PLL: "Through a Glass, Darkly" (5x14)

by - 1/20/2015

Previously on Pretty Little Liars,  Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily shared Christmas with their significant others. For a moment, it looked like the Holidays might be peaceful in Rosewood... but where would the fun have been in that?!? So, we opened up the 14th installment of Season 5 three months later, at Mona Vanderwaal's funeral.

The girls were just leaving the funeral and noticed Alison attempt to pay her respects to Mona. Mama Vanderwaal slapped Alison across the face, accusingly asking her "Where's her body?" The Liars looked on, still resolute in the fact that not only had Ali killed Mona, she was also A.

Alison gets slapped PLL 5x14

After the funeral, Hanna talked to Leona, and she gave her one of Mona's stuffed animals, a small dog.

Down at Rosewood PD, Toby perused Spencer's arrest file. The document that supposedly was responsible for recinding Spencer's bail was one that Wilden had hidden for nearly 2 years. It was a signed statement by Mrs. DiLaurentis that claimed she saw Spencer on the night Alison went missing, with a blond girl dressed in Alison's clothes. Toby is sure that Wilden agreed to keep the statement quiet in exchange for keeping Jessica's affair with Peter Hastings secret. Toby also asked Tanner where Holbrook was, and she claimed that he was on temporary assignment.

Aria Montgomery PLL 5x14

Ezra bought the Brew at some point and was working on renovating the space into a bookstore/cafe. While giving Aria a tour, the two talked about how Mike was coping with Mona's death, and Aria suggested that Mike help with the renovations.

Emily and Paige lamented the fact that Paige was moving to California. Emily brought up talking to Paige's parents again, but the girls had already tried that and gotten nowhere. Paige and Emily agreed that Em would take her to the airport.

Hanna asked Caleb if Grunwald could help find Mona. Caleb didn't want to go there.

In downtown Rosewood, Aria read another college rejection letter, and Alison came over to ask her if it was bad news. Aria called Alison A, and Ali was taken aback. She told Aria it was like the girls had gone to sleep one day and forgotten who she was. Alison grabbed Aria's arm, and Aria pulled out her whistle and blew it, causing Ali to retreat.

Aria and Alison PLL 5x14

Ezra tried to get Mike to talk about his feelings, but it didn't work.

Hanna called Grunwald, desperate for answers about her old bestie. The two meet, and Hanna let Grunwald hold the small stuffed dog Leona gave her. Hanna wondered if Alison was responsible for killing Mona, and Grunwald replied that "each one hated the other, because each on feared the other, because each one knew something about the other." Grunwald continued with more bad news, telling Hanna that Mona was not having an easy time passing, and that she was surrounded by earth, insects, and cold.

Spencer and Emily went over to Chez DiLaurentis to talk to Jason about Alison's Thanksgiving alibi. Spencer reminded Jason that he was her brother too, and that she was going to go to jail for something that she didn't do. Jason looked contemplative, but didn't say whether he would help her.

Later, back at Casa de Hastings, Emily told Spencer that she stole Ali's hairbrush while she was looking for muffin tins. She suggested they plant hairs in Mona's house to make sure the police have a reason to arrest Alison for Mona's murder.

Emily Fields PLL 5x14

Alison returned home to find her brother looking at some old family photos. Jason reminded Alison of her 3 baby albums. As he was looking at an old family photo, Ali remembered the events of the day differently than Jason. He claimed that Alison and their dad were always good at that. Alison figured out that Spencer stopped by to talk to him. Jason asked if she could tell him where she went that day, but Alison couldn't. She assured him that she didn't kill Mona, and that her old friends had turned on her, framing her.

Aria visited Caleb to learn some basic hacking skills to find out why she wasn't being accepted to any colleges. She wanted to know whether it was her, or if it was more A sabotage.

Spencer and Emily went over to the Vanderwaal Estate in order to plant the hairbrush, and end up finding a camera installed in a vent. With their plan changed, they have to figure out how to get the police department back to view the footage.

Spencer & Emily PLL 5x14

Hanna was chosen to go back to the Mona's home and plant the idea of cameras with Mrs. Vanderwaal, so she would call the cops.

Later, Aria went to the Brew to pick up Mike. With Mona's laptop in her posession, Aria was attacked by a figure in a black hoodie. The person had Mike's phone, stapled Aria to the wall with some plastic wrap, and stole Mona's laptop.

Out on the street, Alison ran into Mrs. Grunwald, and the two had an odd interaction. Grunwald apologized for the loss of her mother. As Alison was about to walk away, Grunwald grabbed her hand, sort of shuddered, and claimed that Ali was in her thoughts and prayers.

Grunwald & Alison's eyes PLL

Back at Rosewood PD, the videotape had been recovered and was being shown to Jason DiLaurentis. He told Tanner and Toby that the person in the video could've been his sister, based on the blond hair, frame, and doubt that Spencer placed in his head.

Aria met with Emily, telling her about the attack at the Brew, and losing Mona's computer. She doesn't plan to tell Ezra about any of it, but she's sure that Alison was her attacker.

Alison was in a hurry to go somewhere as police lights go off outside her home. She asked Jason if he could try and stall them, and proceeded to run out the back door. Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna were waiting, and don't let her get away. Alison was arrested by Tanner. She warned the girls that she had been set up by A, and with her in jail, they would all be next.

Ali is arrested PLL 5x14

Aria went home and had a heart to heart with Mike about Mona. Mike made it clear just how broken he really is over her death, claiming that "there'll never be anyone like her. Ever."

Emily made it to the airport just as Paige's gate was closing. Luckily, Paige had been running late too, so the girls were able to say goodbye. Paige told Emily that she just couldn't take the stress of A and living in Rosewood anymore. She wanted to be free to live.

Spencer arrived home to the Hastings Estate to see her father and Rosewood PD in her home, Toby included. Turned out, with Alison's arrest, they had arrived to formally drop the charges against Spencer for the murder of Bethany Young. Given Ali's possible involvement in Mona's death, the police think she may be linked to Bethany's death as well.

Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria were outside in Spencer's backyard, talking about how different life would be with A gone, now that Alison was locked up. Fireworks appeared overhead, and the girls looked up excitedly until a red firework draws a giant A in the sky right over their heads. The girls tried to brush it off, but then sparks from the fireworks rain down, causing them to take cover on Spencer's porch.

A is still, still, still, still here PLL 5x14

The episode ended with Alison in a jail cell, decked out in a orange jumpsuit. She tried to get comfortable on the bunk bed, looking worried and defeated. 

Ali D in prison PLL 5x14

My Thoughts:

I know I pointed this out on Tumblr, but I have to say it again, this really is the longest the girls have stuck by an A suspect. I think they're so victimized by Alison, they can't see that anyone else could possibly be A other than her.

Vanderslap! (I did not coin this, but oh, how I wish I had!)

Why would Wilden keep that document hidden, effectively protecting Spencer? How did he benefit? There has to be another secret there... Perhaps another lovechild?

The lengths to which the girls are willing to go to make sure Alison is convicted is a little scary. Really telling of what this whole situation has done to them. So not smart. Also, I'm not sure if they can't see it because they're in the situation, but it seems to me that things are sort of falling together quite easily for them. Like that video of Mona being attacked? You'd think that they would've learned to be a little more skeptical and cautious.

Grunwald's eyes are seriously mesmerizing. I'm not sure what the deal with her and Ali was supposed to be during that confrontation. Really awkward. Grunwald was definitely reading her, but I don't know that we'll ever find out what she "saw." 

I didn't notice this myself, but it was definitely picked up by other viewers. So, the title of this episode was "Through a Glass, Darkly." The only person we saw reflected in glass was Paige McCullers. A lot of people have begun suspecting her for killing Mona, and I can't say that I couldn't see it. She's certainly leaving for California at an awfully convenient time. I think she definitely has it in her to do something like that, I mean, she tried to drown Emily! But I feel like her anger is more of an uncontrollable outburst when it happens. Mona's murder seemed more pre-meditated to me.

Haven't the Liars learned by now that it's never really over until A says it is?!?

The producers are setting up some really nice possibilities for Alison to have a twin, or some serious memory loss. This was done in the books to not only show that Alison and Courtney had switched places, but to also show that the Alison the girls met after finding out about the twins wasn't the Alison they were friends with. So, maybe this Alison isn't the Ali the girls were friends with, but a twin? But Alison in prison makes me think that she can't be A. Even before those fireworks went off. I mean, I guess it could've been planned ahead of time, but I just don't really see it. It's really likely that A killed Mona, so why would Alison allow herself to be arrested for it if she really were A?

All in all, this was a solid episode. I wasn't expecting an arrest so quickly. I was thinking, maybe halfway through the season or so. It's definitely an interesting way to kickoff the back half of the season, and I'm really curious to see where the story is going next! Next up... Fresh Meat, PLL 5x15.


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