PLL: "Fresh Meat" (5x15)

by - 1/23/2015

When we last left our Liars, Alison was trying to get comfortable in her prison bunk. Fresh Meat opened in the same correctional facility, as Toby dropped off a file from Tanner.

Alison was handcuffed to a bench, with visible bruises on her arm. She told Toby that the girls needed to come and see her. She asked him if he remembered how it felt being locked up for something you didn't do. Toby said that he did, but did Alison remember who put him there? Ali then claimed that all the other girls would be there with her soon, unless A killed them first.

Alison DiLaurentis PLL Fresh Meat
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In the courtyard at school, the Liars had a meeting and discussed the fact that Holbrook was likely helping Ali from the inside. Toby told the girls that Holbrook's "temporary assignment" was taking care of his sick dad. The girls wanted Toby to find out if Holbrook visited Ali in jail, but Spencer shut the idea down. She claimed Toby couldn't get more involved than he already was. Toby received a call on his radio and had to leave.

The Liars walked to their class discussing college. Hanna mentioned her visit to Ballard College that weekend, and told the others about accidentally kissing Holbrook. Aria walked away towards her pottery class with Emily following, trying to talk about Paige. Aria asked to talk about it another time, admitting that she had been rejected from every college she had applied to so far. She told Emily that she wasn't sure if it was her or because of A.

Over at DiLaurentis Realty, Jason asked Ashley to stay on a little longer until he sorted through his mother's holdings.

Meanwhile, Toby and Rosewood PD were sent out to search the Vanderwaal property again. During his search, Toby found a bloody knife but didn't report it. Later, he told Spencer and Caleb about the knife, explaining that it belonged to his family. It had been at the family cabin. When told about it, Caleb recognized the description from his stay at Toby's cabin. Caleb and Toby realized that their prints could very well be all over it. Toby explained that he was unsure if it was planted by A, so he had just left it there. The three agreed that they were not going to touch the knife or tell anyone about it.

The Knife PLL Fresh Meat
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Downtown at The Brew, Ezra was in the midst of planning his re-opening when the caterer quit. Emily overheard and offered to cater the event for some extra cash to visit Paige during spring break.

Back at DiLaurentis Realty, Ashley answered the phone when Alison called from prison to talk to Jason. Her brother didn't want to speak to her, and admitted to Ashley that he couldn't look at her the same way anymore. He was also beginning to wonder if she was involved in the death of their mother. 

While on her college tour, Hanna received a call from Caleb, telling her about the knife. She asked if he wanted her to come home, but he told her to stay on the tour.

Distraught by all her college rejection letters, Aria complained to Emily about being wait-listed at Talmadge. Aria contemplated writing a more convincing letter to the admissions staff when Ezra told her that Jackie was working in admissions at Talmadge.

Over at Caleb's apartment, Spencer found out that Caleb had told Hanna about the knife. He told Spencer he was going to get the knife Toby found, paranoid that it might have his prints on it. Caleb confided in Spencer that he had been a suspect in a murder case in Allentown, and he didn't have anyone looking out for him like the others. He wanted to get to the knife before A beat them to it. Spencer agreed to go with him.

Aria wrote another letter to Talmadge in an attempt to sway their opinion. In it, she wrote that she regretted spending so much of her high school career on her relationship. She wanted a second chance to find herself and believed she could do that at Talmadge.

Back at the Brew, Emily was struggling to prepare the food for Ezra's opening.

Hanna showed up at a trailer park, and we learned she was searching for Holbrook's father. When she found him, he mistook her for someone else and Hanna played along. He said that he hadn't seen his son in weeks. But if anyone knew where he was, he assumed it would be her. She walked back to her car to find all of the doors open, and her Ballard teddy bear in the front seat. Hanna pulled on a string protruding from the bear's belly button. The bear's stomach split open, spilling guts at Hanna's feet.

Spencer and Caleb found the knife and took it with them.

At Emily's house, Em admitted that the catering gig wasn't going so well. Aria showed Em the letter she had already sent to Talmadge. Emily read it and asked Aria if she realized how hurt Ezra would be if he read it. Realizing her mistake, Aria penned a quick email telling Jackie to disregard the letter.

PLL Fresh Meat, Aria & Emily
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Downtown at the Brew, Ezra hired a professional to finish the job. He told Em that he would still pay her, but Emily was obviously hurt. Back in the kitchen, Em bristled when Talia tried to get to know her.

Caleb returned to Spencer's house, telling her he couldn't throw the knife in the lake because he felt like someone was watching him. The two decided that they couldn't just hide the knife, they had to destroy it. Spencer and Caleb take it to their Rosewood high with the plan of putting it into the walk-in kiln/furnace the art students use. (They call it a furnace.) While Caleb is putting the knife in the furnace, Spencer was distracted by a noise and left him alone to investigate. Someone shut the door, trapping him inside, and turned on the furnace. After a mini goose chase, Spencer came back downstairs and saved Caleb from the furnace just in time. He told her that the knife was still in there, so she closed the door and cranked up the temperature.

Aria drove to Talmadge in an attempt to find Jackie after not receiving a response from her. When she spotted her on campus, she asked her to get rid of the letter, but Jackie had already seen it and read it. She assured Aria that she wouldn't say anything to Ezra. She knew what it was like to fall for the wrong guy, and she wished she had never met Ezra, too.

After her visit with Holbrook's Dad, Hanna went to see Alison in jail. Hanna told Ali to back off and that she should stop trying to scare her and the other girls. Alison claimed she had given up already. Hanna mentioned the knife in Mona's backyard. Alison told Hanna that she got a call from Cyrus to meet her on Thanksgiving. She claimed that she went to see him because she was afraid he would spill about their deal, but Cyrus never showed. She told Hanna that she was pretty sure it was a setup. Alison asked Hanna why she would allow herself to be arrested if she actually was A. Hanna admitted that she didn't know, but if Alison as A was counting on any part of Hanna caring what happened to her, she really shouldn't.

PLL Fresh Meat Hanna visits Alison
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At the grand opening of the Brew, Spencer arrived to a testy Emily. Everyone liked Talia's Hors D'oeuvres better than her Empanadas. Spencer was mistaken for Melissa by a boy named Johnny. He claimed that he was renting the barn from her parents, and Spencer told him that he shouldn't be so excited, considering the dead body that was found in the backyard.

In the kitchen, Emily was upset, finally telling Talia about her breakup. In an attempt to cheer up Em and encourage her, Talia plated her empanadas over greens and topped them with sauce. Em tried it and begrudginly admitted that Talia's sauce made them taste better.

Back at Casa de Marin, Jason arrived to ask Ashley about a confusing file he found. To him, it looked like his mother had a tenant whose lease had run out three years prior, but his mother never kicked them out. During their conversation, Ashley invited Jason for dinner to discuss the file. After dinner, Jason kissed Ashley. He apologized for kissing her, but she told him he didn't have to.

Aria arrived to the opening and received a text from Jackie welcoming her to Talmadge. Ezra introduced her to one of his colleagues who might be able to put in a good word for her at Vassar. Aria excitedly agreed, trying her best to hide her guilt.

Toby came to the Brew, angrily looking for Spencer and Caleb. He had gone back to the Vanderwaal property to get the knife and turn it in to the police. Only, the knife wasn't there, so he knew that Caleb and Spencer had to be involved. Spencer tried to explain, but Toby yelled at her to stop telling him what really happened. Clearly upset, Spencer told him that he once said she could tell him anything. Toby explained that his duty as an officer prevents him from being able to hear what she was trying to tell him and angrily stomped away.

After a successful opening celebration, Ezra, Aria, Emily, and Talia were closing down the Brew. Emily suggested that Ezra hire Talia, given how much everyone was raving about her food. Aria told Em that Jackie could've sent Ezra the letter, but she didn't. While on her way out, she noticed a bookmarked college directory. The bookmark was on the Talmadge page, and Aria was horrified to see an excerpt of her letter taped to it.

Hanna arrived home just in time to see Jason walking down the front steps, buttoning his shirt as he went. He left without noticing that Hanna had seen him.

The episode closed with Alison in prison, receiving a clean jumpsuit with a unsigned message inside. It read, "Your friends will see you soon."

My Thoughts:

They're really hitting home the fact that Hanna has been accepted into a zillion colleges while the other Liars haven't. So many people are wondering if Mona didn't have a hand in all of her acceptances. While I like the idea of Mona trying to do something incredibly sweet for Hanna, is it bad for me to want to see that she got in all on her own?

The knife... that was honestly the biggest disaster waiting to happen. You could see that coming from a mile away. I originally liked the idea of Toby as a cop, but it's turning out to be a HUGE mess.

As much as I really like to see Caleb and Spencer having all sorts of investigative scenes together, what are they thinking? Have they really learned nothing in the past 109 episodes? I mean, if they couldn't see what happened in the kiln/furnace coming... O.o

While we're on the subject of that kiln/furnace thing... I don't think they're that big. I'm also pretty sure that if they're in a school, there are many, many more locks and safety protocols involved. Also, security at their school seems really lax.

Do they really think that the kiln/furnace is going to destroy the knife? If they cleaned it really well, it might remove all their prints and stuff, but I'm not sure that it would "cook off" the blood so to speak. But I'm not an expert in trace evidence, so.... o.O

Toby, Toby, Toby... he's seriously conflicted. Also, I'm pretty sure he's the quickest study to be a cop Pennsylvania has ever seen. I was really glad to see that he came around and wanted to do the right thing at the end. And he did have a point when reminding Spencer about telling him certain things and how it's different now that he's a cop.

So... Jason's mom has a tenant whose lease has been up for 3 years? If that doesn't scream A...

Jason and Ashley? I don't mind it. I like her with Jason and with Pastor Ted. I feel like Pastor Ted makes a lot more sense, but yeah.

Hanna going off on her own and investigating was interesting. Holbrook's dad seemed to think that she was someone she wasn't, so was he thinking that she was Alison, or someone else?!? Undeterred by the guts in her teddy bear, Hanna went off to visit Alison in jail. She found out where Ali went on Thanksgiving, and basically told Alison that she doesn't care what happens to her.

We all knew Aria's letter was going to come back to haunt her. This one probably has the potential to break them up for a little bit, or at least cause a little fight when Ezra finds out. And I'm sure he will, because clearly A is on it.

For someone who supposedly didn't want to move to California, Paige sure seems like she's transitioned well. Kind of shady if you ask me.

I'm still doubting that Alison is A, but I definitely think she knows more than she's letting on about a whole lot of things. If they're going down the twin road, I think Ali might know who has the twin.

The only thing I know for certain, is that we'll find out more next time... probably more questions than answers, but more nonetheless! 5x16 is entitled Over a Barrel, and according to the promos, Mona is going to be texting from beyond the grave. Spooooooky! 


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