Zoya New Year New Hue 2015

by - 1/08/2015


Straight from my inbox, into Afterlight, and through an indiscriminate amount of filters before finally landing here for your viewing pleasure!

Zoya's 3 Free pay $15 in shipping is seriously one of their best promotions, and they've made it even sweeter for 2015! Just place 3 shades into your Shopping Cart, enter code NYNH, pay just $15, (for shipping) and you get those 3 full-size Zoya polishes of your choice, plus 3 exclusive Mystery Shade minis! According to my e-mail, the mystery shades "have never been available for retail sales and will not be available for individual (open stock) purchase. The three shades will be available exclusively in mini (0.25oz) sizes as part of the mystery gift only."

BUT... that's not all! As a bonus, purchase "an additional $25 of product to get FREE Standard Ground Shipping on your entire order!" I was tempted, let me tell you! I could've easily put more polishes in my cart and gotten to that price point, but I didn't. I was good!!! (That makes up for my total fail of a Holiday No Buy right? Yeeeeeeaaaaah, I really didn't think it would.)


Which shades did I choose? So glad you asked!

Zoya Rebel

Zoya Rue

Zoyo Tomoko

How did I make my decisions? Well, I paged through all the colors at least 5 times, then went back through by color and finish about 50 times until I finally narrowed it down to seven, then whittled those down to the final three! My runners up were Ali, Payton, Godiva, and Binx. I've added Binx to my list o' lemmings, which already includes Ali, Payton, and Rue. Oddly enough, Tomoko and Rebel weren't on there. (But they totally should've been!)

Rue was an easy pick because I like the name (duh!) and the color. It's been a while since I've worn pale pink, and Spring is on its way.

Rebel was actually ordered thanks to this list of must-have Zoya polishes the mercurial magpie blogged about in April 2014. It's a really pretty springy/summery/mermaidy kind of color that's a departure from the shades I usually choose.

Tomoko... I spent more time than I care to admit going back and forth over whether I wanted Tomoko or Godiva. Thanks to a lot of careful consideration, Tomoko won. If I'm not happy with how it looks, I might order Godiva, but I'm 98% confident that Tomoko is the right choice for my skin tone.

Zoya's New Year New Hue promotion began yesterday and runs until January 14th, 2015 11:59PM EST. I don't know that they've ever run out of certain colors or anything, but I would order sooner than later! If you have already ordered... let me know what colors you chose in the comments!!!

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  1. Hope you enjoy Rebel! Rue is super pretty as well! :D

  2. I chose jules, tomoko, and louis. Have you seen the mystery colors? I am kind of upset because I was expecting bright hues or something fun and pop'n for the new year but nope! There are 3 colors: severine, charlott, and anais. one is similar to jules that I ordered (rolls eyes), 1 is a black but not a true black (pewter hue to it)...someone on youtube stated it looked more like a black brown, and one is a khaki color (which the youtuber referred to as a ugly color that had a yellow tint lol) it is on google and it is on youtube...........kind of a bummer for me honestly. =/ at least they are free I guess...

  3. Interesting... I havent received my order yet! I'm curious to see what the mystery shades look like now!!!