PLL: Bloody Hell (5x21)

by - 3/04/2015

Previously, on Pretty Little Liars, the girls finally realized that they needed to talk to Alison. So that's where we found our rag-tag group of misfits as the episode opened...

The Liars talk to Alison PLL 5x21
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Inside the visitation room at Chester County Women's Correctional Facility... the Liars told Alison what they had found out from Mika about Mona. They were pretty sure that Alison didn't kill Mona. Oh, and they destroyed a lot of evidence that could've proved otherwise. When the girls went to leave, Alison told Aria that she would have to tell her defense attorneys about Mike. Aria asked her to hold off until they could find another way that wouldn't implicate her brother.

At Chez Hastings, Spencer returned home from the visit to find a very angry Veronica Hastings. But also a Veronica Hastings with a plane ticket to London. Spencer was to travel to London to meet with Wren's Oxford connection, in an attempt to get Spencer back on a college track. 

Over at The Brew, a woman from the Glass Slipper Beauty Pageant stopped by to give Emily her information packet and itinerary. She introduced herself as Claire and she would be Em's handler for the pageant. She gushed over Emily's potential for winning, and Em was a little overwhelmed by the pageant schedule, but agreed to swap some shifts in order to make all of the commitments. When Emily went inside to talk to Talia about schedule changes, Talia informed her that she was quitting and it was her last day.

Aria consults Veronica Hastings PLL 5x21
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Hanna and Aria stopped by the Hastings Estate to visit Spencer. Hanna went upstairs to Spencer's room, while Aria stayed downstairs to ask Veronica a question, then preceded to pay her a dollar and ask her to be her lawyer for an hour. Aria anonymously outlined the details of Mike's involvement to the best of her ability without revealing his name. Veronica gave Aria the best advice she could, informing her that Mike's actions were pretty serious, and he would likely face jail time.

Aria left Veronica to head upstairs and meet her friends. The girls argue over whether or not it was time to finally come clean about everything. Ultimately, the girls decided to remain silent, after Aria reminded them that A was very capable of murder when they tried to tell the truth.

Alison consults Veronica PLL 5x21
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In jail, Alison sat alone in the laundry room and wrote Mona's name on the lint-covered table. She was interrupted by a visitor, who turned out to be Veronica Hastings. The two talked about telling the truth, Alison taking the stand, and Ali ended the conversation by asking Mrs. Hastings to be her coach.

At the Montgomery household, Aria arrived home to find Andrew waiting in the bushes. She had forgotten that they were supposed to meet, and he had waited for a while. She asked him if they could take a break from all the tutoring, and he suggested they catch a screening of All the President's Men. While describing the plot of the movie, Aria squirmed uncomfortably, realizing the parallels between Deep Throat and A.

Spencer arrived in London to Melissa and Wren's flat. They weren't there, but their flatmate Colin was. He welcomed Spencer, but she distractedly shrugged him off, trying to get a wireless signal on her phone.

Lint Table PLL 5x21
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Back in the States, Alison arrived back in the laundry room to find that someone had added a message to the dust on the table, writing "told everything" under Mona's name.

The next day, Emily ran into Talia outside of the Brew and saw that Talia had all of her things in her car. She and Eric were officially separated, and Emily realized that she had probably prompted a conversation Talia hadn't been ready to have yet. Confirming she was basically homeless, Em suggested that Talia could crash at her house for a little while.

Across town at Chez Marin, Hanna told Aria that she had found out that Hank Mahoney... aka Cyrus Petrillo had been hurt at work. He was currently in the hospital recovering, and Hanna suggested that it would be a great time to ask him some questions, in exchange for money. 

In jail, a can rolled into Alison's cell, and she bent down to open it. Inside the can was a doll bearing her likeness and a note that read, "You're already over a barrel, want to be in one too?"

Visiting Cyrus PLL 5x21
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Aria and Hanna headed to the hospital to visit Cyrus and were surprised to find out that he was in a burn unit. When the girls asked what happened, he responded by writing on a guaze pack. The girls thought he wrote Carjack, but didn't get to ask him anything further before their visit was cut short by the nurse.

Spencer's interview was going well, until her bag started bleeding. Turned out, A, or one of A's minions had planted a vial of blood in Spencer's purse. Outside, she received a text from A claiming to have put another vial in her luggage. Freaked out, Spencer called Aria and told her about it. Aria told her about Cyrus and the Carjack clue, and Spencer started having a full-on panic attack on the streets of London.

In the elevator, the girls looked at the guaze pack and realized that Cyrus had written Varjack... not carjack. Aria told Hanna that the name was spelled incorrectly, and Hanna said that was brilliant. If Cyrus didn't know how to spell Varjak properly, it meant that he had never seen it or read it. He and Varjak had spoken face to face. 

Emily rehearsed for the pageant, and when Talia saw her practicing, she invited her in to watch. Emily tried to get her to dance to cheer her up, but Talia ended up falling, and finally broke down over everything that had happened. Emily pulled her up for a slow dance/embrace. After the two had danced for a little while, Pageant Claire showed up to talk to Emily. She reminded Emily of the moral character of pageant contestants, and suggested she drop out. Emily thought it was because she was gay, but it was actually because of her friendship with Alison DiLaurentis. Talia wasn't having any sort of bullying, and the pair followed Claire out to her car. Talia suggested that the pageant sponsors pay Emily in order for her to drop out. Claire angrily stomped to her car, got in, and drove off without a response.

Back at the burn unit, the "mummy" across from Cyrus got up and proceeded to walk toward his bed menacingly.

Spencer arrived back at Melissa and Wren's flat. Her panic attack worsened as she searched through her luggage for anything planted by A. Colin came home to find her in a panicked state, and helped her calm down. He suggested that they spend a night out to get her mind off of everything, and Spencer agreed.

Hanna and Ashley talk PLL 5x21
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Hanna arrived home to find that Ted had agreed to forgive Ashley, and the two were officially engaged. Hanna thought that Ted took a long time to think about the whole situation, but Ashley claimed she was glad that he did. It showed her that he had really thought through it and taken the time to actually forgive her and move on. It also gave her the time and space she needed to forgive herself.

Back at Chez Montgomery, Aria was on a mission to find Mike and talk to him about Cyrus and Varjak. In an attempt to look at a practice schedule pinned on a bullseye out of her reach, Aria used Mike's equipment as a ladder and fell down, bumping her head. Andrew came rushing upstairs and found Aria. He also found a nut and bolt that didn't match together. He told Aria that if Mike had used the equipment, the weight would've crushed his skull, killing him. Aria was horrified, and as she was crying, Andrew's attempt to comfort her turned into the two sharing a kiss.

At the Hastings Estate, Veronica paged through Alison's file and found something shocking. She immediately called Spencer and told her to stay put in London for a while. 

Alison and Hanna talk PLL 5x21
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After Hanna's conversation with her mother, she decided to finally visit Alison in jail and apologize. Before she could, Alison told her to stop. She apologized for everything she had done to the girls, and what she had done to Hanna. She asked if the two could start over, and Hanna agreed that they could try. 

Elsewhere in Chester County Correction Facility for Women, someone with black gloves stuffed twenty dollar bills into the prison Bibles.   

My Thoughts

Okay... that whole mummy thing? Seriously creepy! And honestly, looking at body type, I couldn't help but think Toby or Wren. But after seeing an analysis based on the shoes... It could've been Ezra too.

Ali certainly has seen no shortage of threats in jail. She's getting messages, but what I don't understand is that they're not signed from A. For as OCD as A seems, you'd think he/she would be consistent.

Mona told everything... I'm thinking that refers to when Mona thought Alison came to visit her, and it turned out to be CeCe. Mona spilled her guts, and I'm guessing that Mona and Alison have some secrets between them. Possibly secrets involving "that night."

...or maybe Mona told A everything when the two worked out the plan to stage Mona's death? Or maybe Mona was kept alive and tortured in exchange for information?

While we're on the subject of Mona... there's a lot about her story that doesn't really add up either. Mona and Alison are definitely well-matched at this point when it comes to lying. I know a lot of people are wondering if it's possible that Mona could still be A, and I've wondered the same thing. When she spilled her plan to Mike, the way she spoke about it seemed a little off, and I wondered if A 2.0 could be a personality that broke off from Mona. Specifically, Mona was original A, but when she was caught and everyone found out, that part of Mona's personality seperated itself from Mona's knowledge, becoming an independent personality that Mona was completely unaware of.

I was curious about Alison wanting to tell her side of the story. Honestly, you could take that to mean many things. On one hand, she could be innocent and her story could be the truth. On the other hand, she likes to manipulate people, so the idea of winning over a jury with a really good lie probably wouldn't be that difficult for her.

I'm glad Pastor Ted and Ashley worked everything out. I'm just hoping that her arrest isn't going to throw a wrench in Ashley's happiness. But I do have to wonder if we're bringing in such a moral character at a time when Ashley might need to confess something about Hanna's birth and the possibility of a twin, triplet, etc. I love the idea of her being a half sister to one of the other girls.

Emily's dancing and pageant story are interesting, but it seems a little out of nowhere. Although you have to admit, the girl's moves have moves!

This whole Varjak thing reminds me a lot of other reveAls that didn't really reveal a thing. According to producers, we're not going to find out who A is... but if you watch all the promos and sneak peeks, they make it look like we are definitely finding out the identity of A in the Season 5 Finale Welcome to the Dollhouse. The promos, coupled with the spoilers from Reddit... It's funny, because there's so much gossip that follows the show that you find yourself asking who's telling the truth!

...and in other news... I'm really thinking that this will be the last episode I recap in such detail. I'll still post my thoughts, opinions, and theories here, because I love sharing those. I just feel like there's so much going on in every episode, and it's only going to get more complicated. It's becoming very tedious to keep everything to the proper timeline. Also, when it comes to recapping, my heart just isn't in it. Coming up with crazy theories? That I can do. I LOVE to do that!

So............ next up, I'll be tackling Season 5 Episode 22... To Plea Or Not To Plea. Until then...


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