a Thanksgiving deal and found the newly re-designed Wet N Wild Wild Shine polishes. At a dollar a pop, I had to pick up Do Pass Go, Grasping at Strawberries, Ready to Propose, and Red Red.

Dollar General - Thanksgiving Day
No. of Treats: 4
Money Spent: $4.24

Then, I went over to WalMart, because I needed q-tips, my dad needed a soda bottle, and our pumpkin pie needed whipped cream. While I was there, I picked up a couple of Christmas presents, Hard Candy School House Rock, and a Caboodles Train Case. In my defense, I have wanted/needed a Train Case for a very long while. I'm back and forth between 2 houses like a gypsy, and I've been using an old Clinique freebie bag that has seen better days.

WalMart - Thanksgiving Day
No. of Treats: 2
Money Spent: $35.91

After some turkey, stuffing, nap, and coffee, it was time to head back to WalMart for a Top Secret Ninja Santa mission. I picked up Pure Ice RespecK because I just couldn't resist its dark, sparkly glow.

WalMart - Thanksgiving Night
No. of Treats: 1
Money Spent: $2.09

Black Friday morning, Granny Sparkle, Peanut, and I went on a shopping tour of Sally Beauty, Dollar General, K-Mart, Kohl's, TJMaxx, and WalMart. I had a coupon for Sally Beauty... $5 off a $25 purchase. I knew I was going to spend at least $25, but I wasn't really prepared for how hard that might be. I started with the essentials, a 32 oz. bottle of acetone and a new bottle of Seche Vite. China Glaze polishes were buy one get one free, so I picked up Pine-ing for Glitter, Defiantly Daring, and Rose Among Thorns, thinking that would get me to $25. With my Sally card and the sale, that wasn't enough. So... I had to add Seduce Me, Grape Juice, and Evening Seduction to get my purchase there. In my defense, Peanut totally picked out Grape Juice right before she had to be escorted from the store by Granny Sparkle. Oh, and then there was the glittery goodness of Fingerpaints Glisten Here. Had to have that!

Sally Beauty Supply - Black Friday
No. of Treats: 9
Money Spent: $26.24

At K-Mart, I was definitely on the prowl for SinfulColors polishes. Mainly Sugar Sugar and Pine Away. I also picked up Ice Dream and Super Star, because I just couldn't resist the glittery blue goodness they both had going on. Then, while passing the core SinfulColors display, I spotted Clear Coat and loaded all 3 bottles from the display into my cart at lightning speed. Granny Sparkle just sort of gave me a look... O.o Last but not least, I picked up a 6-pack of unnamed Bonita polishes.

K-Mart - Black Friday 
No. of Treats: 13 (technically, 8)
Money Spent: $21.13

Kohl's didn't really have any nail polish that I was interested in. Sure, they carry the whole Quo by Orly line, but I just wasn't into it. Truthfully, I was looking for a red and black plaid tartan scarf, which I found! I was really excited about that one... :)

Kohl's - Black Friday 
No. of Treats: 1
Money Spent: $11.99

I'm not counting my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag into this, because that's pretty much a monthly thing. Today, I did order all 3 of the Target Beauty Boxes and a t-shirt for me when I ordered these for Peanut...

HNB2014 Cyber Monday
hers. mine. hers.

Okay, okay... I'll own up to the t-shirt!

Old Navy - Cyber Monday
No. of Treats: 1
Money Spent: $4.20
I mean, separately, it doesn't really look thaaaat bad, does it? It's only really when you add it up that...

Total No. of Treats: 31
Total Money Spent: $105.80

Yeah. Not so good. Can we just say that I'm officially not allowing myself to buy ANYTHING else until the day after Christmas?

2. I definitely did nawt complete my thankfuls in time for Thanksgiving, either. I am going to try and post 25 by Christmas, though. I think I've gotten through 11...O.o

3. And about that Giveaway... It's coming! I hope to have that posted by the end of the week...

4. Thanksgiving and Black Friday craziness totally superseded Fishbowl Friday last week. I was so busy, I don't think I even announced the prompt! It was MAGIC... and if it's not this week's Fishbowl Friday, it will be Tombola Tuesday. But don't quote me on that, because lately, it's been tough getting Peanut to bed, and I don't have access to the full sparklestash 'til tomorrow...

5. I think that's it for Week 6. Here's to doing better from here on in! Only 4 more weeks left!!!


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