PLL: "The Bin of Sin" (5x17)

by - 2/10/2015

Last week, it was beginning to look like A had set his/her sights on Hanna. The storage unit containing the barrel had been rented in her name, and she was determined to put a stop to A's frame job.

Caleb and The Liars PLL 5x17
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As the episode opened, Caleb and Hanna told Team Liar what they had found out. Aria thought it was Alison's payback for Hanna visiting her in jail, outing that particular secret to the rest of the Liars. Hanna was desperate to take action, even if it meant breaking into the storage locker. Caleb, Aria, Spencer, and Emily argued that monitoring Mona's laptop was the safest plan they had. Hanna disagreed, reminding them that she could still end up getting arrested and angrily stormed out of the meeting.

Over at the Brew, Aria was still feeling guilty about the Talmadge letter. Talia baked a pie for Ezra, causing Emily to warn her that he was not only taken, but dating one of her good friends. During the conversation, Emily told Talia that she was gay.

While searching for sleuthing supplies online, Hanna was interrupted by her mother. Hanna asked how Ted took the news, but Ashley admitted she didn't tell him and wasn't planning too. She claimed that the best thing everyone could do was forget that the incident had ever happened. (I apologize, I think I had this scene mixed up into 5x16...)

Toby, Spencer, Tanner, PLL 5x17
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Downtown at Rosewood PD, Spencer tried to talk to Toby, but they were interrupted by Tanner. Spencer left, and Toby made his Holbrook assumptions known, resulting in Tanner putting him in his place, reminding him that he'd been a cop "all of six minutes."

Hanna arrived home with all of her supplies and was caught by Caleb. She explained her plan to him, and Caleb pointed out a few holes, attempting to disuade her. Hanna argued that she was screwed either way, so it was better if she acted alone. Sure that she couldn't pull it off alone, Caleb agreed to help.

Aria let Ezra read the Talmadge letter and he acted like he was understanding, but his face said otherwise.

Ashley and Jason shared lunch where she awkwardly submitted her resignation, telling Jason about Pastor Ted and the proposal.

Ashley and Jason PLL The Bin of Sin
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Caleb and Hanna arrived at the storage locker and started by cutting the security feeds.

Back in Rosewood, Spencer got an alert that the laptop was moving. She tried to call Hanna but she hadn't picked up her phone, leading Spence to believe that Hanna had taken Mona's laptop. Aria and Emily reluctantly joined in her pursuit of the moving computer.

Over at the storage unit, Hanna and Caleb broke through the lock and gained entry, only to find that the contents had all been moved, except for the barrel. The pair realized they would need the dolly to move the barrel, and went back out to the car to retrieve it.

Spencer, Aria, and Emily tracked the laptop down to a seemingly abandoned ice cream factory. Upon realizing how huge the factory was and that none of them had cell service, the girls split up to look for clues. (Scooby Dooby Doo... where are you...)

Caleb, Hanna, Tanner, and Toby, PLL The Bin of Sin
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As Hanna and Caleb were headed out to the car, Toby and Tanner arrived, ready to inspect the same unit. Despite looking incredibly guilty, and Tanner definitely knew that they were up to something, but she let both Hanna and Caleb go.

Back at the factory, A was waiting for the girls to split up. He/She lured Spencer inside a freezer with a video of Hanna and Caleb's conversation from earlier. A then trapped Aria and Spencer inside the rapid-cooling room equipped with liquid nitrogen. A left the girls to freeze to death, but Emily managed to save them just in time.

Aria and Spencer Trapped PLL The Bin of Sin
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Inside the storage unit, it was clear that the contents of the barrel smelled awful. Toby was sent away by Tanner to call in Haz-Mat. On the floor beside the barrel, Tanner spotted some drops of blood.

Emily arrived at the Brew after the factory incident and was clearly distracted, burning the apples Talia was cooking. 

Over in 3B, Ezra and Aria ate dinner, celebrating her acceptance into Talmadge. Gifting her with a journal, Ezra brought up all the wonderful opportunities she was about to have, and suggested she would be better off exploring those opportunities if she wasn't tied down to him. Clearly upset by the idea, Aria told Ezra again that the letter was a lie, and that she didn't really feel that way. He asked her to think about it, not wanting her to regret her choice and resent him in the future.

Hanna and Spencer argue PLL The Bin of Sin
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Back in the suburbs of Rosewood, Hanna angrily confronted Spencer about what happened at the storage unit. Hanna believed that Spencer told Toby about her plan, but Spencer told her about the video she saw at the ice cream factory, suggesting Holbrook had hacked her computer. Hanna disagreed and went on to tell Spencer that if Toby was their friend, he would have told them that he and Tanner were planning on searching the storage unit. Spencer defended Toby, and Hanna angrily left.

At the storage unit, Toby came back and Tanner informed him about the blood. She told Toby that if the blood came back as a match for any of his friends, Tanner would have to bring them in for questioning. She asked Toby if there was anything he wanted to tell her. (Oh, hey Dumbledore!)

Emily and Talia took a break from their closing chores to talk. Talia awkwardly admitted to Emily that she was also gay and had feelings for Emily. When Em didn't respond, Talia made a beeline for the kitchen, shutting down their conversation.

Hanna went to Caleb's apartment and told him about the video that was hacked from her webcam. She suggested that Caleb distance himself from her. Caleb assured Hanna that he would stay by her side, even if it meant both of them going to prison.

Caleb and Hanna PLL The Bin of Sin
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At the Montgomery household, Aria looked at her yearbook, noticing that her photo listed no extra-curricular activities.

Ashley Marin pondered the engagement ring from Ted.

Spencer received a call from Toby and asked why he was at the storage unit. She asked if the police ID'd the body in the barrel, but Toby wouldn't say. He told Spencer that he was busy at work and had to go, but we saw that he was sitting on the steps as he talked to her. After he ended the call, he got up from the steps and walked to his truck.

Officer Toby PLL The Bin of Sin
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The contents of the storage unit were revealed to be at the factory the girls had visited earlier that evening. A figure with heavy black shoes walked around the factory with a UV flashlight, revealing handprints around the doorframe and on the door.

Handprints PLL The Bin of Sin
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My Thoughts

Splitting up is never a good idea. Just... no. You would think the Liars would know that by now. Also, I couldn't really keep a straight face while they were in the abandoned factory. I kept seeing the vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice-cream phantoms yelling "paaaaaper. paaaaaaaaper!"

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Hanna being framed for killing Mona is kind of a brilliant storyline. If Alison is A, Hanna looks enough like her to make that a possibility. I like seeing her get more involved in trying to figure out what's going on.

As of this episode, the twin possibilities seem to be pointing at Hanna even more. It would certainly be interesting! I know I'd love to see Ashley Benson play an evil twin who's kind of a bad ass. Who wouldn't?!?

Given the ending of this episode, it seems likely that A is going to try and frame all of the Liars for something... perhaps A is trying to pin Mona's murder on Alison and the Liars?

While we're on the subject of A and framing the girls... One minute A is trying to frame them, and the next, A is trying to kill them. This whole thing seems like a very long and drawn out game of cat and mouse, but why? Is A responsible for everything bad that is happening to the girls, or are there 2 teams at work here? The killing attempts don't really make sense if A is trying to frame the girls and ensure that they go to prison. Perhaps there are 2 teams... A, trying to frame the girls and send them to prison, and another team that is trying to figure out the identity of A? Could some of these games be an attempt to rule out A suspects?

So... I'm guessing that the smelliness of the barrel is supposed to suggest human remains. There's so many possibilities as to who might be in there. In addition to Mona, there's whatever corpse was used to make the finger corset, Eddie Lamb, Sara Harvey...

Although it's gruesome to think of a body being disposed of a la the barrel in the storage unit... Are we overlooking the why? I mean, it's not a process that gets rid of the body completely, to my knowledge. What it would do, however, is make the body immediately unidentifiable other than DNA. So... could there be a twin in the bin of sin?

So far, all of the male cops we've met other than Officer Barry Maple have been crooked. Is that what is coming for our dear Toby? Was he revealed to be on the A-Team, only to be given a second chance, redeemed in the eyes of the audience, and then another twist... he's Uber A? I'm torn on if I want this to happen or not. It's not that I haven't thought about who A might be, I just never really thought about who I want to see as A... I've only ever really thought about the logical choice!

That being said, from now until the big reveAl, I'm going to list my top 3 suspects for A in each recap...

1. Hanna's Twin
2. Toby
3. Alison's Twin (I'm still holding out hope!)

In the next episode, we delve further into the mysteries of Rosewood in "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me." Until then...


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